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Walking before running

Posted on: December 7, 2010 5:53 pm
Among the first-time participants in an NHL board of governors meeting this week was former Colorado Avalanche captain and franchise icon Joe Sakic.

The future Hall of Famer ended his brilliant 20-year career before last season and has spent much of his time since then with his family and contemplating his future. But he has stayed close to the Avs organization, attending many of their games and hanging with team president Pierre Lacroix, so the general assumption is that Sakic will eventually follow the lead of several other peers like Steve Yzerman and get into some sort of management role.

Sakic, though, said he hasn’t thought that far ahead. 

 “This is just a start for me,” Sakic said after the two- days of meetings in Palm Beach, Florida ended. “Pierre asked me to come and I jumped at the opportunity to get in and learn the business side of it before I start anything.”

Sakic said he isn’t in any rush to get back into the game. And Yzerman, now the rookie general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, noted that Sakic is going about things the right way.

“He’s gradually getting back into it,” Yzerman said. “We all retire at relatively young ages -- 40sh or so – and he’s s got an opportunity now to spend some time with his family and kids, but the game is what we grow up doing and what we’re most comfortable in and what we know best and the ability to stay in it is important.

“But you have to get your feet wet. There’s an incredible amount to learn and coming to a board of governors meeting attending or other meetings, being at games, it’s a great transition. When the time is right to get back in, you’ve got an education.”
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