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Azinger: Feud shows Tiger still 'lightning rod'

Posted on: August 9, 2011 2:59 pm
Edited on: August 9, 2011 4:14 pm

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. -- This is why Paul Azinger has become such a popular TV broadcaster.

The former Ryder Cup captain and major-championship winner, appearing on a Tampa sports radio outlet, summarized the Steve Williams and Tiger Woods feud better than anybody when he cut to the heart about what seemed so distasteful about the caddie's inflammatory, post-round comments Sunday night.

Williams had just finished caddying for Bridgestone Invitational winner Adam Scott, who had won in dominant fashion against one of the deepest fields of the year, but he turned it into a platform to vent his feelings about Woods.

"The old joke is when the player plays good the caddie says, 'we,'" Azinger told Tampa's WDAE radio. "But when the player plays bad, the caddie says 'he.' In this case the player played great and the caddie said 'I.'"

Azinger said the brushfire that broke out after Williams aired his laundry affirms and underscores where Woods is held in the public pantheon. To him, interviewing Williams was absolutely the proper thing to do.

"What it shows you is that Tiger Woods is a real lightning rod," Azinger said. "There’s a lot of emotion still wrapped up in whether you really like Tiger or can’t stand him. A lot of people have not liked Steve Williams through the years. He has not been a popular person amongst the players and the caddies, necessarily, and that’s OK -- he’s got a work ethic and people don’t like winners a lot of times.

"This situation was unique. I believe Stevie should’ve been interviewed. I wanted Adam Scott to win so I could hear what Stevie said in regard. It was as much what he said that did the damage. It became a 'me, me, me' or 'I, I, I' fest and he didn’t say how great Adam Scott played.

"When he said it was the greatest week of my life, I don’t know how anybody could believe that, and it just shows you there is a lot of bitterness and animosity towards Tiger still and the way he was let go [fired]. Probably some of it is justified, but he should’ve given Adam Scott his props and then lit Tiger up and I think everybody would’ve thought differently."

Azinger was asked whether Woods has many friends or allies left.

“I know that he has to be angry at the media that tore him down," Azinger said. "He’s got to be angry at himself first. He’s dealing with the worst of all possible emotions and that is shame, and he’s not healthy.

"Who are his friends? I mean [his agent], Mark Steinberg? Come on."

The show host, Steve Dueming, interjected, "He doesn’t have anybody."

"Well, he brought it on himself,” Azinger said.


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ibelieve the announcers jim (know it all) and david ( fatty ) are so dumb that they dont know how luckly to have tiger because with out him not many would watch golf  or half way listen to there junck....

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Posted on: March 10, 2013 8:29 am

Azinger: Feud shows Tiger still 'lightning rod'

Ah, 2 years have passed since this article appeared and looking at how Tiger is playing now(leading all three rounds at Doral and sure to bag win number 2 in 2013) is a hard slap to the face of all you racist Tiger haters! Scott(who is a nice guy) has not won any tournament since this article that I can remember( if he has won it was down under or some place other than the USA). And Williams is still a whinnyarsed joke! Tiger will beat Jack's record of 18 starting with the Master's this year. And he's still the most popular golfer on the planet! If he isn't playing I'm not watching. Tiger is back and all you haters can whine all you want but nothing will stop Tiger now. Azinger who? The question now is why is a total rightwing racist loser like Trump associated with Cadillac and thr PGA? The "donald" aka Mr Bankrupt should be "FIRED" by the PGA before he puts his redneck foot in his ignorant mouth again!

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Azinger: Feud shows Tiger still 'lightning rod'

You were thinking of Ian Woosnam.

Caddies need to be able to keep score, get along with the golfer and have a strong back. Any good golfer can do what a caddie does. A good caddie can not do what a professional golfer does. Williams should remember that.

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Azinger: Feud shows Tiger still 'lightning rod'

"Tiger Hating" in the PGA is a bizarre ritual.
Without Tiger Woods, there wouldn't BE a PGA Tour as we now know it.
Surely even the most rabid hateful idjut out there can understand this.
Pro Golf would be on par with Tiddlywinks without Woods' play & showmanship over the past 20 years.
Most of the golfer's on the tour would still be scratching out a meager living without the $$$$ generated by the MASSIVE
popularity of Tiger Woods.  Love him or love to hate him, Tiger Woods is on par with Michael Jordan as ICONIC SPORTS FIGURE
OF HIS GENERATION.  Why is it so hard for some people to deal with that?  Because he isn't "buddy buddy" with everbody?
How many great sports figures have had loatheful personalities, or were "hated" by their contemporaries?  BEING GREAT in and of
itself brings out the HATE in many lesser-thans in life, and being "charming" isn't necessarily a path to greatness.
Losers love to hate and tear down those that acheive greatness.
Now... as to this Steve Williams nonsense.  Steve Williams would be an unknown NON-ENTITY outside of the inner circle of the PGA
without Tiger Woods. And a LOT LIGHTER IN THE POCKETBOOK. Think different if it makes you feel better, but that is the unvarnished truth.  A NOBODY.  AN UNKNOWN.  
Just another guy carrying someone's golf bag.  So he caddied for the Shark... who would even KNOW THAT unless he subsequently
caddied for Tiger?  Surely NOT your average golf fan, and surely no one would CARE to KNOW OR REMEMBER.  
Mr. Williams pulled a very childish, immature, unprofessional, over-the-top BONER on Sunday, and the MEDIA is perpetuating his gaffe by (in some instances) joining in.
"We Hate Tiger Woods, and LOVE LOVE LOVE to write about it!!!"   Well, may I suggest, there have been a few careers that would never
have happened without the greatness of Tiger Woods' golf game.  Those include several media types, bloggers, commentators, and "personalities" on PGA broadcasts.  The over-inflated EGO of Stevie "horse-face" Williams should be summarily sent back to New Zealand
to herd sheep.  Maybe they'll find his blather tolerable.  

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Azinger: Feud shows Tiger still 'lightning rod'

and to the guy who said Scott and Williams wont mesh, i guess you missed his win, his 3rd place finish, and his 10th place finish in the last 3 tournaments.  Yep, i see this is gonna fall apart soon. Scott will never be what  Tiger WAS, but he's a better golfer with Steve Williams' knowledge on his bag. There is an infusion of impressive young golfers, and Tiger's main advantage before was his length and aura, both of which have been surpassed. He will struggle to catch Nicklaus, if he even does.

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Azinger: Feud shows Tiger still 'lightning rod'

Did you just mention Donovan McNabb in a sentence with Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods?  You are comparing 2 greats to a...a...a...i cant even go on.  The media at some point criticizes many, but McNabb being mentioned with those 2 names is MORONIC.

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Azinger: Feud shows Tiger still 'lightning rod'

Azinger is trying his darnest best to say the most controversial things so he can make a living as an analyst; and Williams is a crybaby who attacks his former "friend" behind his back. The important thing here is that they are both talking about Tiger Woods - not Scott, not Westwood, not Clarke, not Donald, but Tiger Woods. This just clinches the fact that Woods is the most important player of this generation; he was the one who made golf popular worldwide, bringing in the money _ and careers are made and lost because of him.

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Posted on: August 10, 2011 10:20 am

Azinger: Feud shows Tiger still 'lightning rod'

Is Williams an ego-inflated slimeball?  Abso-freaking-lutely, but that's not the question here.  You don't stay employed at the top of your profession for decades by being the equivalent of a talking pull cart.

Awesome post and once again, a great ending.  Reputation only takes somebody so far, there is no way Williams would be hired by one great golfer after another if he sucked.  Adam Scott is a fantastic example.   If the caddy doesn't really matter much then I should give Adam a phone call.  I'm available for 100 thousand per year plus all expenses.  That surely wouldn't amount to more then 140 thousand dollars per year out of his pocket, probably less then 140 actually.  Why am I lasoring in on 140? Because that's what he just paid Williams for ONE TOURNAMENT.  He could have had me for an entire year for what Williams costs him for one big win.  If he advertised a position available to be his caddy for what I mentioned above, how many applicants would there be?  Probably 100 THOUSAND or more people would throw their name in.... he could have semi pro golfers from all over the world.  But he doesn't do that... he's going to pay 3 or 4 times what I suggested because caddies DO matter.

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Azinger: Feud shows Tiger still 'lightning rod'

Think of it this way.  The caddy is to the golfer what the catcher is to the pitcher.  

Awesome post and a great ending.  As a Tigers fan I can relate to that and say when Gerald Laird was on the Tigers he helped young pitchers in a big way.  Porcello was 20 years old back then and he was great for his career.  It was a pivotal time in the kid's career and he's better for it today.  Verlander used to say Laird was huge to him as well and helped him out a lot.  Great post man. 

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Azinger: Feud shows Tiger still 'lightning rod'

Talking about a caddy's importance.  What was it, several years back, I think it was Calchavecchia's caddy put one too many clubs in his bag or forgot an important club on the last round.  Calch was near the top if not leading and had to hit 3 wood off the tee every time.  Something to do with the caddy forgot the driver or had the wrong club count, I can't recall.  I just know, if it was Calchavecchia, he wasn't happy.  It was very unfortunate.  I don't know that that lost him the tourney BUT it had to play into his psyche.  I know for the first three or four holes the caddy was walking around like a whipped puppy....sorry animal rights activists, the analogy fit. 

I don't know if it was him or who it was but I do agree, there is something to the caddy.  Why else would these golfers hang on to the same ones year after year after year.  Mickleson and "Bones".  Furyk and Fluff.  When a player finds a good caddy, they become "partners" so to speak.  It's just like in business, you find a partner you're comfortable with and go with them. 

I think caddy's play a bigger part to a golfer's game than we realize.  Just as much pressure is on them to get the yardage right or to "talk" the golfer into going one club length more or one club length less. 

Think of it this way.  The caddy is to the golfer what the catcher is to the pitcher. 

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