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Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

Posted on: February 28, 2012 10:01 am
Tiger and Rory shake hands at the Abu Dhabi event. (Getty Images)

By Shane Bacon

The thing about sports betting is that you're almost always going to lose (thanks a lot, Eli Manning), but it definitely makes sports more interesting to watch. And another thing about sports betting is that the people in Las Vegas know more about the sport than you do, and they know more about how your mind works than you do. Case and point? Tiger Woods continues to be the favorite at golf tournaments. The reason is because people are always going to put money down on Tiger because he's a name they remember and he's a guy they like to root for.

So it's interesting when you check out the Honda Classic odds (and Masters odds, for that matter) and see Rory McIlroy favored ahead of Tiger to win this week.

These are the numbers in Vegas:
  • RORY McILROY - 8/1
  • TIGER WOODS - 10/1
  • LEE WESTWOOD - 10/1
  • KYLE STANLEY - 25/1
  • BEN CRANE - 25/1 
Sure, looking at the lines in sports don't really mean anything, because it's more about the casinos winning money than putting the right person at the top, but it definitely reiterates our point that McIlroy might slowly be taking over as the main attraction in golf if Vegas thinks people would want to put money on him just as much as they would on Tiger. 

If nothing else it just defines my point about betting on golf; it's stupid and you should never do it.  

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Posted on: March 1, 2012 12:49 pm

Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

You mean the no. 2 player in the world, who is coming off a second place in the WGC and a year where he won a major is favored over the number 22 player in the world who hasn't one a PGA event in two years?  Utterly fascinating! Those Vegas guys are pretty sharp.

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Posted on: February 29, 2012 9:57 pm

Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

Excellent analysis & in many ways sad. I've watched Eldrick since his rookie year & often commented to my friends I would never see a player of his caliber in my lifetime. I knew he cursed like a sailor but so have I and I'm sure many of you have. The difference is I'm not a public figure. It's been a few years back but the PGA tried an experiment by hooking certain players up with mic's. It didn't last long mainly due to one of my fav all time golfers Boom Boom. He was one of the chosen to put a microphone on during a tournament. Just so happened he hit a horrible shot & said the F word for all watching to hear. The commentators were speechless a few minutes. I actually thought it was pretty funny & my opinion of Freddie didn't change. That's just golf or any sport for that matter. The better you get at any sport, whatever it may be, the more you expect perfection. Once you've attained that status, it's only normal to utter a few choice words when you miss a putt you know you should of made, dropped a TD pass you know you should of caught, threw a pitch you wish you could take back. I could go on & on but the bottom line is these are professionals at their chosen sport & cussing to themselves for a bonehead mistake is only normal & more common place than we know.

I started playing golf @ the age of 11 so I can relate somewhat to the progressions that occur. I was thrilled the first time I broke 100, then I broke 90, then 80, then (by the age of 14) I was shooting par or under on all the courses in my area. Then the cussing started. It started because I became aware of my abilities & it was difficult for me to accept anything less than a shot i knew I was capable of making. Not a perfect shot by any means but just a shot to put me in a position I wanted to be. By the age of 16 I had one hole in one, 3 double eagles, & could out drive just about any adult by 50 yards or more. Bottom line, for me anyway, the better I got the more I cussed. So from that stand point the cussing doesn't really bother me much. 

I'm one of these people that tends to lose interest in golf, or any other sport I've tried, once I feel I can't get much better. When the bettors started showing up, my game improved considerably. I never realized there was so much money to be had playing this game. Between it & pool, I made some decent money for quite sometime.  I had to travel a lot, once I became known. I never hustled. I just gave them my best game. I didn't win all the time & I was very humble when I did. I've never antagonized or made fun of someone I had just beat. A few tried this tack on me but they never did it again after the first time. After about 5 or 6 years of travelling the country, I quit. It was starting to be more like work than fun. Plus, I had made enough money to cover my college expenses. Ain't gambling a blast? I don't anymore & wouldn't reccomend it for the faint of heart.     

Maybe the toughest job for any sport are the commentators & TV crew trying to avoid these remarks from being heard by those of us watching. Most of us wouldn't be bothered but when you have a child watching their idol & maybe wearing their jersey or whatever that's a different story. It's up to the person these children choose to idolize to conduct themselves in a maner deserving of their idolatry status both in their professional & public life. From this standpoint, I can barely stand to look at Tiger anymore & never dreamt i'd be making a satement like this directed toward a man I once idolized. I can't help but wonder what his father would have thought of all this were he still alive? Maybe those billions went to his head. Until all this mess of a life he created came to the fore front (pun intended), I wasn't aware he was the first sports figure to break the billion $ mark.

One thing i admired about Tiger was his, seemingly, devotion toward children learning the game through his charitable programs involving both boys & girls. I say seemingly, as I'm now not sure of his sincerity. More likely than not, it was probably just a public relations ploy to improve his image. I have no idea how these kids feel about all this but If I were they I'd still take advantage of the opportunity offered. What the heck! Why not? 

One shot i'll always remember was his chip in on the 16th hole @ The Masters when his ball hung on the lip with the Nike logo showing for about a second or two before falling in the hole. One recent memory comes to mind. I don't recall the particular tournament but he was paired with Adam Scott. Scott won the tourney with Steve on his bag. After it was over, Steve & Woods shook hands but didn't make eye contact or say anything. That had to be a long 18 holes of golf. I can only imagine Steve thinking to himself thanks for making me a millionaire buddy & tiger most likely mumbling some choice cuss words under his breath.

I had a dream (sound familiar?). Seriously I used to tell myself If I had one wish it would be to win every golf tournament I ever entered. Of course (no pun intended), I'd throw off a few so nobody would get suspicious & start looking for my personal Genie. After watching Tiger destroy most every course in his path, I thought to myself he stole my dream & my Genie. I really liked her & sometimes I dream of Genie. Since Tiger is not playing up to his standards lately, I have a feeling Genie must have abandoned him. Who can blame her, in view of all his past indiscretions being publicly displayed. Last I heard, she turned to the bottle. I'm sure someone will come along, say the right words, & she'll be just fine.

I'm now convinced Mr. Woods will not end up being the best player I've seen in my lifetime. He'll still put up some wins & maybe another major or 2 but it won't be the same. It's a shame he didn't learn a few things about etiquette from the likes of Jack, Arnie. Watson, Player or others that were true gentlemen of the game of golf although they may have strayed a few times themselves. I can imagine how hard it would be (oops) to ignore the vast # of golf groupies even in their day. At least they kept their image intact, if they did. Were I to hazard a guess , I'd say Jack would've been the least likely to stray from Barbara. I never knew much about Seve's personal life but can only imagine of all the players from that generation he would've had his pick of the lot. Sadly, I saw his last interview from his home in spain. What a gracious individual. I loved to watch him play. His imagination on the course was truly amazing. The golf world lost one of the best, when he passed.    

I used to think none of these players could match Tiger's ability but, taking into consideration todays technological advances in equipment, I'm not so sure now. I do know Tiger is no match for the moral charcter of these past greats & that's a real shame.

I have no idea who Genie will choose next but it's nice to see such a great # of young up & coming stars. Could it be Rory, Ricky, Bae, Kyle, Keegan, Huh (what'd I say? Oh yeah Huh) & so many others. Hunter, Strick, Sned, Lee, Bubba, Ying Yang. The competition & potential of all these players, for me at least, has brought back considerable excitement to the game of golf. The gentlemens game that Mr. Woods seems to have forgotten!

In other words - What the F%&* happened to TIGER? $'s ? 

Yours Truly - Lee Trevino    &nbs

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Posted on: February 29, 2012 12:03 pm

Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

Another case of pure PLAGIARISM from Stumpy. 

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Posted on: February 29, 2012 11:56 am

Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

Sold the public a phony image?  The entire PGA Tour and 99% of it's members portray a phony image.  What's the point?  

Dr. Galea is recognized as one of the world’s top authorities in sports medicine and exercise physiology.  Galea is most well known for his cutting-edge methodologies, which promote quick healing.  In 2000 Galea was found to carry a drug banned by professional sport authority into another country.   Incessantly, reporters, with the help of headline editors, tried to spin the case as one of 'doping' or performance enhancement with absolutely no basis whatsoever.  When he was sentenced for carrying the banned substance the prosecutor made it clear that that it was not the position of the authorities that Dr. Galea was helping athletes enhance performance.  The judge in his case stated that he was moved  by more than 120 letters of support from peers and patients, some of whom described being treated by Galea at no charge and others who credited him with healing injuries that other doctors could not, highlighted his commitment to healing, charity and spiritual development.  You are a sad pathetic fool and complete MORON for falling for the media spin on this case, and clearly you know next to NOTHING about what you are talking about.  Therefore you should shut the fuc* up.  You are just spewing out a bunch of bullshi* with no basis of fact to back up you thin accusations.  You are an idiot.  

Tiger still has MILLIONS of fans and supporters, not the least of which is the powers that be on the PGA Tour.  Not is already back -  he isn't going anywhere -  He wil win a major, maybe two THIS season -  Get your popcorn popped - 


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Posted on: February 29, 2012 10:00 am

Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

This is supposed to be a surprise!

Since: Dec 6, 2006
Posted on: February 29, 2012 9:34 am

Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

In his last 10 events offering world ranking points,Rory  McIlroy has finished
worse than T5 exactly once.

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Posted on: February 29, 2012 9:03 am

Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

Hey, Coach Raybo and all you other haters.  Here's a few reason people don't cheer for Tiger:

1. Sold the public a phony image.
2. Had private visits to his home from Dr. Anthony Galea, a convicted felon for peddling PEDs.
3. Curses and slams clubs on the golf course.
4. Said highly disturbing misogynistic things in text messages to a prostitute.
5. Betrayed his family in a way most find repulsive.
6. Has a surly and aloof demeanor.
7. Has not won in two years, yet the media covers him nonstop.

His Q-score went from 91% favorable to 32% favorable.  Get used to it, haters.  Tiger ain't coming back.

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Posted on: February 29, 2012 9:00 am

Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

Yes, but what has he done lately?

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Posted on: February 29, 2012 8:59 am

Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

According to Rambo Woods has 42 majors. Lets count them on the PGA, European and Asian tours. 

   42 sounds a fine number. It is in fact the answer to " What is the meaning of life? "

   I wonder how many will understand that last obscure comment??  LOL

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Posted on: February 29, 2012 8:53 am

Rory favored over Tiger at Honda

Coach Raybo, are you aware that WGC events and majors are counted on both tours?

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