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Stopping the insanity

Posted on: May 19, 2008 11:38 pm

It was crazy to think the Detroit Red Wings were going to blow a 3-0 series lead.

No matter how possible it seemed for the last few days, that kind of collapse almost never happens in hockey and besides, the Red Wings are just too talented and too experienced to let it happen. They allowed the Dallas Stars to get back into the Western Conference Finals by getting too far ahead of themselves, showing up two periods too lat to close things out in Game 4 and then forgetting that taking your best shots are meaningless if you can't hit the net the next time out.

But when things were on the verge of getting out of hand -- like Dallas potentially forcing a Game 7 -- Detroit  simply said it was time to end the madness.

The Red Wings knew they had plenty of chances to win both of the games they lost and probably should have or at least would have had Stars goalie Marty Turco not been as sharp as he was. But Turco didn't have any magic left tonight, and with Detroit exploding out of the gate, the outcome of Game 6 was never in doubt.

Truth is Detroit had it wrapped up before the opening period had ended, scoring three times in the first 17 minutes to suck the life out of the Dallas arena and out of any delusion the Stars may have had about making history.

Dallas left nothing to chance in a 4-1 win that was not nearly as close as the final score might suggest. They used their heads (actually Kris Draper's face) to score on goal, they used their heart (Dallas Drake crashing the net) to get another, and they used their skill to get a power play goal from Pavel Datsyuk and and a short-handed one from Henrik Zetterberg.

Zetterberg's goal was really the backbreaker coming just three minutes into the second period when he broke in alone on Turco after intercepting a Brenden Morrow pass at his own blue line. Dallas tried to make it interesting by getting an early third period goal, but much like the back-to-back wins that kept them alive, it was nothing more than a tease.

And the Red Wings put an end to it.

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Posted on: May 20, 2008 4:18 pm

Stopping the insanity

I am in shock and very disappointed that ribero did not get suspended for that slash to osgood.  In this 'new' NHL where a little hook or a tiny shirt grab are penalties, there is no excuse for why ribero did not get suspended.  Yeah sure osgood may or may not have stuck his stick out at ribero when he went behind the net, but there are few reasons why these plays were different and one was deserving of a suspension. First of all, Osgood did not hit ribero, osgood did his little move during regulation time not after the final buzzer rung and the most important reason that ribero should have been suspended, Ribero intensionally hit osgood with a TWO HANDED BATTING SWING IN THE CHEST!  If i recall a few years back Marty McSorley got a year suspension that actually ended his career when he hit Barsher over the head.  Or Chris Simon getting how ever many games for doing the bullshit he did, but whatever this is the playoff right?  As long as we dont see flying body parts this hacks can play only if they fork over .000000045% of their annual salary. 

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Posted on: May 20, 2008 11:56 am

Stopping the insanity

You had to get me started....

Yes, at some point next season I do believe the Wings will retaliate against Ribiero's faked almost butt end injury and two handed stick swinging incident.

The big difference is that the Wings will retaliate in the old fashioned way, dropping the gloves, and a punch in the nose.  Not the cowards way out like Ribiero's two handed slash.

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Posted on: May 20, 2008 10:31 am

Stopping the insanity

you don't think osgood clipping him with the butt end of his stick was of any concern? i agree that ribero should not have retaliated, but osgood definately moved his stick out to catch him up high. dirty tactic followed up by another dirty tactic.

what i'm pleased about is that it didn't ruin the series. both teams were able to move on without incident.

congrats to the red wings on playing a great series. i really felt like dallas was tired in game one, and that set the tone. detroit put them in a hole, that dallas just could not climb out of. this detroit team is a great team, and you can't waste chances if you plan on beating them.

the penguins are going to test them, because they are playing with great confidence.

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Posted on: May 20, 2008 4:49 am

Stopping the insanity

"Dallas left nothing to chance in a 4-1 win...."

Don't mean to nitpick, but it was actually Detroit who left nothing to chance...

Very well written, it pretty much exemplifies the Wings' attitude going into the game. Tonight's game was never in doubt, and I think one of the unsung heroes of this game was Chris Osgood, he made some HUGE stops down the stretch (including a one timer that was wide open, the rebound of said one timer, and a breakaway) that really preserved the win. The only thing that I am a little bit confused about this series is the general lack of concern for the whole Ribero two handed chop to Osgood's chest (yes, he was completely acting, but it was unnecessary) and I am curious if you think the Red Wings will make him pay for that in their first meeting next year in the regular season?

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