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Look at yourself Cullen Harper

Posted on: October 14, 2008 9:19 am
Edited on: October 14, 2008 10:29 am

It's interesting that Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper is taking little blame for Tommy Bowden's departure.

In fact, Harper told ESPN on Monday that Bowden deserved everything he got. Then in this story, he says that Tommy had lost the lockerroom. Excuse me, but did your floating ducks have anything to do with this, Cullen? I'm told that Harper's dad confronted Bowden over the weekend after his son was demoted. This is getting to be more about a petty, bitter, underachieving quarterback than the resignation of a coach.

At some point there has to be some accountability on the field. If Harper is representative of the Tigers at this point, they're not going into the tank -- they're already there.

At least Tommy left with his dignity in tact. Cullen, it's about time your arm starts outplaying your mouth -- if you ever get back on the field. 


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Since: Sep 15, 2008
Posted on: October 17, 2008 4:58 pm

Look at yourself Cullen Harper

Certainly this story is about the imprudent texting of a bitter quarterback. What more does it tell us? That Harper discovered the game isn't quite as easy when running for one's life every play as he might have thought it was last year when he actually had some blocking. That Harper's as spoiled as a lot of Clemson fans who want to relive the 80s? That sports fan types and those who pander to them are way to excited by this sort of story these days? Diamondcock had a good point. Bowden never has exactly inspired confidence by being a model of how to accept responsiblity. It will be interesting to see what the team does the rest of the year under Dabo.

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Posted on: October 15, 2008 4:02 am

Look at yourself Cullen Harper

Kids these days.....


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Posted on: October 14, 2008 10:13 pm

Look at yourself Cullen Harper

Obviously, Mr.Dodd and quite a few of the rest of you, you boys haven't been paying attention to Clemson for the last ten years until now. You say Cullen isn't being accountable?  I wonder where he got that from? Cullen is merely an extension of his coach. Tommy Bowden never got outcoached or out-prepared in his entire time at Clemson. You have never heard him utter the words, "It's my fault" or "I need to coach better". It was always someone else's fault whether it was one of his coach's or else he had players fail to make plays. He lost that team because of that and he lost the fanbase for the very same reason.

Cullen Harper shouldn't have thrown his coach under the bus. Let's hope he realizes that lesson. It's a lesson Tommy Bowden never learned. Just to see for yourself (and comedic relief) watch a Tommy Bowden show after a loss. I swear, after the show, if you didn't know Clemson had lost you would think they won. He would not allow them to show ONE positive play by the opposing team. It's comical - sad - but comical.

Since: Oct 12, 2008
Posted on: October 14, 2008 4:43 pm

Look at yourself Cullen Harper

i was a big harper fan up until this point now i hope he dosent take another snap he should be proud to where clemson orange go korn go

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Posted on: October 14, 2008 3:29 pm

Look at yourself Cullen Harper

Maybe Cullen's Dad got a call from Mustain's Mom, you know, gave him a few pointers. 

Clemson should have not allowed the interview to take place.  Yeah, right, let's ask the demoted QB what he thinks about the firing of his head coach.  Great, ought to be unbiased, right?

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Posted on: October 14, 2008 2:50 pm

Look at yourself Cullen Harper

Why is Clemspon making this guy available for interviews?  Maybe the family can move their feud with Bowden to the Jerry Springer Show.

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Posted on: October 14, 2008 12:40 pm

Look at yourself Cullen Harper

The interim coach has said he was going with Willy Korn next game. If I was Swinney I would tell Harper to get comfy on the end of the bench. Give Korn a shot to get experience and maybe salvage some respect for the team.

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Posted on: October 14, 2008 10:49 am

Look at yourself Cullen Harper

Well said Dodd, I hadn't even considered this angle until you brought it up just now. If it was C.J. Spiller making these comments instead of a demoted Harper, I might put more stock in them, but you nailed it here. Harper's just being whiny because he got benched.

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Posted on: October 14, 2008 10:22 am

Look at yourself Cullen Harper

I agree Dodd. I can't believe I read that Harper would say something like this. One of the most classless comments I have ever heard from a college football player. Agree 100 percent with you Dodd.

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Posted on: October 14, 2008 9:43 am

Look at yourself Cullen Harper

Well said, Mr. Dodd.  I listen to football talk down in that region in the afternoon.  Those guys have yet to call out Cullen for his immature statement.  If that's true, that his daddy got in the coach's grill for demoting him, then yes indeed this team is lost.  I was on the Clemson bandwagon before the season started, they have all the talent in the world.  Kinda reminds me of my Badgers, can't quite get focused.  Is the interim coach giving this baby his job back or are they sticking with the change to Willy Korn?

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