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On borrowed time

Posted on: January 7, 2009 8:15 pm

It wasn't exactly a vote of confidence from the owner, now was it? Then again, given what those messages usually mean for managers and coaches, Ottawa's Bryan Murray and Craig Hartsburg might be breathing a little easier.

Tonight anyway.

Chances are the statement about their job security issued less than an hour ago by Senators owner Eugene Melnyk was more of a stay of execution. Reports have been flying around Canada's capital all day that Melnyk wants Pat Quinn to coach and Bob Nicholson to be the GM, which compelled the owner to release a statement saying he has "made no decisions with respect to any personnel changes within the Senators organization."

In the meantime, the Senators have gone 1-5-1 so far on the road trip and have all but blown any chance of making the playoffs. This is a team that is only 18 months removed from a Stanley Cup Finals appearance and that was thought by some to be a legitimate contender this season.

Instead, the Senators, who had the league's best offense last season, are among the lowest scoring teams now and bringing up the rear in their division. They have a better shot at the lottery draft pick than the title, which says more about their job security than anything the boss might say in public.


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Posted on: January 8, 2009 9:38 am

On borrowed time

People around the hockey world still, to this day praise Murray as some kind of hockey icon. Why???? This is the fourth excellent LOADED team he has inherited and he has done nothing with any of them yet, except fail. And man, did he ever destroy this talent rich franchise in a hurry. Congradulations Bryan, your legacy grows. Surely some day you will find your spot in the "Hall of Shame"

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Posted on: January 8, 2009 7:00 am

On borrowed time

Here's a team that has recently made some questionable personnel moves. Under the illusion they could do something in the playoffs last year they moved their power play quarterback ,Joe Corvo for Cory Stillman who subsequently went to Florida. They haven't been able to address their goaltending since Emery blew up on them. Kuba and Picard are the only  defencemen that give them any offense at all. Volchenkov ,Smith and Phillips are too slow as a group. There isn't a forward on this team beyond the big three who gives them more then a third of a point a game. This is a horrible team. Unless they can trade one of the big three for 8 quality players ,including a first string goalie ,a powerplay quarterback ,another good offensive forward or two, this team will be bad for a while. They need to bottom out for a couple years ,draft well and try again. By then they've got a chance that Alfredsson will retire or take a pay cut. If they draft well and build with the prospects they have and stop signing guys for 8 million and 10 million dollars ,they'll have a chance to be good again soon. At least they won't be tempted by short term deals this year.Firing the coach and or GM probably won't hurry things along and could make the wait for respectablity even longer. Oh and the senators need to downgrade their ticket prices to the bronze tier (or perhaps they should institute a tin or aluminum ticket price)  for every one of their games that Ottawa plays in. Not that good a team.    

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Posted on: January 7, 2009 10:01 pm

On borrowed time

I don't think changing coaches is the solution here. The Senators have proven they can make it to the "dance" with the personnel they have minus a couple....they just gotta quit breaking their own legs. This team is sometimes looking lost, and to find their way back will have to start in the dressing room. They have what appears to be good leaders and these leaders should start holding the "slackers" accountable in the dressing room by calling them out in player only meetings or something. It's hard to move forward or win as a team if your constantly stopping to clean up after others. If this doesn't work than Eugene or Bryan will have to do a house cleaning, and I would start with the D.

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