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Who is No. 1? It looks like Texas

Posted on: October 12, 2008 12:56 am

Say goodbye to 1 vs. 2.

Oh, Missouri and Texas are still playing next week, just not as the top two teams in the land. That's because Missouri was among three of the top four teams in the AP top 25 (the top three in the coaches poll). No. 1 Oklahoma, No. 3 Missouri and No. 4 LSU saw their undefeated seasons end. No. 2 Alabama might have been sitting prettiest of all with a bye.


The way the dominoes were falling late Saturday, it was shaping up to be Missouri-Texas next week in a 1 vs. 2 matchup. The question would have been, which was No. 1 and which was No. 2? No. 5 Texas laid claim to the top spot with an impressive 45-35 upset of Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl. Missouri was making its own case to be No. 1 driving late in the fourth quarter against a stubborn Oklahoma State.

Then Chase Daniel threw his third interception. Game, and perhaps season, over. Certainly Daniel had his Heisman hopes damaged. The Tigers now head to Austin after only their second regular-season loss since 2006.

The larger question is which team is No. 1? The pollsters have their toughest choice of the season.

 No. 2 Alabama makes sense because it didn't lose. Of course it didn't play either, which is the only way to avoid the upset bug.


 Texas can make the strongest case of all beating a No. 1 in the regular season for the first time since 1963. If the Horns do get to the top it will be the first time in the regular season since 1984.


 The more No. 6 Penn State played, the more it looked like it deserved to get a piece after beating Wisconsin 48-7.


Whatever happens, it's likely we'll have our fourth different No. 1 team this season. That's as many as we had all of last season.

Here's an educated guess of how the top five in AP poll will look on Sunday:

1. Texas -- Made the biggest statement of all. A No. 1 ranking would its first since winning the 2005 national championship.
2. Alabama -- You can't win if you don't play, unless it's college football. Ole Miss next week.
3. Penn State -- Is the rest of the Big Ten that mediocre? Doesn't matter. Press Box Joe's team is for real.
4. Florida -- Hung 51 on No. 4 LSU. The No. 11 Gators deserve to make the biggest jump of the weekend.
5. Oklahoma -- A 10-point loss on a neutral field to a rival doesn't damn the Sooners' chances. In fact, if they win out, OU would still play in the BCS title game.



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Posted on: October 14, 2008 4:10 pm

Who is No. 1? It looks like Texas

'61, '79, and '92 are the only ones I consider legitimate.

'78 Bama got the AP championship even though they lost to #2 USC...  Huh?

'73 Bama got the UPI championship even though the were ranked 4th, then went out and lost their bowl game to Notre Dame.  UPI started naming their champions after the bowls because of this season.

'65 Three teams had better records than Bama's 9-1-1...  And better resumes also.

'64 AP title given to Bama before the bowl game - which they lost.  11-0 Arkansas finished second.

'41 is the best story though.  The AP ranked Bama 20th, yet Football Thesaurus retroactively awarded the NC to Bama.  Mississippi won the SEC title, yet Bama, who finished 3rd in the SEC WEST DIVISION, claims a national championship.  That's a joke.

Most of the ones before '41 were sketchy as well.  I love the Tide, but there's no way its 12 titles.

But I'm hoping for one this year, that's for sure.

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Posted on: October 13, 2008 4:20 pm

Who is No. 1? It looks like Texas

bearcat383, If you are only talking about what people refer to as the " modern era " then how about '61, '64, '65, '73, '78, '79, and '92. I consider it 12 time National Champions, and anybody else has their right to consider it what ever they want. I just hope we can keep it up this year and get another one!!! GO SEC AND ROLL TIDE ROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: October 13, 2008 3:28 pm

Who is No. 1? It looks like Texas

Come on now Bamafan9005, you're embarrassing us.  12-time national chamions?  I'm a Tide fan, and you know that's bull.  1961, 1979, 1992 - those are the only legitimate titles.

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Posted on: October 13, 2008 2:42 pm

Who is No. 1? It looks like Texas

How is this even possible???  FLORIDA... 1 loss already... USC 1 loss already...... OU... one lone already... Georgial LSU and Missouri... One loss already... how could you not rank OK State in front of Missouri... they just beat them on Mizzous field...  And.. USCs loss is to a team that Penn state beat by 31...   whatever your smoking... share with everyone....

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Posted on: October 13, 2008 11:04 am

Who is No. 1? It looks like Texas

whatsup314, it sounds like you have been drinking a little kool-aid with something in it, or maybe you have had a little more of the hatorade than your little belly can handle!! Below average schedule so far? The team has performed average? Faked National Championships? I didn't even know you could do that? 12 TIME NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. DON'T EVER FORGET IT !!!!!!  You might get lucky enough to see another one this year !!!!!!!!!  I would give almost  anything to see them play in the big one against one of your teams from the little 12. GO SEC AND ROLL TIDE ROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: October 13, 2008 4:08 am
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Posted on: October 12, 2008 9:18 pm

Who is No. 1? It looks like Texas

"Oh never mind the fact that no one in the BIG 12 has played a tough non-conference schedule."

This is starting to get pathetic.  Show me where the SEC non-conference schedule is so much better than the Big 12's.  Clemson?  If they end up 5-7 or 4-8 (a VERY real possibility), are Bama fans going to continue talking about what was expected of Clemson?  That argument is starting to get REAL old (and this is coming from someone who had Bama as #1 for this week).  Arizona St?  Yep, they've turned out to be a real powerhouse.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma beat two teams who are otherwise undefeated, in TCU and Cincinnati.  Colorado beat West Virginia (a team that was "relevant in the national championship discussion in the beginning of the year).

The Big 12 teams are 10-5 in ooc competition against teams that went to bowl games last year.  The SEC is 6-3, with 7 games still pending.  So the SEC is playing exactly one more 2007 bowl team than the Big 12.  Meanwhile, by the end of the year both conferences will have played 10 games each against 1-AA opposition.  I will grant you that Alabama is not one of the SEC teams to play a 1-AA team, but neither is Texas.

Furthermore, the SEC's non-conference opponents are 137-149 (0.479) at this point, 132-121 (0.522) if you take out the games against the SEC.  The Big 12's non-conference opponents are 140-147 (0.487) at this point, 130-111 (0.539) if you take out the games against the Big 12.  If anything, based on that the overall Big 12 non-conference schedule appears to be tougher than the overall SEC non-conference schedule.

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Posted on: October 12, 2008 8:16 pm

Who is No. 1? It looks like Texas

How much irrational kool-aid can Tide fans drink?  Their team has performed as expected - average but has been lucky enough to face a below average schedule so far.  Maybe some teams looked great pre-season but haven't lived up to expectations. 

It wouldn't matter one iota if Alabama got ranked #1 this week, they've still got 2, maybe three losses coming their way.  LSU and either Auburn or the SEC championship game.  If they don't play well even Ole Miss might jump up and bite 'em.

If they are unlucky enough to face one of the top four or five Big 12 teams in a post season bowl their defense will look like they belong in the PAC 10 (hoping for a call from an official) and their offense will look like wonderfully average.

Oh, and dude, you can't count all those faked NCs Alabama voted for themselves in SEC totals.  Nice try.

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Posted on: October 12, 2008 7:26 pm

Who is No. 1? It looks like Texas

The #1team right now is obviously Alabama.  Their schedules speaks for itself they have beaten two teams that were relevant in the national championship discussion in the beginning of the year. No one else in the top 15 can make that claim.  They also play in the best league in college football the SEC (which has won the last two national championships).  But we all know that most people like offense that's why the SEC is over looked each year.  Texas could make a claim for the top spot but Oklahoma is always overhyped every year just ask West Virginia, LSU, or USC (so how good was that win against OU). Oh never mind the fact that no one in the BIG 12 has played a tough non-conference schedule. If it were up to me my top 10 would include:

1.alabama   2. texas   3. florida   4. Penn state   5.georgia   6 usc   7byu  8. lsu    9oklahoma st.    10.oklahoma

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Posted on: October 12, 2008 6:28 pm

Who is No. 1? It looks like Texas

you too, bro... HOOK'EM HORNS!!!

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