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Bradley's play a doomsday scenario for PGA Tour?

Posted on: November 3, 2011 11:18 am
Edited on: November 3, 2011 12:17 pm

ORLANDO, Fla. – For those who like to stir the pot with a spoon the size of a rowboat oar, the news from China on Thursday was certainly some savory fare.

Rising rookie Keegan Bradley, one of seven players with two victories this season on the PGA Tour, fired a scintillating 65 to take a two-stroke lead at the HSBC Champions event in Shanghai.

Get out the ladles, folks. This is quite a cauldron of quandary.

If Bradley plays like this for three more rounds and wins, let’s count the reasons why this development should make folks at tour headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach just a tad uncomfortable:

 Last week, after the tour completely and embarrassingly whiffed on its scheduling and postseason honors timing, the mailing of the ballots for the 2011 Player of the Year were pushed back two weeks after. After a conversation with a reporter, tour officials realized that the HSBC tournament counts as an official victory if a PGA Tour member wins the event. Earlier, the tour had stated ballots would be mailed out after the so-called season finale at Disney World, which was won in heroic fashion by English star Luke Donald, seemingly staking a huge claim to the Player of the Year trophy. A victory by Bradley would make him the lone player with three official wins, surely stealing votes away from Donald, the world No. 1, and again focusing the spotlight on the tour’s hugely controversial decision to delay the ballots.

 Bradley, of course, is an American. For fun, look up “jingoism” in the dictionary. Sprinkle it into your daily vocabulary between now and the weekend. You might have reason to use the term on Sunday night, especially if your are a fan of Donald and his stellar season.

 Despite two wins and a major title, Bradley isn’t on the Presidents Cup team, a decision that will become even more outrageous and indefensible if he wins in China. All Bradley did was win the PGA Championship in his first-ever appearance in a major, beating the deepest field in golf in 2011. The PGA featured 98 of the top 100 players in the world, or a whopping 12 more than the next-best global field for the year in that regard.

 A Bradley victory on Sunday would steer even more potentially unkind scrutiny toward Bill Haas and slumping Tiger Woods, the wild-card players who were added to the U.S. Presidents Cup team by captain Fred Couples. Woods has been struggling with his game for two years and has played exactly once in two months. Haas is the FedEx Cup champion, but is also the son of Couples’ assistant captain, Jay Haas. Hardly a pretty scenario for either, especially since they were added at the expense of Bradley.

 A victory by Bradley would underscore the idiocy of the Presidents Cup qualification system. The 10 automatic picks on the two teams are nailed down two months before the matches are played, during the FedEx Cup series. Moreover, according to those who have crunched the comparative numbers, Bradley would already have made the U.S. roster if the Ryder Cup points process had been used.

After his opening round, Bradley was asked about Donald's position. The Englishman had seemingly nailed down the honors and awards last month at Disney, only to have the tour yank the rug out from under his feet. Donald isn't playing this week because his wife is set to deliver the couple's second daughter at any moment.
"All I'm trying to do is win this golf tournament," Bradley said. "I know there's a lot on the line, and there's some awards to be won. I'm sure Luke is not very interested in this tournament. I'm sure he's sleeping."

Maybe, maybe not. But you can bet the folks in Ponte Vedra are tossing and turning some, because this could get downright uncomfortable.


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Posted on: November 5, 2011 9:32 am

It would suck for Bradley

Keegan Bradley is an up-and-comer, and if he wins, he should be able to celebrate.  Instead, he will be used as a political tool by the tour in the instance of Player of the Year, and by Tiger-haters who would use it to "justify" their distaste of Tiger being picked for the President's Cup.  
If he wins the tournament and subsequently the Player of the Year trophy, what should be a positive would be a negative that follows him around until he wins something bigger.  The only real way out here is for Bradley, if he wins, to publicly state that he doesn't deserve to be player of the year and that Luke Donald deserves it.  Then, he could strike a blow for the honor and sportsmanship that are supposed to be a part of golf.  He could go so far as to turn down the award if it is given to him.
Instead of answering questions from those who thinks he doesn't deserve the award, he would be celebrated by both those who were happy that justice was done and those who think he may have deserved it.  It is always a superior position to deflect credit than to justify it.   Considering his family tree and the role model his aunt provides, he might do just that.

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Posted on: November 5, 2011 12:55 am

Bradley's play a doomsday scenario for PGA Tour?

I cant help but notice a lot of people are writing about how no one should care about this, but they are reading the articles and blogging about it lol.

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Posted on: November 5, 2011 12:53 am

Bradley's play a doomsday scenario for PGA Tour?

POY is important because you win a bunch of cash with it so to say its not important than you dont care bout money. Bradley is getting screwed for not making the Presidents Cup just like Donald would if he ends up not winning POY.

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Posted on: November 4, 2011 10:39 am

Bradley's play a doomsday scenario for PGA Tour?

Who cares?  I mean, really, who freakin' cares?  Player of the year is a vote.  That's ignorant.  It's like majjor college football.  The title is awarded!  The POY should be won on a point system similar to the Fed Ex Cup.  Every tournament is weighted the same and has points and the golfer with the most points at the end is the POY.  Or, the player with the best winning percentage.  If it is a tie, go play off somewhere.  If just two guys, have a match play match.  if more than 2, medal play...18 holes....big TV money.  But VOTING?  VOTING?!?!?!?  Sheesh!

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Posted on: November 4, 2011 6:09 am

Bradley's play a doomsday scenario for PGA Tour?

@368: My bet is that your bet will lose. Stricker is showing every sign that he intends to play, and his strategy seems to be to rest his neck by not playing until the PC begins. Maybe they'll pair Stricker with Woods again, that should be loads of fun considering how much either of them has played competitively of late. As for "doomsday", you bet it is. My bet is that someone at PGA HQ will lose his job if Bradley wins and is voted POTY, maybe a guy named Ty Votaw, or some other flunky who gets paid to look at the tournament schedule now and then to determine whether or not the season is over yet. And if Couples was already under a microscope for his captain's picks, well it's going to be a quantum tunneling microscope if Bradley wins this week. Should make for an exciting finish, and just maybe, Lil Timmy Finchem will be paying attention to golf for once.

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Posted on: November 3, 2011 11:02 pm

Bradley's play a doomsday scenario for PGA Tour?

Doomsday?  First of all, who cares about Player of the Year? Second, who cares about leading money winner? (They aren't sharing it with us, are they?)  The players repeatedly say that "THE MAJORS" are the real deal.  So the guys who had great years are the guys who won majors. Schwartzl, Clarke, McIlroy, Bradley.   As far as the Ryder Cup goes, my bet is Stricker bows out, Bradley takes his spot, and that Bradley, Tiger, and Haas all do fair to middling.

Since: Sep 19, 2011
Posted on: November 3, 2011 8:13 pm

Bradley's play a doomsday scenario for PGA Tour?

If Haas and Bradley had been picked for the Presidents Cup team, there would be absolutely zero controversy.

In an honest world, Freddie's pick would be inexplicable.

Since: Oct 20, 2008
Posted on: November 3, 2011 5:50 pm

Bradley's play a doomsday scenario for PGA Tour?

Way too much has been made of moving the vote back -  They would have done the very same thing had Webb Simpson won at Disney and been in position to win POTY.  This is not a bunch of American PGA guys trying to slant the field so that an American might sneak in and win the POTY race.  That assertion is just asinine -  This is just a product of the writers having NOTHING else to talk about right now -  If Keegan wins this event by 10 strokes and the players vote him in, then that's the ways it goes -  The fact is that is a PGA memeber wins this tournament, then it is an official PGA victory -  So the voting needs to be delayed -  If Luke loses the POTY, which is highly unlikely, then he DESERVED to lose the POTY -  This is not about "jingoism", is about crappy journalism -  

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Posted on: November 3, 2011 5:09 pm

Bradley's play a doomsday scenario for PGA Tour?

I got it, If Bradley wins just add another tournament and another and another...maybe by the time their done adding tournaments Tiger could be # 1 again...what a mess the PGA has caused.

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Posted on: November 3, 2011 4:21 pm

Bradley's play a doomsday scenario for PGA Tour?

We know the Tour officials delayed the decision for a bit with an official explanation that the year had not totally played itself out until after China.  As with most decisions of this magnitude, could there be something else behind the call?  If I had to pick between an Englishman and an American for an Award on the US Tour, I would pick the American every time.  Yes, I am admittedly biased.  Maybe some tour officials are too?  Fine with me, but surprising no one has brought up this angle.

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