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Deep thoughts on a football Saturday

Posted on: September 21, 2008 4:05 pm
Edited on: September 21, 2008 4:06 pm


Biggest statement: We all need Alabama to be good. When Alabama is good everything is better about college football.

A handful of programs define the sport -- USC, Notre Dame, Penn State, etc. Alabama is one of them. You might hate them  but why, then were so many Auburn fans glued to their  tailgate TVs Saturday watching the Tide eviscerate Arkansas 49-14?

I rest my case. 

How , then, to evaluate Bama after its most decisive road SEC victory in almost 20 years? These aren't your Nutt job Wild Hogs, but the Tide did take care of business rather convincingly in setting up Saturday's game against Georgia.

Two Casey Dick interceptions were returned for touchdowns.

"We sent a message to the rest of the SEC," cornerback Marquis Johnson told reporters. "It's not like we were hungry. We already knew we were on top. It's like we're coming from the back to show everybody else we're the team from the past. This is a new identity. Look out."


 Ohio State found a quarterback just in time. Terrelle Pryor was the first freshman to start at quarterback for Ohio State since Art Schlichter in 1978. Pryor's debut went a lot better than Schlichter's. He threw five interceptions in a 19-0 loss to Penn State. That game started Woody Hayes' final season.


Pryor's first start kept Ohio State's season alive. He threw four touchdown passes against Troy.

"I've been making plays all my life," Pryor told reporters. "I'm not cocky."

No, by the looks of things, just the next Vince Young.

By the way, the smallest Ohio Stadium in six years booed senior Todd Boeckman after the quarterback made a couple of bad throws. The Ohio State crowd should be ashamed of itself.

 That was Florida's audition for the BCS title game, by the way. It's answer to USC.

In case you missed it -- Tennessee certainly did -- the Gators put the game away in the first quarter. Three scores, three different ways on their way to that 30-6 smashing of the Vols.

In the first 10 minutes, there was a jump pass touchdown, a fumble recovery to set up a field, then a 78-yard punt 
return for a touchdown by Brandon James.

This, friends, was a message to USC and the country that the Trojans might not be the flashiest item in the jewelry 
store. It was told me that USC might have a worthy opponent in that BCS championship game. Sure, it's only late 
September but we spent the week anointing USC as the greatest thing since, well, USC.

Right now, Florida looks like the only SEC school capable of running the table in the SEC.

 What, Georgia's receivers are starting to catch? This could get reaallly good in the SEC. A.J. Green caught eight 
balls for 159 yards and a touchdown in Georgia's 27-10 yawner over Arizona a State. As predicted, the Dawgs caught a blow in the desert after that grinder against South Carolina.



 Lose one BCS buster, gain another.


East Carolina's BCS bowl chances diminished significantly after that 30-24 loss at North Carolina State. It just 
doesn't look good for the Pirates. NC State came into the game having not scored a touchdown against a I-A team 
since November. Then the Pack got 30 against a supposedly quality defense.

Former Heisman candidate Patrick Pinkney fumbled in overtime to allow N.C. State to win.

Meanwhile, is it time to get on Boise State again? In the biggest upset of the day, the Broncos won at Oregon 37-32.

The result doesn't do much for the Pac-10's crumbling reputation. It does a lot for Boise's credibility. The Broncos have been there before (see Fiesta Bowl 2007) and have I-A's best record this decade.

Oregon used three quarterbacks after an injury to starter Jeremiah Masoli. Jeremiah who? Never mind if you don't 
recognize the name. Oregon has been hit so hard by injuries that Masoli came into the season as a third stringer.

 Wow, it's a good thing Texas A&M snatched up Mike Sherman while he was available. Miami won at College Station 
41-23. It was the Aggies (1-2) worst non-conference loss at Kyle Field in 20 years.


 Rutgers quarterback Mike Teel was caught on television striking teammate Glen Lee with an open palm during the Scarlet 
Knights' 23-21 loss at Navy. Coach Greg Schiano said he will not suspend his quarterback and considered the matter closed.

 At least three players were carted off the field Saturday with scary injuries. South Florida linebacker Brouce 
Mompremier was taken to the hospital with what seemed like a spinal injury. The game was stopped for 20 minutes 
while medical personnel attended to him.

Washington State quarterback redshirt senior Gary Rogers suffered a "spine fracture" against Portland State, ending his career. Rogers is expected to make a full recovery.

Ball State's Dante Love was strapped to a board after being hit by an Indiana 


 Why not Tulsa in the BCS conversation? The Golden Hurricane have scored 157 points in starting 3-0. Quarterback 
David Johnson threw six touchdown passes in a 56-14 thumping of New Mexico.

 Heisman roll call: 1, Chase Daniel, Missouri; 2, Sam Bradford, Oklahoma; 3, Knowshon Moreno, Georgia; 4, Max Hall,  BYU; 5, David Johnson, Tulsa.

 Four sportswriters sitting around a table in the Auburn press box on Saturday. We can remember the names of old 
divisions in the NHL -- Smythe, Adams, etc. -- but we can't name the teams in the Atlantic and Coastal divisions of 
the ACC. That's on the ACC, not us.



 The sports book of the fall -- heck, the book of the year -- is Michael Rosenberg's "War As They Knew It", a meticulously researched effort about the so-called Ten Year War between Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler.


This is not just college football history, it's history. Football in a time of upheaval, revolution, Vietnam and Watergate. Rosenberg has written a classic.

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Posted on: September 22, 2008 10:23 am

Deep thoughts on a football Saturday

Dodd may be a Dunce but I picked Bama to win the sec West Division, and Fla. to win it all. So far, so right on! I do pretty good on my picks and NEVER go by what Talking Heads say or rankings, especially preseason hype! CFB is so much hype but very little brains. There are 4 teams in every conference that have a shot at winning their conference. Auburn surely was never on my short list. After that Miss St. game it became clearly evident but all the southern biased homers and asslick'n Talking Heads just couldn't resist the bandwagon again. And they don't call it the PAC 1+9 for nothing! Now, the million dollar question is exactly how "great" is USC this season? We all won't know till after Nov. 15, @ Stanford. Also, ONE player CAN make all the difference on a team. Beanie Baby? Nope. But Tyrelle does. Should be interesting to see who is the better running back on Oct 25. Clark or Pryor? I figure at the very least, 4 full quarters with Pryor could have gotten at least one TD against USC! And PSU is at the fork in the road, drive hard to win every game then get bushwhacked by MSU at the end of the season or, lose the two big road games against OSU and UW. I think UW is very vulnerable to PSU's defense and offense. OSU with Pryor is a different animal now. With Boeckman and without Beanie, I knew it was going to be a win (You'd call it an upset though). Javon Ringer is the threat-man that can carry MSU to a really good season. And if your wondering about that Temple team that The Lions crushed, They will be back much better next year for sure. Very young talent that showed alot of balls and speed. It wasn't till The Lions woke up after the 1st quarter and figured they were in a real football game did they start playing. 31 pts. in a quarter and the 1st string wasn't needed the rest of the day. So, yeah, there is very few clear cut locked on conference champions and winners this year. Even in the MWC there is a "potential" battle with Utah, BYU, TCU. And wouldn't it be something if the Panthers started ignoring their coach?! They'd be the darlings of the Big East again. Maybe that's what happened against Iowa on Saturday? Look out S.Fla.

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Posted on: September 22, 2008 9:24 am

Dodd's doubts....

It is so funny that Dodd comes up with this crap and gets paid. One week is on the USC bandwagon, Florida bandwagon, now Alabama. I would have to say he is definitely not biased, but I am starting to wonder if he knows whats really going on... Florida the only team that could run the table on USC. Come on .... I know of at least 4 teams.....  Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and LSU would all have their ways against USC. This week just once again proved how weak the Pac -10 is. Georgia spanked ASU 27-10. The Mighty Ducks lost to the Broncos 37-32. And uh oh Washington State blew out PSU  (Portland State) 48-9. And the rest of the Pac 10 decided to take the week off just like two weeks ago. Schedule the byes at the first of the season so our team will be ready for our oh so difficult schedule. Give me a break!!! Anyways The top 4 teams of the SEC Georgia has to play in the upcoming weeks. It is going to be brutal. Did I mention we have 6 games of top 25 opponents left. Come on Dodd give Georgia a little more credit than you do. Yes they can catch and sorry they had a tough game against South Carolina, but do some research and know that th SEC is by far the toughest conference THIS YEAR.. In NCAA football too much thought goes into previous years and how teams fared.... Its a whole new year and Georgias coming to take it all..   Georgia  24  - USC 20 in Miami.....

Go Dawgs!!!

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Posted on: September 22, 2008 9:16 am

Deep thoughts on a football Saturday



Yea, Dodd<o:p></o:p>

Come eat your crow!    <o:p></o:p>

That tennessee pick is one ONLY a vol could make.  I know u didnt grow up in SEC country, but I didnt have u picked as a vol Kool-Aid drinker.  <o:p></o:p>

You can make amends and do yourself a favor.  Stay away from the hype that comes out of knoxville.  It will only break your heart.  Year in and year out the orange HYPE is going to keep coming until about the third loss of the year.  Then reality sets in.  <o:p></o:p>

So pick another pony for the next 40 years because it’s been 1 National Championship in the last 50 years for the vols.<o:p></o:p>

That pony needs some rest.  We need some rest from hearing how good they are.  You need some rest to pick the ALA/Georgia game-<o:p></o:p>

Thats gonna be a tough one!



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Posted on: September 22, 2008 12:49 am

Football Saturday

Way to go, Dennis, picking Tennessee to beat Florida.

What are you going to do for an encore, pick the Vols to beat Kentucky, or maybe even Vanderbilt?

In case you haven't noticed (the rest of the world has), Phil Fulmer has completely lost it.

But, at least we have basketball to LQQK forward to.

Go Vols!

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