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Don't blame Roidger and his fellow Roiders...

Posted on: February 21, 2008 8:56 pm

Neither myself nor anyone else is a mind reader.  None of us have a time machine to go back and sort through the so-called steroid era and its not like we really want one anyways.  The simple fact is that the game is not tainted, the records do mean a lot, and RoidGate is mostly fueled by the media looking for the next big story.  We are relying on ancient newspaper writers and the talking heads on that four letter network which we all love to define what America's Pasttime has now become.  Congress has decided to "take a stand" against this injustice to the world in which the fan is the victim.  If you ask me the taxpayer is actually the victim because these overpaid, interest group driven grandstanders are attempting to get more face time to promote their next election.  Word of advice congress, if you are going to have a panel to question baseball players, at least get politicians who could identify a baseball in a lineup. 

I am not here to defend Roger Clemens or anyone else accused of using performance enhancers, but I would rather ask why we are not going after the people who were encouraging these players to "get an edge"?  The players made bad choices but that does not make them dangerous criminals that are going endanger our society.  The truth of the matter is that Bud Selig needs to be in front of congress facing criminal charges not only for the lies he has continued to tell but for encouraging steroid use to build the popularity of the game.  Those of you who want to say you don't believe the likes of Jose Canseco or John Rocker, I would ask why not?  These guys were there, and I don't think there is any doubt that they were both doing steroids.  They did not have to name names to get us interested in their story so when they do name names I for one believe them. 

Both of these players have stated that major league baseball not only knew about the steroids but educated players on how to use them effectively.  We talk about the effect that steroids in baseball will have on the youth yet we are not doing anything about the problem.  Who cares if baseball players took HGH in the past, it wasn't banned from the game therefore it was an accepted part of the game.  We can't go back and prosecute a person for an act that was not a crime at the time.  I agree that steroids should be banned but that means that we need a tougher policy on steroid use.  This 3 strikes and your out is a joke and simply lets the borderline athlete know to do what he has to do and get that big payday.  The first time you are caught you should be suspended without pay for a full season and the second time you are finished for life.  Oh, and if you are caught in college then that is strike one so don't try to get away with it there. 

What is in the past is history.  We can't change the way the game was played 5, 50, or 100 years ago.  Some guys played in tougher conditions or bigger parks many years ago but we accept those records for what they are.  Let's go after the promoters of this era and make it known to the players that if you continue this behavior then you will have to find another line of work.  Ultimately, Bud Selig needs to go and we can all go back to building the game back up. 

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