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A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

Posted on: October 25, 2008 7:29 pm

The eyes of the college football world next descend upon ... Lubbock?

That's the case next Saturday after No. 1 Texas set up the latest Big 12 (and national) showdown with a 28-24 
victory over Oklahoma State. The Horns end their four-ranked-teams-in-four-weeks run with a trip to Texas Tech. 
Depending on how things shake out, it could be for the No. 1 ranking.

Texas Tech, of course, has never been ranked that high but finds itself in the thick of the national championship 
race after a 63-21 victory at Kansas earlier in the day. Mike Leach's band of pirates are just starting their own 
streak of four ranked teams in a row. Texas comes to Lubbock next week. If it wins Texas Tech could emerge No. 1 for 
the first time in its history.

Texas leads the all-time series 43-14 but Tech has won three of the last 11 meetings, two by former coach Spike 
Dykes. The Raiders haven't beaten the Horns since 2002.

Texas Tech's Graham Harrell was his usual self (386 yards, five touchdowns) but it was the defense that gave the Red 
Raiders hope. Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing had his worst game since high school throwing for only 154 yards.

We found out Harrell's weakness: boredom. After being sacked only once in the first seven games, he was sacked on 
successive plays late in the game. Not that it mattered. Texas Tech scored eight touchdowns in the first three 
quarters then sat back and enjoyed its best start in 32 years (8-0).

In Austin, we finally found out that Colt McCoy has a weakness too. The nation's current Heisman leader nearly 
handed Oklahoma State the game with an interception that set up a field goal and later a fumble at the Cowboys' 10. 
The fumble with 5 1/2 minutes left allowed Oklahoma State a chance to drive for the winning score but Texas tackle 
Lamarr Houston snuffed out a middle screen to stop the Cowboys on fourth down in their own territory.

Good luck getting a ticket. Game tickets are going to be tough enough, but we're talking plane ticket. A quick check 
of shows the cheapest flight at $424. Then it shoots up to $894. One way. From Dallas.

 The Jets and Sharks, er, Georgia and Florida set up the cocktail party by both winning their games.


Who was more impressive? Georgia scored its most points ever in Baton Rouge, routing LSU 52-38. It was the third 
time in 10 games the Tigers have allowed at least 50 points.

Florida went up 35-0 on Kentucky on its way to a 63-5 win. The Gators' scoring drives on their first five touchdowns 
totaled 13 days plays and covered 216 yards. The longest drive lasted 1:43.

 Is there any doubt where the power lies in the Big 12? The South Division went into the Saturday with three of the 
nation's nine undefeated teams and four of the top eight in the BCS. Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma 
averaged 42.5 points in winning their games.

Texas Tech had eight touchdowns in the first three quarters of its 63-21 victory at Kansas. Not to be outdone, 
Oklahoma had eight touchdowns in the first half 80 miles down the road at Kansas State. In the half of the 
Oklahoma-Kansas State game, the teams scored 12 touchdowns. Not counting Oklahoma's punt return for a score, the 
teams averaged 4 plays, 56 yards and 1:26 of possession time on the 11 other touchdown drives.

 In the first half of three early games on the Big 12 schedule - Texas Tech at Kansas, Oklahoma at Kansas State and 
Baylor at Nebraska - the six teams combined for 159 points, 1,723 yards in total offense 63 first downs.


Oklahoma's 55 points in the first half at Kansas State is a school record. The previous high for a first half for 
the Sooners was 52 against Rice in 1978. It tied the school record for most points in a half. Oklahoma scored 55 in 
the second half against Texas Tech in 1942. Oklahoma had seven touchdown drives in the first half. That required 29 
plays and covered 343 yards. All of the scoring drives were under two minutes; the longest drive required 1:45.
In case you're wondering, the 73 points scored by both teams on the Oklahoma-Kansas State game doesn't come close to 
the NCAA record for most points in a half. North Texas 49, Navy 45 set the record last year (94).


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Posted on: October 26, 2008 7:59 pm

A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

Gadawgs, you're an idiot.

Yes, Oklahoma and Texas play in Dallas.  Wanna know why?  Because it's almost exactly halfway in between Norman, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas.  For the uneducated, namely you, that would be the home of the Oklahoma Sooners (Norman) and the Texas Longhorns (Austin).  There is NO home-field advantage in that game, EVER.  Half of the tickets always go to the Longhorns, half go to the Sooners.

I find it INCREDIBLY ballsy for someone from Georgia to suggest that anyone else is a cry-baby.  Exactly WHO was it that tried to upstage LSU by suddenly releasing a statement calling for a playoff last year?  I don't think a playoff is a bad idea, I've always been for one.  However, your university president pulled that stunt simply to throw a temper tantrum.

If Tech beats UT on Saturday, I can promise you this.  I worry about Oklahoma St, Oklahoma, Penn St, and Southern Cal, and that's about it.  I certainly have no fear of ANYTHING from the SEC, especially Georgia.  We have faced 3-4 teams with better offenses than anything you've seen, and we haven't given up 38 points to them.  And I guarantee you haven't seen anything like our offense before.  If you couldn't keep LSU from scoring 38 points, how the HELL do you think you could stop our offense?

I know that Hawaii is the biggest win your team has seen in the last couple of years, but really, you MIGHT want to move on. 

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Posted on: October 26, 2008 7:38 pm

A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

I have been reading columns on CNNSI, ESPN, and every other website for years, and this is the first time I have felt the need to respond to someone else's post because of its stupidity.  So, let me break down all the flaws in Gadawgs1 pathetic entry:

(1) "Texas's second ranked run defense looked like a high school team."  That was Texas's defenses worst game against the run.  They hadn't really been tested except against OU, and we did get pounded pretty bad.  BUT, I was at the game.  75% of the yards OSU gained were not because Texas was out of position or getting pushed around.  Instead, we must have missed like 50 tackles.  No excuse, still bad defense.  But we did not get physically manhandled.  Just poor tackling due to, in my opinion, a bit of a lack of focus.  And let's not forget we were playing against a really, really good OSU team that ranks in the top ten in the country in rushing.  OSU would destroy Georgia.

(2) "It was really weird not seeing Texas score 50 plus on a team that has not won in Austin since 1944."  Really good point.

(3) "If the pollsters follow their rules this year then Penn State jumps Texas."  Are you kidding?  Did you watch Penn State?  They were playing against a freshman QB who WILL be a hell of a player right now, but he's not yet.  He's average as a QB right now.  This was the same Ohio State that got b*tch slapped by USC to start the year.  In my opinion, the following teams would beat Penn State - Texas, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Georgia.  Penn State sucks and it is unfortunate we will have to watch them in the BCS Championship game. 

(4) "They played badly against an Oklahoma State team that Georgia dominated with 14 freshman starting last year."  Ok, that is a really good point.  Because last year's game, which took place over a year ago, should have some relevance.  Excellent reasoning. 

Let me just say this.  Texas's defense isn't a top ten defense, but it makes plays when it matters.  Texas will beat Tech.  Texas will play in Miami on January 8th, and the only teams that could beat them are Florida and USC.  Everyone else, including Bama and Georgia, would get their asses handed to them.

Since: Oct 26, 2008
Posted on: October 26, 2008 7:23 pm

A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

GaDawgs, that is some of the worst reasoning I have heard. First, what the old teams have done in a program have absolutely nothing to do with what the current team will do. Yeah, I am sure the 1896 Missouri victory over Texas had a lot to do with last weeks game. It had about as much to do with it as the rosters from 4 years ago. Remember, we are talking about college kids, and many who are just one step away from high school. They don't care what happened years ago, and there is no mystique that holds a college football team back from winning. Whoever plays better each given week is the better team. Every single college coach that I have ever known won't even let his team think about what happened the WEEK before, much less generations ago. Talk like that clearly shows me that you have never been part of a major athletic program (and I'm not talking about your jr. high football team). Second, it is perfectly fine to root for or against a team or a conference for that matter - but at least be objective about it if you are going to pretend to be an expert. I don't care if you like the Big 12 or not, there is absolutely no doubting the fact that Texas is playing one of the toughest schedules in history. In 4 straight weeks they will play 4 top 11 teams. The fact that they have won the first three deserves some respect - and when you say that they should somehow drop in rankings after beating the #6 team in the country it makes you look ridiculous. They will not drop, and there is not one expert, coach, computer, or objective fan who would say otherwise. Also, I seem to remember last year one of the supposed top recruited WRs in the country leaving Arkansas (the SEC) - to come to Texas. I seem to remember an offensive coordinator recently leaving Alabama (the SEC) - to come to Texas. I seem to remember a highly touted defensive coordinator leaving Auburn (the SEC) - to come to Texas. Maybe they knew something you didn't. I promise that not one single poll will punish Texas for beating 3 top ranked teams in a row. Maybe they know something you don't as well. Or maybe you're right, maybe you are just smarter than everybody else, especially smarter than those who live and breath this stuff and do it for a living. Give me a break! Last of all, while I appreciate your passion for defense your reasoning of singling it out as the most important aspect is asinine. Saying that Texas doesn't deserve to be #1 b/c it gave up 24pts. is just like saying Penn State doesn't deserve it b/c they could only score 13pts (and only 3 through 3 quarters). Both of those arguments would be stupid, which is why I will raise neither, but won't sit on your ridiculous reasoning which again shows me that you don't know football (or sports for that matter). Here is a secret that I will let you in on: THE TEAM THAT SCORES THE MOST POINTS AT THE END OF THE GAME WINS. Pretty neat stuff, huh? Saying that defense wins is like saying that offense wins - it's circular reasoning. I seem to remember a few years ago Texas won a national championship because of it's offense. Actually Texas won the Rose Bowl 2 consecutive years, with offense. I seem to remember Florida doing it as well against a team that was supposed to win because of its defense, but that didn't work out so well. You can take it another level and look at the pros: Ravens, Bucs (defensive minded Superbowl winners). Colts, Rams (offensive minded Superbowl winners). My point is that one is not inherently better than the other except on a week by week basis when the two teams line up and the better one will win. So far Texas has done that better than anyone else, and so far the Big 12 is the cream of the crop. Those are simply facts, and trust me - you are not smarter than facts either.

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Posted on: October 26, 2008 6:16 pm

A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

I highly doubt Texas Tech will beat Texas. But if they beat the Longhorns, they shouldn't be #1. That spot should go to Penn State, who had a great win over Ohio State last night.

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Posted on: October 26, 2008 5:08 pm

A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

Not any sour grapes here. We don't get the most talent every year and dominate every one every year except Oklahoma. We beat the hell out of Oklahoma State last year with the same team starting fourteen freshmen( I believe they had 34 yards rushing on our weak ass defense). Playing in an all offense Big 12 made them sixth not their play or who they played. We saw how hard it was for Missouri overrated as well to get beat twice in a row. LSU took care of Oklahoma a lot worse than Texas did when they met in BCS play.  We also beat the Steers in the Cotton Bowl the last we played and your cry baby Mac Brown ran to play a 13th ranked Michigan where he had to come from behind to beat Michigan 38 to 37. We were number three with the defensive player of the year but the money and opportunity to play a weaker team on national television was more what Texas needed. We don't play down when we dominate our conference every year. That is something left for Stoops and Texas. Then again USC was alow scoring game too. Thank god they went on fourth down and Bush tried the lateral. It ended with who had the ball last 45 to 42? Thank God their conference is like yours. It gave you a national championship with a one man team. There was soooooo much defense then too!

Georgia is young and lost a lot of top players but we are still lurking. If we do beat Florida(which has dominated us over the years) something Texas could never understand. We may have a chance to see who has a defense. If we win against Florida #4 and win out we probably play the second place team if they win out(SEC Championship). Who in the heck will you or Oklahoma or Texas Tech have to play in the Big 12 Championship. Why even play it!

Now if all falls apart guess who you see if we do not lose? We would have beaten more ranked teams on their fields or state. We would have beaten number 2, and number four as well as the defending national champion on the road. Your big games were all in Texas or at home except Texas Tech. Hmmmmmmm.

 You thought Oklahoma's State ran all over your sorry defense, you have seen nothing yet We wiish we had to play four ranked teams we hold astronomical advantages in records and talent over every year as you do. Now tell me Oklahoma and Texas do not have the most talent and best recruiting in the Big 12.

You were undeafeated when we met you in the Cotton Bowl scoring like you are now. You scored six points. We had to listen to the steers bellow how good they are but we beat them in their state and in their pasture and the cow bells were quite. You dogged us once with Vince Young with a running QB and we were tops against the rush and sacks.  I understand Brown needed Young to survive. Now your leading rusher is another QB. Come see us in our neck of the woods and see what we do with cow bells. When we ring a bell it will be on your shoulders. You will definitely get your bell rung by an SEC team sooner or later.

Sour grapes are for teams who have cry baby coaches who get to go to the Rose Bowl after losing to Oklahoma. He does not have to coach too hard since most of the teams have not beat him or any Texas coach in Austin. Heisman McCoy was outshined by Sam Bradford and Hunter face to face. That should be taken into account since it is the best player in the country. Bradford threw for five in the Texas game while McCoy threw one. 

No matter if Texas Tech wins for only the fourth time in twelve tries or Texas wins, they will lose to Penn State, Alabama or another team who had to beat people they have not beaten down every year. We saw your spread offense when we played Hawaii. It works on teams who are slow and have no defenses( Big 12 or WAC) . Ask Oklahoma, I am sure they remember Boise State. 

It must be nice to have 10 win seasons against the same ranked teams ten years in a row. If we had that record we would never lose our ranking too. USC is the university of spoiled children who enjoy your same conference type foes and domination. Maybe U.T stands for un tested every year. 

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Posted on: October 26, 2008 4:41 pm

A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

Wow your an idiot if all u dumb redneck imbreeding hicks would pay attention the only team worth a dam in yur glorious SEC is  Bama and they have been sucking it up lately barely squeezing by teams...except for yesterday, but Tennessee has to be the worst team i have seen play all year long they truely suck. Good defense but that offense would get blown away by a high school team. Although i do hope the Dawgs beat Florida this weekend cuz I think Florida, USC, and LSU are the most overrated teams in the nation.

....and the game last year was last year yur team shoulda played in the NCG I agree, but Oklahoma State team would have killed Texas if they would have been at home....Oklahoma State is for real this year and Texas would not be winning any games w/o Colt....and the pollsters are alot more impressed with a team that scores alot of points than a team who wins by 3-7 points a game like most of the games in the SEC....just wait til next weekend Georgia-Florida play and the loser of that will drop outta the top 10 and the Texas-Texas Tech game will be really high scores and the loser of that will not drop out of the top ten!!! The SEC is not that good this year....I pray that one of yur teams makes it to the NCG and plays a real team instead a crappy overrated Big 10 team....we will definently settle all this crap about conference supremacy and if we score more than 20 points on whoever yur conference sends to the NCG the game is over cuz there is no offenseive power in the SEC

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Posted on: October 26, 2008 1:09 pm

A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

The difference in the percentages comparing the last 11 games to the all time series shows an improvement of 2.7%.  Is that enought to give the Red "Raiders hope?  Is that enough to compare the two numbers and suggest that the last decade signifies a different expectation?  Dodds, get some help with your stats before trying to make a lame case for the tide turning red. 

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Posted on: October 26, 2008 12:58 pm

A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

Dodds, is it possible your sports stats skills are lacking or do you not understand English?  You write, "Texas leads the all-time series 43 to 14 but Tech has won 3 of the last eleven meetings."  The seem to use the word "but" as if to say, 'that's the way its  been but recently...'

The problem with that is that Tech has won, all time, 24.6% of their games against Texas.  Over the last 11 years they have won a whopping 27.3%.  For the weary fans of the Red Raiders, a 2.7% improvement won't reduce their expectations that once again they are not as good at the Longhorns.  Of course, they are usually right.  You might have told them the reason for hope is that Texas put no pressure on OSU's QB and Harrell is twice as good as that guy.  No pressure on Harrell will mean much greater odds in favor of a rare win.  That is if you consider in win for every 3 losses rare. 

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Posted on: October 26, 2008 12:50 pm

A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

jeremy, as a Tech grad I actually would have no issue with that argument.  If we beat UT, we should not move up to #1.  However, how many people (who aren't USC or Georgia homers) would disagree Tech should move up to #3 at that point?

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Posted on: October 26, 2008 12:29 pm

A battle for No. 1 in West Texas

I was waiting to find this comment. Even if Texas Tech wins, they would not jump Alabama or Penn St. Both teams have passed test after test as teams in the top 5 and deserve to be where they are, which is ranked ahead of Texas Tech, no matter if they beat Texas at home. RTR

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