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Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

Posted on: February 4, 2012 6:32 pm
Edited on: February 4, 2012 10:25 pm
I'm not going to be one of those whining, smirking people who complains about the Hall of Fame voting process. I know some of those men in the room. Many are skilled, brilliant and extremely smart about the game. A handful are arrogant jerks with hardcore agendas but the vast majority know what they are doing.

So I'm not going to complain as much as simply be stunned over the omission of Bill Parcells. I'm not a Parcells fan. He treated many people in my business terribly and wasn't exactly a great human being. But to me, in history, there are few better coaches.

The two greatest motivators in NFL history, the coaches who got players to do things and go places in their careers they thought they never could, were Don Shula and Parcells. The best pure motivators ever. Period. That is a coach's primary job. Nothing happens before that -- not the Xs and Os, nothing -- before getting a player mentally ready. Shula was the best at that (what he did in Miami with the then expansion Dolphins is borderline miraculous) and Parcells was second.

He turned around the Giants, the Patriots and Jets when those latter two organizations were absolutely awful.

My guess as to what hurt Parcells. First -- and no one will admit this but it's true -- the way he treated some writers played a factor. Writers have long memories and we can be just as petty anyone else. There likely were a few writers in the room who were either treated poorly by Parcells -- or know people who were -- and this was a form of payback.

I've also heard some writers over the years (including some in that room) say that Bill Belichick made Parcells and Parcells never made it back to a Super Bowl without Belichick.

But most importantly it is accurate that when Parcells left organizations he left them atomized. His departures were sometimes very ugly and it likely also did not help Parcells that he left the Dolphins in semi-ruins.

But overall his record -- he took the Giants, Jets, Patriots and Cowboys to the playoffs while winning two of three Super Bowl appearances -- was more than enough to overcome his faults.

No, not a complaint here. Just sort of stunned.

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 8:06 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

First Freeman...I know a lot of reporters or journalist as you call them who treat people in all kinds of businesses terribly and were not great human beings.

Second...if a reporter gets butt hurt because some coach or player got upset with them, then they should get out of the business.  If a sports columnist with a HOF vote casts that vote based not on worthiness in getting into the HOF but rather if a player or coach hurt their little bitty feelings, then that sports columnist should have ALL voting rights to the HOF taken away.

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 5:06 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

Bill Parcells will be in the Hall of Fame, I am certain.  And he should be there now.  The Giants and Patriots turnarounds were epic.  The Jets and Cowboys-?  So-So.  The disaster with the Dolphins still gets one more year of evaluation.  It seems pretty clear that the voting committee or whoever it is voting, was trying to send a message to him this year.  He's a LOCK next year.

It's not good to see names like Rich Kotite and Dave Campo in the same post discussing Bill Parcells.   

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 4:37 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

With or without Bill Bilicheck, Parcells went to non-competitive teams and made them competitive.  He might have been a jackass, but he was also a Hall of Fame coach.

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 3:16 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

If you didnt vote for hom because he didnt deserveit that is fine if you didnt vote for him becuase he ticked you off, you should be voting for hall of famers

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 3:16 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

if the only reason someone blocked the Parcells is a personal grudge they should be stripped of their voting right.  Yes it's human nature to hold a grudge, yes it's natural to want to execute power over someone when the tables are turned.  However, the sanctity of the HOF vote should be held at a higher standard.  If you want to write a column chastising Parcells, that's fine.  But the HOF is based on performance in the game of football.  It is not about how you many feelings you hurt along the way.  I wonder how many of the Football HOF voters who blocked Parcells think Pete Rose should be in the baseball HOF still.  That would be a bit ironic.  I think this is petty and juvenile.  None of them are taking the higher ground with the Parcells vote and that makes them as 'Nasty' as he was to them.  Congratulations in bringing the HOF vote to the same level as political office campaigns.  Sad!

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 1:41 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

What's the mystery... Only QB's and coaches can't be the only people to go into the Hall. I got an idea freeman... elect only NY, Piitt, and Dallas players only.....
Then try to convince people to blow their money to go to Canton so they can see people that played for someone else's teams..

Not all It's now a wait your turn election an ymore. it's who's nicer right now.

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 1:30 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

Bill Parcells is a jerk. He'll get his day to shine but now he's paying the price of being an a-hole to many people. Welcome to the real world Bill where burning bridges costs you. Even a good coach like Parcells.

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 1:17 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

I am not a Parcells fan either.  But this result puzzles me a bit.  But maybe there is much truth in the final 4 paragraphs of the article.  To me, his years with the Giants made his name.  But the comments about Bill Belichick's contributions really cannot be ignored.  Especially now that history has shown us Belichick's skill level as a coach.  So Parcells Made the G-Men in my book.  The Jets organization, if I am not mistaken, thought Rich Kotite had the answers.  Their org HAD to improve once he was gone.  I am not sure how much credit I give Parcells for the Patriots turnaround.  Probably not as much as he deserves.  I give him NO credit for his time with the Cowboys.  Dave Campo-?  Come on - see Kotite-above.  And whatever Parcells did with the Dolphins appears to be really bad.  So maybe his last few stops in the NFL have resulted in his omission as a 1st Ballot H-O-F-er.  It won't happen, but I will not be shocked if we see the same result for Brett Favre when it's time.  But Brett's circumstances were different than Parcells, and a 1st-ballot omission for Brett would an injustice.  On the other hand, maybe this omission for Parcells is JUST what was needed for his ego.  Plus, there are probably plenty of folks that expect him back in the near future with some other team with deep enough pockets.

- An Eagles fan : the greatest play EVER in a playoff game, IMO, was Randall Cunningham's 96-yard punt vs Parcells.  Tuna's expression?  Priceless!   

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 12:44 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

Guys who vote for any Hall of Fame take themselves way too seriously, somehow mistaking this sacred trust for making them "guardians of the game". Some, instead of objectively carrying out their duty, use their "power" to right some perceived wrong either done to the game or, even worse, to them.

It doesn't matter what you think of Parcells personally. Looking at all he accomplished with any level of objectivity leads you to the same conclusion: he belongs in Canton. The reparation projects he took on and succeeded at place him right at the head of the class. How many guys have turned 4 teams around...and laid the groundwork for a 5th from the front office? (The Miami thing will come to fruition when Peyton takes his talents to South Beach to complete his H of F career.)

If, as a voter, you can't see all that through whatever sin you're holding against Parcells, then you are not doing your job! If Hall of Fame voters are guardians of the game, then shouldn't they act in its best interest? Wouldn't that mean voting for guys based on what they did for the game? Enough of the BS about making guys wait so many years. Hey H of F voters-get over yourselves! Even if your position gives you power, your abuse of it is not in line with the game's best interest. Vote for the best guys....or get out of the way of those who will!

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Posted on: February 5, 2012 12:27 pm

Parcells has HOF chops, his exclusion a mystery

Just goes to show how petty HOF voting is in every sport.
It's no longer about how great you were in the sport, but how few people you ticked off in the past.

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