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Furyk, Mahan lead USA to cusp of win in Oz

Posted on: November 19, 2011 3:09 am
Edited on: November 19, 2011 4:30 am
ORLANDO, Fla. -- For a good long while on Saturday, the Presidents Cup began taking on a familiar feel for Hunter Mahan and his American mates.

That is, if numb counts as a feeling.

It was wet, the fans were getting all wound up and the U.S. fortunes were heading in the wrong direction again, just like last year at the Ryder Cup in Wales.

But this time, they weathered the cool weather, quieted the home-field crowd and got one hand clasped firmly on the trophy heading into the final day of the Presidents Cup at treacherous Royal Melbourne.

“It definitely had a Ryder Cup atmosphere and today we had Ryder Cup weather,” said Mahan, whose birdie on the 17th hole helped win a crucial point in the afternoon best-ball session. “Boy, there was a lot going on here today – this was the Australian team we were playing here and you heard it all day.”

Just not so much at the end.

Just as the International team mounted a brief and frantic rally at the end, the Americans scored key best-ball wins behind Mahan and veteran Jim Furyk to take a commanding 13-9 lead into Sunday singles.

It ain’t exactly over, but fat women are warming up their chords at the Sydney Opera House. In the eight previous eight President Cup matches, no team that has trailed entering the 12 Sunday singles matches has managed to win to cup.

After demonstrably winning Saturday’s morning alternate-shot session 4-1 to take an 11-6 lead into the afternoon best-ball format, the International team finally made some noise as the situation got close to desperate. All five best-ball matches went to the 17th or 18th holes, in fact, but the Yanks mostly dodged the heavy mortal fire.

Furyk won his match with Nick Watney, 1 up, when opponent Adam Scott missed birdie putts from seven and 25 feet on the last two holes that could have resulted in the Americans losing a full point.

Furyk, one of four players on the U.S. team in his 40s, was the only one of the foursome who hasn’t sat out a match and improved to 4-0 for the week after one of his most disappointing seasons. He and Phil Mickelson teamed for wins in their first three matches before Lefty took the afternoon session Saturday off to rest.

After this week’s utterly unforeseen spurt, Furyk now has a PrezCup record of 19-10-3, matching Tiger Woods for most full points in event history. He’s 4-2 in career singles in the event, too.

Last year, Furyk was the PGA Tour Player of the Year, but he was winless in 2011 and rarely was in the Sunday mix. This week marked the first time in 14 combined Ryder or Presidents Cups that Furyk, 41, amassed a 4-0 mark.

Mahan redeemed himself some, too. He lost the deciding point at the Ryder last year when he flubbed a chip shot in the final match against Europe’s Graeme McDowell. Saturday, after animated Aussie Jason Day drained a 35-footer for birdie on the 17th hole to seemingly extend the match, Mahan dropped a 20-footer of his own to secure a 2-and-1 victory. In other words, the Internationals won the afternoon best-ball session, 3-2, but it could have been far worse for the Yanks.

"The putt Hunter Mahan made on the 17th hole was clutch," International captain Greg Norman said. "That is what makes you the professional golfer, what you are. That's why these guys win golf tournament, because they love that moment."

The wins by the Mahan and Furyk pairings certainly let some air out of the Aussie arena, so to speak. In the five times that the Yanks have led by four or fewer points heading into Sunday play, the team has never lost the singles session.

In broad terms, the Internationals must muster 8 of the 12 points to have a chance to secure a tie in the matches, in which case the U.S. would still retain the cup. Only once in eight previous Presidents Cups has either team managed eight points in singles, when the U.S. won the 1994 Sunday session, 8-4, to win the cup in an overall 20-12 rout.

Barring a complete crash and burn, the Americans will be 7-1-1 in the event on Sunday night.

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Posted on: November 19, 2011 7:15 pm

Furyk, Mahan lead USA to cusp of win in Oz

Your right: candyjeff..pathetic, is good description of your post's. Follow the sheep bash Tiger, if your rooting for Norman and Co...maybe next year. As for Tigers play, even haters should admit he is making great strides to return to his form, his putting: weakest of his game, will soon return. Congrat's to all the Anmericans, who played in such lousy weather. It seems the leader: Furyk has been stellar, followed by Mahan.  But anyone who shows supreme lack of PGA knowledge, to state Tiger Woods, should not play..duh..leaves me speechless.. Go tiger!!!

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Posted on: November 19, 2011 6:24 pm

Furyk, Mahan lead USA to cusp of win in Oz

Change your name to Retardedjeff -  It would be more fitting - 

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Posted on: November 19, 2011 5:34 pm

Furyk, Mahan lead USA to cusp of win in Oz

and to show more ignorance, people are saying tiger is back with his tee to green play, it was 1 round where he excelled,  and he lost to kim and yang, not exactly the top dogs, pretty much their bottom feeders. Johnson was the reason they won the 1 point tiger has, but people want to believe he's back and watch out, seriously, the world will believe anything.

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Posted on: November 19, 2011 5:30 pm

Furyk, Mahan lead USA to cusp of win in Oz

Couples is part of the problem in life, choosing what makes more money instead of what was earned to be there, and if you knew Freddy personally, as many have stated, he is an arrogant dbag who is disgustingly full of himself, just like Paterno was, people are so quick to defend things, and even when paterno was outed, people are saying he's a great man, its pathetic

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Posted on: November 19, 2011 2:47 pm

Furyk, Mahan lead USA to cusp of win in Oz

On the Tiger question, He has at least for now regained tee to green form particularly with approach irons. His putting just isn't there. His success today rests solely on if he can get a few to drop early. Having to win 8 1/2 points, I see no way the International team can pull this off. Love seeing Norman the mouth go down in his own back yard. Can't give Couples much credit except staying out of the way. One last note going into last day; Early favorite for MVP if one was given has to go to Phil. Stellar golf with a great team attitude. When the cameras showed him receiveing the news he was to set out the afternoon four ball, you could see him saying perfect.
Class act from a team player. 

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Posted on: November 19, 2011 12:48 pm

Furyk, Mahan lead USA to cusp of win in Oz

WTF? You're a dick. Not for the Tiger comment, but for the Couples and Paterno comment. 
Don't throw stones in glass houses Candy-ass Jeff.

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Posted on: November 19, 2011 12:40 pm

Furyk, Mahan lead USA to cusp of win in Oz

tiger played the last match well tee to green and missed birdies, but before that, what were you watching, he was will from tee to grren, yes, the conditions were bad, but he was bad. This is ok because its not the Ryder Cup, but he has been the worst golfer out there, but for a few shots, and cant putt. If this is Tiger's game from now on, he's not gonna win again. The other golfers are head and shoulders above him. He has 1 point, from a birdie putt he made, but the drive he hit in the thich rough was saved by a brilliant shot by dustin Johnson to give him a shot at that putt, the only one he made in that round. Go watch it again. Ive watched the entire tournament, and yesterday was his only day hitting well tee to green, 1 out of 4 isnt bad. His play has been just like his game this year, erratic, and Kim and Yang beat them,thats pathetic, as 2 to 1 favorites, pathetic.

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Posted on: November 19, 2011 12:11 pm

Furyk, Mahan lead USA to cusp of win in Oz

What do u think the whole thing is about?  Ratings!! If Tiger wasn't there, half the people wouldn't be watching because as good as the American are as a team, there are very few of them that create any kind of buzz or interest outside of devoted golfing fans.  Sure Keegan deserves to be there but let's be serious, he will have numerous opportunities in the future and the only team competition that matters is the Ryder Cup. I think Tiger has played very solidly tee to green but yes his putter has failed him and the putts he used to make are not dropping.  I have watched every round and he has been in position for numerous birdies and eagles and has had some pretty hard lip outs, but he has been solid and his temperment and attitude towards team play has improved dramatically....I think he will wax Baddeley in singles today, but it won't matter because it will be over long before that!!

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Posted on: November 19, 2011 11:50 am

Furyk, Mahan lead USA to cusp of win in Oz

some moron named ghdoctor has claimed he's been watching and Tiger has been solid, seriously?, he made 1 birdie putt in the only match he won, and has been the worst player by far for the usa, he was only picked for ratings, not for his play from years ago. Keegan bradley was the right choice, and couples is lucky this isnt close, because he would be ripped if it was. Fred Couples is good friends with Joe Paterno, he plays with his grandchildren, if you know what i mean.

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