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You want SEC defense, you GOT SEC defense

Posted on: September 18, 2008 4:51 pm

(direct from the SEC office)

Southeastern Conference defenses, in 32 games this season, have allowed just 12.5 points and 260.9 total yards per game this season.  Since conference expansion, the lowest average number of points allowed per game by SEC defenses in a season was in 1992, when the conferences' defenses gave up 18.8 points per game.  The lowest average total yards per game since 1992 was in 2006 - 315.0 yards per game. 
This season, SEC defenses have allowed just 76.75 rushing yards per game and 184.1 passing yards per game.
The SEC leads the nation in scoring defense (12.5 points per game) and in total yards allowed (260.9 yards per game) this season.  The next closest conferences are the Big Ten, giving up an average of 16.16 points per game, and the Mountain West, giving up an average of 301.65 yards per game,
Per attempt, the SEC defenses are allowing just 2.57 yards per rush (962 carries for 2,456 yards) and 5.33 yards per pass attempt (590 of 1105 for 5,892 yards).  Overall, the SEC is allowing just 4.04 yards per offensive play (8348 yards on 2067 plays), which also leads the nation.  The next closest conference is the Big 12, which averages 4.58 yards allowed per play (10236 yards on 2231 plays).
In NCAA team statistical rankings, nine SEC teams are in the top 40 in rushing defense, five in the top 40 in pass defense, nine in the top 40 in total defense and 10 in the top 40 in scoring defense.
This weekend, two of the top four teams in total defense in the SEC matchup when Auburn (#3 in the SEC / #10 in the NCAA) hosts LSU (#4 in the SEC / #12 in the NCAA). 
In team statistical categories, Alabama leads the SEC and the nation in rushing defense (42.7 yards allowed per game), Florida leads the SEC and #3 in the nation in total defense (190.5 yards per game), South Carolina leads the SEC and the nation in passing defense (95.0 yards per game) and Auburn leads the SEC and is third in the nation in scoring defense (5.0 points allowed per game).

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Posted on: September 20, 2008 12:03 pm

You want SEC defense, you GOT SEC defense


How many  really good cross-sectional games between really good teams are there during the first 3 weeks of the season? .......... not many at all..............   
I applaud the USC's etc playing OSU early in the season,  and Auburn as they did a few years ago .    And I think the benefits of this type of scheduling is something that few coaches appreciate.    I was a huge Alabama fan growing up, and, God forbid, I attended Auburn , and converted (yes, it occasionally happens) to a huge Auburn fan at my first Auburn home game as a student  (Pat Dye's first home game as AU's coach in 1981, versus Wake Forest).

During the Alabama glory days of the 70's and Auburn's during the 80's a la Bo Jackson,  both teams played cupcakes but the really good teams also played tough early and even mid- season cross-sectional matches ----  Bama-USC &  Bama-Nebraska ,  Bama-Notre Dame in late 70's and Auburn-Texas,  Auburn-Nebraska, ,  Auburn- Maryland (Boomer Easiason of best games I ever watched) in the 80's.

Bear Bryant and Pat Dye understood that  the benefit of these tough early season games on the remaining portion of the schedule and the benefit that carries over to the NEXT year  far outweighs any   perceived detrimental effects such as possible injuries or drop in polls after a loss.    Currently, there are a few coaches that understand these benefits ,  Pete Carroll,  Tressel, , Zook,  Wake's coach, Utah's coach, Fresno St's coach.

Bottom line is that it'd be great if there were more early season cross-sectional games between top 20 teams,  but there just aren't very many at all.   Most teams pretty much play cupcakes or at least softies during the first 3 weeks of the season.  It's not just an SEC phenomenon.

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Posted on: September 20, 2008 10:37 am

You want SEC defense, you GOT SEC defense

But at least the Pac-10 plays games OUT OF THEIR OWN ZIP CODE for non-conference games.  The Pac-10 also plays a full round robin schedule.  Everyone plays everyone and there is a true conference champion.  That's another league game, where the SEC is playing an extra pansy (oh my, here comes Coastal Carolina into town). 

We win some, we lose some.  The games aren't gimmes.  They're not over before they're played.  They're not pointless to play them.

I cannot STAND Washington.  I've hated Washington my whole life.  But look at their non-conference schedule.  Oklahoma, BYU, and Notre Dame.  I respect that.  Scheduling like that demands respect.  

Now look at LSU's schedule this year.  All 4 of those "beasts" (Appalachian St, Troy, North Texas and Tulane) and ALL ARE AT HOME!!!   That's like basically playing 8 SEC games and having 4 more BYE weeks.   So take an already over inflated east coast media, propping up SEC teams too high in the preseason polls (based purely on perception) before they deserve to be there.... and then they go 3-1 (if they play 3 pansies and a real team) or 4-0 (against 4 pansies) and then "beat up on each other", which, by the way, all conferences do...

We all call it "league play". 

Before I'm going to drink any of the SEC koolaid, they've gotta actually go out and play somebody.  My kudos go to Tennessee for playing @ UCLA, Georgia for playing @ ASU this year.  I'm looking forward to watching that one tonight. 

I like the Big 12 this year.  They bring the most offense to the table across the board.




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Posted on: September 20, 2008 10:03 am
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You want SEC defense, you GOT SEC defense

Perhaps Kendal should just relax. I assure you BYU will get the respect they deserve if they make it to a BCS bowl game. Just as long as you don't play like Hawaii did last year.

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Posted on: September 19, 2008 11:03 pm

You want SEC defense, you GOT SEC defense

PAC 10 SUCKS and loses to "cupcakes", BIG 10 SUCKS and doesn't even have one good team, BIG EAST SUCKS no proof needed, BIG 12 is decent, but no SEC. The SEC hasn't played the toughest schedule so far, but their conference schedule is tougher than any schedule you can put together outside the SEC. You could put OU and USC on the same PAC 10 schedule and it's still not harder than Alabama's schedule (at UGA, at Tennessee, at LSU and Auburn at home). Clemson was no cake walk either.

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Posted on: September 19, 2008 6:38 pm

You want SEC defense, you GOT SEC defense

Since the beginning of college football there were cupcakes. Ohio State played Ohio Medical for years. Everybody played city clubs and high schools.

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Posted on: September 19, 2008 5:59 pm

You want SEC defense, you GOT SEC defense

Dodd - maybe you should list the NAMES OF THE TEAMS that these great efforts came against???

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Posted on: September 19, 2008 5:52 pm

You want SEC defense, you GOT SEC defense

I don't understand why everyone wants to try and put down the SEC.  Just because their stellar defensive numbers have come against patsy teams doesn't mean the defenses aren't great, or that the SEC isn't the best conference in college football.  Here are a few thoughts for you.

1.  The SEC has played in 4 of the 10 BCS championship games.
2.  The SEC won ALL 4 of those games.  The next best conference record is the Big 12, with 2 wins.
3.  The first BCS champion, and the two most recent, are SEC teams.
4.  LSU has 2 BCS titles, based mostly on their tight defense.

So, somebody please tell me why the preseason #1, Georgia, moved down in the polls after a win, when several Big 12 teams moved up?

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Posted on: September 19, 2008 4:16 pm

You want SEC defense, you GOT SEC defense

Those points came very late against Georgia's bench un mop up duty - that was an easy explanation.

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Posted on: September 19, 2008 3:30 pm

You want SEC defense, you GOT SEC defense

Tenn is the highest in total offense at #23 for the SEC, Georgia is at 31.  But of course that must say something because USC is ranked #26.  This article is pointless because its way to early and most of everyones opponents have been chumps.  These numbers are useless just like the author.

Ohio St #88

West Virginia #95

ND #96

Michigan #101

V Tech - #107

Tex A&M #109

Stanford # 116

Wash St #117

Virginia #118

Florida is #62 for crying out loud.  Don't be fooled by these early numbers.  They are worthless at this point and that inclused the D numbers as well.


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