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Preds earned their props

Posted on: April 20, 2008 7:09 pm

Well the Predators weren't supposed to win this series anyway. They finished eighth in the West after all, and barely snuck into the playoffs while the Detroit Red Wings finished first overall by a runaway margin.

It was a David vs. Goliath situation but without the inspirational ending, althought hte Predators made Detroit work very hard for its 3-0 win in the finale of the six game set. Ultimately though, it wasn't enough because the Red Wings really are a much more talented team.

That knowledge is of little comfort now to the Predators as they deal with the empty feeling that comes from losing in the playoffs, but the perception should change when the sting wears off in a few days. They'll realize they actually had a pretty good season, and if they're smart, they'll let the sound of a sellout home crowd giving them a final standing ovation serve as their lasting memory.

The sendoff is pretty significant actually considering all the drama the franchise went through in the last 12 months. There was a fire sale of talent, a complicated and often uncertain ownership transer and the potential for relocation hung over the organization until the second half of the season. But throught it all, the Predators managed to keep their heads above water and make the push when needed for a playoff spot.

Nashville's match up with Detroit probably wasn't as bad as it looked on paper either - - the 24-point standings gap between the two teams notwithstanding. The two Central Division teams played eight times this season and all the games were close because Nashville's grinding can be effective against a free-flowing team like the Red Wings. It was in the first round series.

But the Predators just didn't have enough offensive firepower to keep up with the Detroit in the critical situations and it proved to be the biggest difference in the end. What Nashville did have was a solid young group of defensemen, a rookie goalie named Dan Ellis who was brilliant under intense circumstances and three sellouts in front of fans who Red Wings captain Nick Lidstrom says makes the building a "very difficult place to play."

That's something to build on in Nashville.


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Posted on: July 23, 2008 1:16 pm

Preds earned their props

It seemed to me that the Predators have been outmatched in every playoff series they have been in; however, the two series against Detroit seem to light a fire under the boys. And whay shouldn't it? If you want respect, you have to earn it, and the best way to earn it is to knock off the best hockey team over the past 10 years. In both series, Nashville played well enough early to steal the series, but as the series wore on, the Red Wings got stronger and the Predators got weaker. If Dan Ellis had not stood on his ear, no change that to head Nashville would have been swept like the Colorado Avalanche. Nashville needs size up the middle. Let's hope this past draft and free agent period pushes Nashville into the elite status.

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