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Dom and dumber as Kim tours Vegas

Posted on: October 21, 2010 9:53 am
Edited on: October 21, 2010 10:18 am
He is already famous at age 25, has more money than he can count, lives in a palatial Dallas home with several of his best friends and is conspicuously single.

Anthony Kim lives life like it's an episode of HBO’s Entourage .

That popular show, of course, is fictional. Kim, on the other hand, keeps generating bad pub in real life.

In Las Vegas for the PGA Tour event this week, Kim hit the Strip hard, partying until the late hours, getting a bit too obnoxious and spending a small fortune, according to characterizations in various newspaper and social-media outlets.

Here’s an item from the widely read gossip column of veteran scribe Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal , who has spies all over town that serve up bits of background tid on celebs, politicos and prominent types:

Pro golfer Anthony Kim could use a lesson or two to brush up his gaming table etiquette. His salty language and screaming was so bad that Kim, 25, was asked to tone it down Monday by Bellagio management.

"He is one loose cannon," said a dealer, who said Kim may have set a personal record for F-bombs while playing high-stakes craps over the weekend.

Two years after brilliant Ryder Cup play spurred comparisons to Tiger Woods, Kim is attempting to get his game back on track after thumb surgery in May.Kim and poker superstar Phil Ivey were seated at the same table on Friday, ordering cognac and high-end whiskey.

A DJ at one Vegas hotel Tweeted, "Kim is an animal 115 bottles then to top it off a 25k bottle of Dom, which he showered the dance floor with..."

There's Dom and there's dumb. The guy has a right to live his life, if not generally live it up, but in golf, cavorting in such public fashion usually leads to trouble and lost endorsement revenue. Ask Tiger Woods, a Vegas regular who had the good sense to get a private room.

A year ago at the Presidents Cup, Kim was characterized as the new John Daly by veteran Robert Allenby, and the latter certainly didn't mean it in a flattering way. Kim has huge endorsement deals with Nike, which was raked through the mud on the Woods affair, and the conservative Royal Bank of Canada.

Prompting easy speculation given the timing of his bad Vegas publicity, Kim eventually withdrew from the tour event, which begins today, citing continued issues with his wrist, which has bothered him since he returned to the tour three months ago.

An IMG spokesman told that the withdrawal and Kim's gaming and nightclub jaunts were unrelated.

Kim couldn't be more affable at the golf course and interacts well with his peers, the media and fans, who enjoy the fact that he shows personality and a degree of animation on a circuit generally manned by robot types. But it doesn't take much to sully a reputation, and being painted as a bottle-tipping Daly-in-the-making ought to serve as a red flag for anybody.

Unlike in golf, that's a flag nobody should be aiming at.

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Since: Nov 29, 2006
Posted on: October 21, 2010 2:35 pm

Dom and dumber as Kim tours Vegas

wait so youre saying poker is more of a sport than golf is? are you fucking serious?

Since: Mar 20, 2007
Posted on: October 21, 2010 2:30 pm

Dom and dumber as Kim tours Vegas

Ugh, the Vegas headline tricked me into reading a golf article.  I thought it was going to be about sports.

Since: Jan 27, 2009
Posted on: October 21, 2010 2:02 pm

I'm just jealous....

I'm trying to think what I would be doing in Vegas if the following (or ANY of the following for that matter) applied to me: 1) young; 2) good-loking; 3) plenty of cash that I could throw in the street; 4) single.
Probably acting about the same way.  I wouldn't be proud of it the next day (if I could remember), but at the time, it sure wouldn't matter.   Maybe he won a bunch of money off Ivey, and he was just blowing it to make him mad.
Leave it to golf to have to create buzz.  Thanks, Tiger!  But it worked...I read the article.

Since: Sep 5, 2010
Posted on: October 21, 2010 1:26 pm

Dom and dumber as Kim tours Vegas

Good for him, party it up while you're young son!  He's not married and he doesn't have any of the obligations that Tiger Woods had.  Nobody would have had a problem with Tiger if he wasn't married with two children.  If Kim's golf game and endorsements go into the toilet then he'll end up broke, but that's up to him.  If he continues to compete and or win then he'll make lots of money and its none of our business how he spends it.  Life is about making stories and sharing great moments with your friends and family.  Sounds like he's having a good time.  Entourage is a pretty popular show afterall...  Having said that, I hope that he is involved with some charitable endeavors because that's the right thing to do, but he's young and there is plenty of time for him to mature in that regard...

Since: Dec 5, 2006
Posted on: October 21, 2010 1:13 pm

Dom and dumber as Kim tours Vegas

Live and let live!!Sealed

Since: Jun 26, 2007
Posted on: October 21, 2010 12:46 pm

Dom and dumber as Kim tours Vegas

Exactly, let Kim spend what he makes on what he wants, it's really none of my business... and I think we all now know why Tiger had a "private" room when he was in Vegas..  "Wink- wink, nudge-nudge, say no more, say no more."

Since: Aug 30, 2006
Posted on: October 21, 2010 12:27 pm

Dom and dumber as Kim tours Vegas

Anthony should hit Indy and party with the Colts punter - what happens in Indy... stays in Indy.... unless you go swimming drunk and shirtless in a canal at 5am.

Since: Nov 3, 2008
Posted on: October 21, 2010 12:26 pm

Dom and dumber as Kim tours Vegas

Wow, drinking and gambling in Vegas???? What will I hear next that he went to a strip club too?? BTW, John Daily was doing all of this in a Hooters in NC. There is a difference 

Since: Oct 30, 2006
Posted on: October 21, 2010 12:20 pm

Dom and dumber as Kim tours Vegas

Norhing against Kim having a good time or blowing his money. He DOES have every right to enjoy the fruits of his labors.  What concerns people is that he appears to be spinning out of control...Hope he isn't and he can keep it in check. It's not judging if it's concern for the guys well being.  If he's just eccentric and obnoxious, more power to him. He'll alienate everyone but those looking to cash in on his sloppy money management. Not the way most of us would go about it, but there you go!

Since: Jun 23, 2008
Posted on: October 21, 2010 12:13 pm

RE: Steve Elling (gender unknown)

First of all.. STOP with the heaping and kneeding in of TWoods and JDaly with AKim.  AKim is not hiding anything, so what is your problem?  Is he having more fun than you?  Is he a better golfer than you?  Is he more popular than you?  Why else would someone personally attack someone else she does not know unless she felt either jealous or threatened in some way?

I can't believe I wasted my time reading this garbage and replying....

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