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Daly's new act: Impugning the deceased

Posted on: March 5, 2010 12:19 pm

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- The late Ely Callaway, who threw John Daly the biggest lifeline of his career 13 years ago, must be spinning in his grave like an old balata golf ball.

John Daly, whose brain has been divorced from his mouth more often than he's kicked his former wives to the curb, has done it yet again.

Just days after he drew critical fire for posting the cellphone number on his Twitter account of a reporter who wrote an unflattering story that Daly himself precipitated with a frivolous lawsuit, he has cast an outrageous accusation at the late founder of Callaway golf. 

In a story posted Friday by Esquire, Daly claims that the company, which signed him to an endorsement deal in 1997 when his career was skidding badly and generously agreed to pay off his millions in gambling debts, ordered him to take anti-depressants as a condition of his contract.

Without prompting, Daly in the interview claimed that he was taking Paxil at the behest of Callaway.

Daly: "... that (expletive) Paxil. That just blew me up. It bloated me even when I didn't eat. Headaches. Major, major headaches. That was all back in the Callaway days. They made me take it, else I lost my contract. The problem was, they kept putting me on one antidepressant, then moving me to another."

Interviewer: Who, Callaway?

Daly: “Yeah, their company doctors. And remember I had the shakes in Vancouver? That was all from going back and forth on those things. I told Mr. Callaway, I love you to death. I love what you've done for me, but you're killing me.”

Callaway died in 2001. The whole story can be found here:

As of noon Friday, Callaway officials had yet to respond.


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Posted on: March 5, 2010 1:06 pm

Daly's new act: Impugning the deceased

I am just about sick of this pitiful excuse of a sportswriter.  We all know Daly has screwed up, but give him a chance to move on with his life.  He is making an effort.  How about focusing on your efforts to find releavant issues in sports to report to those who like myself have been loyal to cbssports.  I am very close to taking my time and money (fantasy) to other sites. 

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