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Report: Tiger's playing plan is Masterful

Posted on: March 11, 2010 7:45 pm

DORAL, Fla. – The where-and-when part continues to evolve.

Daily, if not hourly.

An Associated Press report on Thursday cited two unnamed sources in the Tiger Woods camp who claimed the exiled world No. 1 will make his competitive return at the Masters, which begins April 8.

True enough, with Woods practicing at home for the past 10 days, all signs pointed toward an earlier return, perhaps in two weeks at Arnold Palmer’s tournament in Orlando, where Woods has won six times. In fact, it’s the only regular PGA Tour event that he has never missed in his 13-year career.

Augusta National officials indicated Thursday that they had not heard anything definitive from Woods. Messages left with Woods’ spokesman, Palmer Invitational and Tavistock Cup tournament officials were not immediately returned.

Don’t hold your breath for confirmation of his commitment – the Masters doesn’t have a Friday deadline like the PGA Tour. He can essentially just show up and play during tournament week.

All this week at the CA Championship outside Miami, with his comeback set for sometime soon, players have been peppered with queries about the reception Woods will receive when he returns from the most damaging scandal in modern sports history. In theory, the blowback will be lessened at Augusta National, which uses a legion of private security and can claim many longtime, respectful attendees among its ticketholders.

“I think we all look forward to seeing him back,” Jim Furyk said shortly before the latest Woods report surfaced. “I think we’re probably more than anything looking forward to getting business back as usual, which is not going to be the case for awhile.

“No one is looking forward to that first week because it’s chaos and it’s going to be chaos.”

There are multiple layers to the feelings among the players, to be sure. Several are saying the right things publicly, but seething about what Woods did to the reputation of the game and the tour – and because he has forced them to field questions about his behavior because he’s been in hiding for three months.

One Florida-based player, when asked last week about whether he had seen Woods working on his game and prepping for a comeback, said: “You want my honest answer? I could give a f---.”

Plenty of others feel similarly, but many nonetheless believe the damage to his reputation won’t manifest itself in such a coarse fashion on the course.

“I think he’s going to be more popular than ever,” Robert Allenby said. “Everybody will want to see him play, at least for the next couple of months. He’s been in the news more than anybody not in Iraq.”

If there’s a general sentiment among players, fans and everybody who has been following the ridiculously sordid ebb and flow of the case, it’s that they want Woods to start cleaning up the toxic mess he created.

The messy asides, accusations and snide remarks at his expense never seem to end, do they? So as news circulated that Howard Stern’s website blew up Wednesday because millions were following the schock jock’s R-rated beauty pageant for some of Woods’ alleged former mistresses online, the best way Woods can begin rebuilding his rep is by playing golf.

“All of us would like to see him playing because he’s the best player in the world,” Furyk said Thursday afternoon. “The fans would like to see him playing. He’ll do it on his time when he deems it ready.

“No one is looking forward to the first few weeks. I don’t even think the media is looking forward to the first few weeks. [But] everyone wants to get back to business as usual.”

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Posted on: March 15, 2010 5:12 pm

Report: Tiger's playing plan is Masterful

You're dealing with probably THE MOST selfish athlete in professional sports.  He makes Jordan look like a choir boy.  There is no doubt that he brings ratings to the game but after seeing his "apology" I can't help but think that Tiger Woods only cares about 1 thing.  Himself.  What a jackass he is!  BTW good comments that you wrote.

Since: Jan 7, 2010
Posted on: March 15, 2010 12:49 pm

Report: Tiger's playing plan is Masterful

I could care less when Tiger the liar plays next.  I don't care if he even plays mini-golf.  I will turn off any tournament that he is in, INCLUDING the Masters.  His lying and cheating is not what golf is all about and frankly he should be out of golf. Its comments like yours that shouldn't even be counted as an opinion.  You wasted your time and ours having to read it.  You sound like you were always a Tiger hater and have finally found your reason to voice your hatred. 

Calling Tiger a liar and a cheat because he didn't personally admit that he had an affair with several women (something a man having an affair is rarely going to do in the first place) is one thing, and its his personal life that he has a right to guard as such, but he has NEVER, to anyone's knowledge, cheated or lied on the game itself. 

And, as far as him lying about his personal life, neither you or I have a right to know what he eats for breakfast, where he's spending his vacation time, and how many times he goes to the bathroom in one day, unless you're PAYING him to eat YOUR brand of Cereal, to stay in YOUR Hotel or Resort, or to use YOUR Toilet Paper, so why would you have a right to know what his Sex Life consist of unless YOU'RE paying him to have Sex??  Unless you're Married to him, its no ones business, not even his Mistresses, all of whom KNEW he was Married, but magically they all seem to be "victims" who need an apology as well.

Since: Oct 24, 2007
Posted on: March 15, 2010 6:48 am

Report: Tiger's playing plan is Masterful

I could care less when Tiger the liar plays next.  I don't care if he even plays mini-golf.  I will turn off any tournament that he is in, INCLUDING the Masters.  His lying and cheating is not what golf is all about and frankly he should be out of golf.

Since: Jan 7, 2010
Posted on: March 14, 2010 2:41 pm

Report: Tiger's playing plan is Masterful

Do not start the Tiger dog and pony show here if you respect the game. Ummm, do Golf fans respect the game any less than the players do?  Shouldn't this be about what THEY do, versus what someone who's just out to hit a tiny ball around for 72 holes?  We seem to be forgetting that while Golf is considered a Gentleman's Game, the fans are also considered the best there is when it comes to letting players do what they came to do.  For fans to start heckling or booing someone on the course because of how they did something OUTSIDE of the game that didn't involve Golf itself, is just showing how fans of the game are no better than the person they are villifying. 

When people start twittering their personal day to day activities when they are committing personal wrongs, such as, "Hey, I just walked into a bank and robbed them!!  That was pretty cool!!" and leave their personal imformation on who they are and where they live, then you can say that people have reached the point where being upfront and honest has reach a new level of stupidity.  Everyone doesn't need to know what people do in their private lives, unless they are breaking some kind of law.  I only know what Tiger did because he ran into a tree.  Had he not done that, like countless other superstars who go for years without the public knowing what they do until some fateful occurrence, people would still be looking for any reason to hate on Tiger Woods.  Now that you have it, you act like he's the only one in the history of Adultery that has never apologized to anyone other than their own family.

America isn't owed anything.  He didn't steal money out of anyones pockets.  He didn't cheat on his taxes.  Even a murderer can be taken under the wing of the right marketing and public relation's firm and become a media darling, and it has happened.

So for everyone clamoring for a Tiger super apology, and for everyone hoping Elin "wakes up" and dumps Tiger...  How much do we, the public, know about "Elin"?  Could she be a money hungry golddigger who just married Tiger for his fame?  She was a Nanny , and we all know how that type of job can make you a millionaire if you manage your 401k properly......

Since: Mar 10, 2008
Posted on: March 14, 2010 12:51 pm

Report: Tiger's playing plan is Masterful

Well said  if he does mach the Masters  his first  tournament I just shows he has no respect for the game and still feels entitled. To even risk changing the  vibe around Agusta for his own selfish reasons (boo hoo dont you dare talk or take my picture).Agusta is the 2nd church of golf, St. Andrews being the first. Do not start the Tiger dog and pony show here if you respect the game.

Since: Mar 11, 2010
Posted on: March 14, 2010 1:41 am

Report: Tiger's playing plan is Masterful

Unfortunately, I agree with you, Whois. And our moral-less, all bout me, profit on others failures society is the base of why this country, ecomony and all, is on a downward spiral toward down the drain. But it's by this same system that will keep a firm like Accenture from recalling Tiger to endorse their company. Nike can still "get away with" continuing to endorse Tiger because their angle is all about the sport. Isn't Accenture a consulting firm? And you think when Tiger starts winning they're gonna wanna re-hitch their financial family planning wagon to his Mark McGwirian image? Who needs to get real?

Since: Mar 16, 2009
Posted on: March 13, 2010 11:31 pm

If it is the Master's, I called it months ago.

You can read my earlier posts on the Tiger stroy, but back in late December or early January, I gave my opinion it would be the Master's.  If so, it is still very clear that he is not humbled, not man enough to face the media and feels the need to control every facet of his life, as if he is holier than thou.

I wish the PGA would demand he play a public tourney before a major.  Yet, at the Master's, he can just show up without giving word that he is.  He can even play a practice round a week before, and then during the tourney, he can hide under the strict Augusta rules.

John Daly comes back from personal setbacks at various times and does it anywhere, with no lies or security.  When Andre' Agassi hit a low point in his career and needed to start over, he played a lowly challenger tournament and gradually worked his way back to an elite level.  During the whole Colorado incident with Kobe, he continued to tend to all trials, meetings and still made sure he made every game, including Denver, where fans were relentless. 

There are other examples throughout history, in all sports.  Yet, God forbid Mr. Woods ever have stoop to the level of everyone else, much less even the level of his fellow peers in the sport.  He wants everything private, easy and on his terms.  How dare anyone extend that luxury to him after what he did.  Without consequence, there will be no change.  It is pretty obvious he is a ROBOT, has half-heartedly jumped through the required hoops, just so he can get back to his one and only

Well Tiger, go make that damned money and put all your security and trust in things that do not matter.  I can only hope Elin sees the light and that when you step on that course, you get embarassed.

I was once a huge fan and still would be if you showed any evidence of a real man and contrite heart.  However, I see none of that and until I do, I will root for anyone but you.  I pray you figure out your priorities and one day become transparent.  That is what real superstars do, which you are not.  It is golf, sponsors, privacy and then family,  in your world.  That is messed up and you should be ashamed to represent your family, yourself and your profession like that.

Wake up and realize how good you still have it and become the man you should become through this.  I will look forward to see how this year pans out and if anything changes.  Everyone deserves a second chance, so don't blow it.  If not for anything else in the world, do it for your family.

Since: Jan 7, 2010
Posted on: March 13, 2010 3:08 pm

Report: Tiger's playing plan is Masterful

PurpleVike, get real....  This is America.  This isn't a land of morals.  This is a land where people make a living off the misfortune of others, and where a persons failings as a human being can be turned into a reality program.  Anyone who actually believes that Tiger won't ever be AS marketable as he was in the past once he starts winning again, isn't paying attention to the world around them.
If he
The United States is full of people living by a imaginary code of ethics that only they follow.  "I don't cheat on my wife, so therefore when I don't pay my taxes, I'm still a good person...." Or, "I'm just a little late for work, so driving an extra 10 miles over the Speed Limit won't hurt as long as I don't hit anyone..."  No Sin is greater than another.  Sin is Sin.  Wrong is Wrong.  There are no varying degrees of wrongness.  I highly doubt anyone who post on these boards is in a position to judge anyone else based on moral standing.  If you are a person of faith, you preach forgiveness without judgment.

Personally speaking, Tiger's failing's is a disappointment, but I am not living my life based upon how he lives his.  When he is on the links, he's a phenom to watch.  When he's not, I watch something else.  He's entertainment.  He's not anyone's pastor or personal physician.  His fall from grace should not affect how you go about your day to day, even if you were associated with a sponsoring company.  You should be thankful the cashcow ran as long as it did.

As for image being the reason sponsors are attracted to sports stars....  John Daly recently got a deal to hawk underwear.  If he can still draw attention as Golf's greatest loser, surely Tiger can do much better than that.

Since: Mar 11, 2010
Posted on: March 13, 2010 3:01 am

Report: Tiger's playing plan is Masterful

Dude - not even sure what your argument is. If it's unfathomable for a company to hire Accenture because Tiger Woods is featured in their ads, then why did Accenture pay millions to use him in their ads? Isn't that the whole purpose of paying star like to Tiger to endorse products? And who's stopping Tiger from playing? I like watching him play golf - I just think he's a new and improved version of being Mark McGwire type weasel. And of course Tiger being the greatest golfer ever is the base for what makes him money - but as you can see now, not even the greatest golfer will be endorsed if he's a perceived smileball in the public eye. But you are flat out wrong about the sponsors that dropped him lining up to re-sign him when he starts winning again. He needs a reputation of good character for business sponsors to support him and he's smashed that to pieces. You don't repair that on the golf course. And like Mark McGwire, who after becoming a laughing stock for 5 years and then came forward with his utterly ridiculous "ok, yes, I did steroids, but only to help me heal" statement, Tiger just doesn't get it - there's just something missing there, like truthfulness or moral fibre, and his whole life is too staged to think he can even turn it around - but time will tell.

Since: Jun 1, 2007
Posted on: March 12, 2010 11:14 pm

Report: Tiger's playing plan is Masterful

I beg to differ on what has afforded Tiger to make money hand over fist. Before the big contracts were signed he was a phenom on the golf course and that was his only claim to fame and that is still the case. He is without a doubt the best GOLFER in the world and mistresses or not that did not change. The sponsors that dropped him will be lining up to sign him again as soon as he wins again. Speaking of unfathomable amounts of money look at the prize funds that have increased for golf tournaments. Every golfer on the tour is benefiting from his talents and that is worth the money he makes. If a company uses Accenture to provide consulting services because Tiger is featured in their ads is unfathomable. Tiger is a golfer not a Consultant. Get real.
Let TIGER Play golf.

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