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Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

Posted on: February 8, 2012 7:01 pm
Edited on: February 17, 2012 4:49 pm

By Steve Elling 

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. -- Here's a No. 1 ranking that Tiger Woods would just as soon yield to somebody else.

In a poll reported this week by Forbes, Woods is tied with NFL quarterback Michael Vick as the nation's most disliked athlete, with each receiving a 60 percent disapproval rating.

Vick was listed first, however, because he got more votes of "dislike a lot" from respondents than did Woods.

The numbers were compiled by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research. Vick was convicted five years ago of running a dog-fighting ring and served time, while Woods endured a well-chronicled sex scandal and divorce.

NFL receiver Plaxico Burress (56%), NFL defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh (51%), NBA players Kris Humphries (50%), Lebron James (48%) and Kobe Bryant (45%), NFL receiver Terrell Owens (45%), MLB infielder Alex Rodriguez (44%) and NASCAR driver Kurt Busch (42%).

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 11:14 pm

Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

The people making the argument about this poll being about race is stupid and those people are probably the biggest racist. Vick isn't a great quarterback he is a person who killed a bunch of dogs. If being able to run the ball makes a you a good quarterback than Tim Tebow is one which he isn't either. He hadn't killed a bunch of animals he wouldn't be on this list and being on it has nothing to do with race.

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 11:10 pm

Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

How is Woods a person who cheated on his wife disliked as much as someone who killed a bunch of dogs. There is no way this is accurate, most golf fans want to see Tiger win again. Isn't Kobe suppose to be one of most popular NBA players? It seems like this poll was taken by a bunch of non sports fans.

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 10:36 pm

Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

If Tiger is truly glad he's not number one, then he should live out his life contented; because, it is hardly likely he'll ever be close to No.#1 again. He has too many things going against him.

1). He older, and has had too many serious operations on that knee. 2). When he lost the Blonde (his wife), Trophy which was as important to his as the Tiger Slam, along with the respect of the 'stuff-shirt' golfing society, it crushed his ego. 3). Unlike many athletes, Tiger was instilled, by both his father, and mother, a moral compass, whose needle went well-passed the red line, which has a devastating effect on a man's wellbeing.

But don't be too hard on Tiger. Few men whom achieve the success and power he attained can subdue their heighten sexual drives.

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 12:15 pm

Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

Oh, Teres, how terrifying it must be inside that skull of yours at times. Let me dispose of your paranoid, race-obsessed "truths": (1) If your life doesn't blow up in THEIR face, then, for most people, it's not real. But, if they look around after the explosion and see everybody else craning their necks to see what went down, then it's time to engage in Morality Street Theater. (2) So, when the white Daleys, father and son, genteely oversaw the political life of the second-most corrupt big city in America--the first being NOLA or maybe Philly--for generations, they never once were stupid enough to get caught at anything untoward themselves. Oddly enough, neither did Detroit's Coleman Young, whose street name was "Big Daddy," with all that that implies, and who once arranged a $40 million payoff to the boys with the bent noses by "disguising" it as the purchase price for an utterly worthless building. (3) On the other hand, there's D.C.'s Marion Barry, who behaved as if he were utterly unacquainted with the fact that the FBI keeps close tabs on pretty much everything in the District, as witness the use of the very same undercover techniques that brought low a bunch of white Congressmen some years prior. (4) Then, there were the white Republican Congressman who liked to troll public restrooms for rough trade and the New York Governor who liked to duck out of town for a little room service. The latter wasn't the blind black guy who succeeded him, but a nice, handsome Jewish boy, a favorite of all the old ladies come election time. (5) Not to mention NOLA's Mayor Nagy, who did bupkus before and in the immediate aftermath of Katrina, but who never got a sizable fraction of the blame that Bush got. He's TOLD to get the buses to high ground, so he leaves them where they would be flooded and sends the city-employed bus drivers out of the city, ahead of the disaster. Then the man never once goes out to the Superdome to see can he help. So what happens? The morons re-elect him! (6) On to the Babe, plus I'll throw in the Mick and the brothers Jack and Bobby Kennedy, all of whose sexual proclivities later became the stuff of myth and legend. Hey, different times, different reporters, different editors. I know that you race mongers prefer to pretend that little to nothing has changed in the intervening decades, but even the dullest wit knows, deep down, that that's not true. So, it's apples and oranges. (7) Finally, we come to the other, paler, golfers, whom rumor and innuendo label cads and adulterers. Yeah? So what? So's Mike. So was O.J. So was Magic. And everybody freaking knew it. No great scandal there, not for any of them. Why not? Aren't they black enough? Famous and rich and successful enough for we devils to spare no effort tearing down? (8) See, son, the difference is that stupid is as stupid does. Tiger conducted his assignations like some kind of secret agent man, but he forgot to leave the Groucho mask on when he was with his favorite semi-pro athletes. Then, he allows Elin to go all Jim Brown on his *ss (that's where somebody supposedly is batterede, yet, mysteriously, no one ever gets hurt) on the street, compounding things by running into public property. Guaranteeing the cops' involvement in a state with an open-records law. Whee, dummy! Nothing like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs lying around that the dullest of children couldn't help tracing back to the gingerbread house. Oh, yeah, then he and his "inner circle" (once known as IMG) conduct a signally brilliant P.R. campaign tailor-made to make him come off as almost as unsympathetic as Barry Bonds. You remember Barry? The man who never once in his entire life avoided an opportunity to make a reporter or a fan or pretty much anybody else feel like either a fool or dirt? That'll get ya good press! Like I said, stupid is as stupid does. Which only goes to show you that even a Stanford man and world-class athlete can trip over his own shoelaces.

Now, personally, I don't give  rat's *ss about what Tiger did. Other people, though, live for the chance to vent a little moral outrage. All the better if they can let their green-eyed monster out in the sunlight for a change. The mob (or the internet) is the only safe place left in America to engage in such posturing and venting. More power to them, I say. Otherwise, they'd be hounding little girls with cancer and their mothers. At least Tiger can wall himself off with his wealth whenever things get too heavy.

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 9:46 am

Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

The announcers ripped Suh due to his game-time behavior, not his off-the-field actions. Vick is trying to move on after paying his dues, but you don't hear Troy and Buck talking about it during game time.
Most look for media (television, specifically as you mention) to cover sports for the sport itself, leaving the rest of the athlete's lives to the tabloids or someone like Ellings. You want Faldo up there cracking jokes about who Tiger was with last night right after he hit his approach shot? Please.. ripping him for some profanity is fine but what else do you want? He's playing the sport, which is what their job is to comment on.  
Whether you choose to "allow Tiger" to move on from his personal mistakes is up to you, but leave the professional announcing to those with the quals.

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 9:32 am

Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

Don't follow Nascar so can't comment on him. But for all the others on the list, I can see reasons why people would not like them. Except for Humphries. Could someone tell me what he has done to have so many people on his case.

As for this list being racist, Look at the NBA basketball starters, Where are the "white guys". Maybe they just weren't good enough. Nothing to do with black or white. 

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 8:41 am

Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

He was simultaneously the most hated.............

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 5:46 am

Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

I have an question for all the commenters who say it is "racist" to dislike Tiger Woods.

How is it that prior to the scandal Tiger Woods was far-and-away the most popular athlete in the United States?

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 1:33 am

Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

The racists and puritans have voted, by throwing the first stone.

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Posted on: February 8, 2012 11:02 pm

Here's one ranking Woods is glad not to top

So, the US public hates black athletes, anyone married to a Kardashian, even for a few weeks, and Kyle Bleeping Busch.  I guess Babe Ruth, who reportedly slept in more places than George Washington, all while he was married, is lucky he was Caucasian.  Or, for that matter, a certain left-hander who has a rep behind the scenes as a major phony is pretty lucky that he doesn't have "extra skin pigment," too.  
Tiger Woods did what at least 100 white golfers on tour do on a regular basis, and he is tied for being the target of the most hate from the public with someone who abused and killed more dogs than Tiger's "scoreboard" number? 

There are a bunch of pathetic, jealous, and racist "people" out there.  May their karma be swift and just. 

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