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Revenge the right way

Posted on: May 12, 2009 10:47 pm
Human nature being what it is, there had to be at least temptation on the part of the Boston Bruins to exact an ounce if not a pound of flesh from the Carolina Hurricanes tonight.

And Boston probably would have gotten away with responding to some of the ugliness perpetrated on it by the Hurricanes in the previous game given the often incomprehensible way the NHL has interpreted its rules of engagement during this playoff season.

Instead, facing another elimination situation, the Bruins went with the kind of discipline that has been so critical to their success during a great regular season and these playoffs, channeling their emotions the right way and getting even as a result. Throughout the game, Boston refrained from any and all kinds of retaliatory actions, even after its top center Marc Savard was injured by a knee on knee hit from Chad LaRose, and ended up skating to a 4-2 road win that forced a deciding seventh game back home on Thursday.

"It was easy because this was do or die," Bruins center Patrice Bergeron, who had two big assists, told a television interviewer after it was over. "The emotion was there, the intensity was there, but we needed the win."

The Bruins got it pretty quickly too, despite some of the numbers that appeared on the final summary sheet, most notably the 33-19 shot total advantage the home team had.

Boston came out hard and fast, sapping the energy from what may be the loudest crowd in the league with a pair of goals in the first five minutes and then continued to dictate the tempo for most of the first period. The Bruins were particularly effective in preventing the Hurricanes from using their great speed in the early going, and when Carolina did manage to find some space, goalie Tim Thomas was there to make the save he had to.

Actually Thomas' best save of the night came a minute into the second period, off Eric Staal's shot from close range during a Carolina power play when a Hurricanes goal could have changed the complexion of the game, although the Bruins netminder was beaten a few moments later by Matt Cullen after his line did some good work deep in the Boston zone. That gave the Hurricanes some life and got the crowd back into things, but the momentum shift turned out to be fleeting against a Bruins team that clearly had a game plan and wouldn't divert from it regardless of the circumstances.

Boston opened up a two goal lead seven minutes after Cullen scored when their hulking man-child forward Milan Lucic, who set the tone for the critical Game 5 win with several bone crunching hits, drew three Carolina defenders toward him as he swooped in on goalie Cam Ward and threaded a pass to a wide open Savard on the opposite side of the net. Chuck Kobasew added another goal late in the second period, which was more than enough for the Bruins to withstand a desperate final 20 minutes by the home team that produced only a Sergei Samsonov goal on 14 shots.

And that proved to be the best revenge of all.

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Posted on: May 14, 2009 12:04 pm
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Revenge the right way

The only Reason what Walker did was dirty is because he was the 3rd man in.  If he had waited until after the face off that's one thing, to be the third man in deserves more than he got. 

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Posted on: May 13, 2009 4:24 pm

Revenge the right way

"where are the haters are now??"  Heck, where are the "lovers" - you're apparently the only one of those.

 "these Canes are a bunch of lowlife dirty bass turds."  Why, because of the Walker punch only, or also because they dared to take a 3games to 1 lead? 

About the Walker punch, anyway ...  Look at the clip:  Ward is pushing and shoving Cullen - who is a little smaller, and more importantly, not known for fighting.  Walker, a little more known for fighting, though even smaller than Cullen, basically knocks Cullen out of the way and swings wildly at Ward (either missing, or barely connecting).  Ward then COULD have been a man and stood up and accepted that he's now in a real fight (that in a way, HE started) and taken a fighting stance.  Instead, he chose to be a pansy, and keep his arms down - forcing Walker to realize IMMEDIATELY that Ward's not engaging him and there'd be penalities to face if he does throw a connecting punch.

Could Walker have been suspended for a game (heck, 5)?  Sure, and most logical-thinking 'Canes fans would've understood either one was within recent NHL rulings (then again, considering they've been all over the place, that's not saying much).  However, would all Bruins lovers PLEASE quit acting like Ward had some kind of halo over his head?

BTW:  "Scoreboard"? ... it's 3-3 in games and 0-0 in score ... so, what's your point by "scoreboard?"

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Posted on: May 13, 2009 11:09 am
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