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Deep thoughts on a football Saturday

Posted on: September 28, 2008 6:09 pm

Before we proceed, today's blog is dedicated to the memory Paul Newman, one of the two coolest guys ever. He and 
Steve McQueen were the male ideal throughout their lives, professional and personal. They taught us it's not about 
having a drink or a cigar or driving a hot car or chatting up a beautiful woman. It's about doing it in style.

The great Newman passed away Friday with a body of work that will be unmatched: Hud, The Hustler, Butch Cassidy and 
the Sundance Kid, Absence of Malice, The Color of Money, just to name a few. I will make it a must that young Jack 
add Cool Hand Luke to his movie collection immediately. This is an anti-hero, Jack, showing grace, style and guts 
under pressure. Sure, it's only a story but it's an American story, an American male story.

Newman will be remembered not only as an action icon but also for his charity work, racing and making a heck of a 
salad dressing later in life. Thoughts and prayers, Joanne. Your husband is a legend.

 Gutty Little Tar Heels: Down to backup quarterbacks, down 17-7 at Miami and just plain down after blowing a 
two-touchdown lead against Virginia Tech last week, North Carolina beat the Canes 28-24. Other than that it wasn't a 
good day for the Carolinas. Wake Forest, East Carolina and Clemson all lost to unranked teams.

 Duke broke a 25-game ACC losing streak with a 31-3 victory over Virginia. Can't remember where this came from but 
the headline was perfect: Duke and North Carolina win. Is it basketball season?

 Two conferences without an undefeated team: ACC and Pac-10. Elsewhere, there are 13 undefeated teams among the six 
major conferences, five of them are in the Big 12 (Missouri, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State). Four of 
those are in one division, Big 12 South.

 Bad timing: East Carolina announced Saturday that coach Skip Holtz had received an extension through 2013 hours 
before the former BCS busters got blown out at home by Houston.

 After watching Connecticut's Donald Brown on two consecutive Fridays, it's obvious this guy is the real deal. The 
nation's leading rusher has amazing feet and cutting ability. Playing in the East in the Big East and being on 
national television several times, I can see Brown getting a Heisman invite if he keeps it up.

 If Tennessee and Clemson do make moves on their coaches, they're going to be expensive ones. It could cost 
Tennessee upwards of $6 million to get rid of Phil Fulmer, not to mention the cost of hiring a new staff. Clemson 
would have to start by scratching a check for $4 million. That's the amount of Tommy Bowden's buyout. Both coaches 
got raises/extensions in the offseason. Their teams are a combined 4-5.

 If Notre Dame keeps this up they're going to get ranked and go to a BCS bowl while Jimmy Clausen gets some Heisman 
mention, as far-fetched as that sounds. ND, 3-1, matched its 2007 victory total with a 38-21 victory over Purdue.

Clausen seems to be turning some kind of corner after completing 20 of 35 for 275 yards and three touchdowns.

"I know I'm capable of doing stuff like that," Clausen said. "It was just a matter of time and practice preparation 
to get to this point."

 Rice's Chase Clement hooked up three more times with receiver Jarrett Dillard setting an NCAA record for career 
scoring passes between teammates (41). North Texas (0-4) was the victim, 77-20.

Let the debate begin about the worst I-A team. Washington State (1-4 after a 63-14 loss to Oregon) or North Texas.

 Northwestern is 5-0 for the first time in 46 years after beating Iowa 22-17.

 Utah kicker Louie Sakoda chipped in 13 points during the Utes' 37-21 victory over Weber State becoming the 
school's all-time leading scorer. Funny, all along I thought it was Andre Miller.

 Penn State's Derrick Williams scored touchdowns rushing, catching and returning against Illinois.

 Weird play of the day: Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell threw an apparent 97-yard touchdown pass to Terrance 
Turner against Michigan State. Instead, it was called back. Indiana was called for holding in the end zone and the 
Spartans were awarded a safety.

 Did anyone else notice that Dolphin Stadium was half full, at best, for Miami's game against North Carolina? The 
announced attendance was 35,830.

 Navy beat its first ranked team in 23 years, 24-17 over Wake Forest.






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Posted on: October 1, 2008 1:13 am

Deep thoughts on a football Saturday

Wow okie8ball, I think that is the best playoff setup I've heard so far. Mostly you hear people saying that it should be whoever is in the top 8 at the end of the year should make the playoff but you are always going to have teams complaining that they should have made it into the top 8 based on who they've played and things like that. It would still cause a fuss just like the current BCS setup. But if you laid it out where you have to win your BCS conference to make it into the playoffs then they wouldn't have much to complain about. I'm sure your going to have people from the SEC complaining that they have the toughest conference but they are going to keep up with that untill there are two SEC teams in the NC every year. I think this type of setup would deff work, but I don't think that the BCS conferences are going to ever vote for a playoff setup.

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Posted on: September 30, 2008 1:09 am

Deep thoughts on a football Saturday

I agree that the Mountain West is great this year.  The TCU victory over Stanford and the Utah win over Michigan are definitive.  Both of the BYU wins against BCS schools may not prove so much as UCLA and Washington are having off years.  Everyone is beating Washington and UCLA has only beaten Tennessee.  Even so I think BYU probably has a great team this season.  I still figure TCU to win the Mountain West.

Keep in mind though that you are talking teams who play maybe two BCS level schools a year.  If Oklahoma wins the Big-12, OU will have played 11 BCS schools plus a good TCU team.  That's what we have to do to go to the Fiesta Bowl or to have a chance to play for the NC.

If BYU or Utah can stay undefeated, the winner will make a great competitor in one of the BCS bowls.  I favor a realignment of the BCS conferences to eight, with 10 or 11 teams and every member playing each other to decide the champion.  The eight conference champs would playoff in the four New Year's bowls.  Two weeks later, the semi-finals and toward the end of Januray the NC.  There would be room for the great schools of which you talk in such a system.

I'm going to bed. (:

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My error ... & BYU head-to-head vs. Big 12 teams

I'll man up - I slighted Cincinnati. My bad on the Bearcats. Still, that's still a paltry total for five Big XII leaders through five weeks.

BYU and Utah would love to be in a BCS conference - problem is, it's out of their control until they are invited in, either by a BCS conference (not likely to happen soon) or by the BCS itself inviting in the MWC (as deserving as the ACC or Big East and maybe this the Pac-10, given head-to-head results). So they either have to hope for head-to-head competition in regular-season match-ups or in the paltry bowls the Mountain West is stuck with at present.

So, why won't more BCS teams schedule them? Unwilling to come to Salt Lake City or Provo in a home-and-home arrangement?

Just for fun, let's look at the Big 12 teams and BYU's history against them:

BAYLOR: Series is tied 1-1 - the most recent meeting was a BYU victory in the Cougars' 1984 national championship season.

COLORADO: The Buffs lead the historic overall series 8-3-1. But in the two meetings played since 1947, BYU won both (played in the 1980s), including 20-17 in the 1988 Freedom Bowl

IOWA STATE: The Cyclones are 4-0 against BYU, winning the four games played between 1968 and 1974.

KANSAS: The Jayhawks won the only meeting to date, 23-20 in the 1992 Aloha Bowl.

KANSAS STATE: The series is tied 4-4, with BYU winning the only meeting played in the last three decades, a 19-15 victory over the Wildcasts in the 1997 Cotton Bowl (ending the fifth-ranked Cougars' '96 season with a 14-1 record).

MISSOURI: BYU won the only meeting, with Steve Young on the receiving end of a late TD-scoring halfback pass in the 1983 Holiday Bowl (21-17).

NEBRASKA: The Cougars and Cornhuskers have never met. Too bad.

OKLAHOMA: The two teams have faced off only once, with BYU beating the Sooners 31-6 in the 1994 Copper Bowl.

OKLAHOMA STATE: The Cowboys are 2-0 against BYU, with wins in the 1974 and 1976 Fiesta Bowls.

TEXAS TECH: The Red Raiders are 1-0 vs. the Cougars, a 21-20 victory ... back in 1940!

TEXAS A&M: The Aggies are 1-2 against BYU, most recently suffering a 41-37 loss in Provo in 1996. A&M did obliterate the Cougars and Ty Detmer in the 1990 Holiday Bowl.

TEXAS: The Longhorns are 0-2, falling in a home-and-home series in 1987 and 1988.

Admit it, BYU pairing up against any one of the Big 12 teams would be an interesting match-up in any season. Come on, Big 12 ADs, give it a try.

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Posted on: September 29, 2008 1:45 pm

Deep thoughts on a football Saturday

To RST59, By the way: One of Oklahoma's non-BCS conferences victories came against TCU.  TCU has already beat one BCS school this year, Stanford, who beat Oregon State, who beat, guess who, Southern Cal.

If you are from the Mountain West, I agree that you are strong this time.  It's a shame that most of your schools will only play two or three BCS schools this year, if that many.  For Oklahoma to win the Big-12, we will have played eleven BCS schools plus your TCU.

BTW, don't count out TCU as Mountain West champ.  They are talented and played us a great game.

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Posted on: September 29, 2008 12:24 pm

Deep thoughts on a football Saturday

No mention of Michigan?  I know you do not like the Big 10, but it was a heckuva comeback and the Big House was rockin!  We still have a long way to go, but the D was AWESOME!  If the O plays like the 2nd half, look out!


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Posted on: September 29, 2008 12:19 pm

Deep thoughts on a football Saturday

RST 59, the Amateur said: "Oklahoma: Chattanooga, Cincinnati, Washington*, TCU (1 BCS opponent)"

Mike answered: I'm sorry.  I thought Cincinnati, of the Big-East, and Washington, PAC-10, were both members of BCS conferences.  The BCS conferences are: Big-10; Big-East; ACC; SEC; Big-12; and PAC-10.  A lot of people underestimate the Big East but if you study their record against other non-conference BCS schools over the last several years you'll find they hold their own quite well.  The PAC-10, led by USC, certainly holds its own with with non-confeerence BCS schoolsYou may find a season that is anomalous but certainly since the BCS was formed, the schools are for real.  Some say the Big-10 is weak and disregard teams like Michigan and Ohio State as competing in a weak conference.  OU has played them some over the years with mixed results- and Oklahoma has been ranked more weeks as #1 in the AP poll than any other school.  Trust me!  Those moms and dads in Michigan and Ohio can't raise a lot of football wimps and still fill-up those 100,000+ seat stadiums every week.

Some football schools stand a little taller than the rest over the long hall because their tradition allows them a little edge in recruiting good players: Oklahoma, Alabama, Michigan, Southern Cal are such schools.  There are several others. The population grows and partially because of scholarship limits OU and BAMA can no longer recruit all of the good players to their schools.  We OU fans were thrilled with our victory against a good Cincinnati team.  Earlier this season Washington took a good BYU team to the wall before losing.  OU went to Washington state with a lot of respect for their players and coach.

Wikipedia says: BCS Conference...

  • ()
  • ()
  • (at-large) (They used to be tied to the Orange bowl. Starting with the 2006 season, the Orange Bowl will be exclusively tied with the ACC and will use the brand Home of the ACC Champion.)
  • ()
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In addition, independent receives an automatic bid if it finishes in the top eight in the final BCS rankings.

There are other conferences and independent schools who can participate in BCS bowls, but they do not receive automatic bids for their champions. These schools are often called "" schools. The Fiesta Bowl has twice taken such schools, and the once. The conferences include<sup class="reference" id="cite_ref-0"></sup>:


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Posted on: September 29, 2008 12:03 pm

Deep thoughts on a football Saturday

No doubt that these undefeated B12 teams haven't played very tough schedules, but by the end of the season, Utah and BYU will have played the exact same amount of teams from BCS conferences that they have played to this point.  And the B12 teams as well as all other BCS conference teams will have played another 8 or 10 BCS conference teams....each.

And as long as we're making comparisons, the remaining 3 undefeated teams from the SEC have played 1 out-of-conference BCS team between them.  This is nothing unusual, this is how it goes every year in every conference.

And by the way....Cincinnati is a member of the Big East conference, still a BCS conference, I believe.

Just a little more perspective

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Posted on: September 29, 2008 10:37 am

Big 12's perfect records in perspective

The Big 12's "perfect five" - their schedules set them up for it. Opponents from your so-called "six major conferences" are highlighted by an asterisk (*). And all five had a bye week before the end of September, too.

Missouri: Illinois*, SE Missouri State, Nevada, Buffalo (1 BCS opponent)

Texas Tech: Eastern Washington, Nevada, SMU, Massachusetts (0 BCS opponents)

Oklahoma: Chattanooga, Cincinnati, Washington*, TCU (1 BCS opponent)

Texas: Florida Atlantic, UTEP, Arkansas*, Rice (1 BCS opponent)

Oklahoma State: Washington State*, Houston, Missouri State, Troy (1 BCS opponent)

That's a total of a whopping FOUR opponents from the so-called "six major conferences" for FIVE Big 12 teams in the first FOUR weeks.

By Thursday night, the Mountain West's TWO undefeated teams - BYU and Utah - will have played as many opponents scheduled from the so-called "six major conferences" - BYU vs. Washington and UCLA; Utah vs. Michigan and Oregon State.

Oh, and BYU and Utah already have three league victories between them, too, against conference opponents who are well-acquainted with their programs and who can surprise with an upset (see Florida-Mississippi and USC-Oregon State).

Not that BYU and Utah are better than any/all of the Big 12 undefeateds ... just put the Big 12 "perfect" records in perspective.

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