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A requiem for Ty

Posted on: October 28, 2008 11:20 am
Edited on: October 28, 2008 11:23 am

Ty Willingham's firing should have caused a bigger stir. For the second time this season a coach was axed in the middle of the season.

To me, it was so inevitable that the stories were already written before the news broke. Why it wasn't a bigger story ...

 Clemson did it first. The school tried to put sugar frosting on Tommy Bowden's "resignation". It has now been revealed as a firing. Bowden left. Willingham stayed. Classy move.


 Washington similarly tried to suggest that Ty resigned. You don't get a $1 million buyout if you resign. Everyone wanted Willingham out. Please, administrators, don't continue to insult our intelligence.


 I say this with the utmost respect -- Ty was like your crazy ex-girlfriend. She's fun for a while but it quickly becomes apparent that the relationship is going to end badly. The question becomes how to extricate yourself. When it's over you're both relieved and move on with your lives.


Ty took the high road. Remember, how he handled the BYU debacle earlier this season. Another coach might have hit the roof after Jake Locker was penalized for throwing the ball in the air. Once again, with class, he diffused the situation. I still think there are big things waiting in this guy's life. He is smart, accomplished and has a perfect personality for a stress-filled job.

Reporters and alums in Washington might not have liked practices being closed and his aloof manner but if you talk to the guy for any length of time, you get an idea for breadth of his knowledge. I see Ty emerging somewhere as an athletic director, or maybe he goes up to the attic and writes a book about what is wrong with college athletics. I'd read it. The man has been at two institutions of higher learning (Notre Dame and Stanford) and two football factories (Notre Dame and Washington).

In the aftermath of Rick Neuheisel he is exactly what Washington needed. Well, a few more wins would have been nice too.







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Posted on: October 28, 2008 5:00 pm

A requiem for Ty

As an ND fan, I really hope Washington is able to rebuild. He's pretty much the college-football equivalent of Galactus (dorky comic book reference-look it up). Goes from program to program, sucking all the life (and recruits) out of it until its bone-dry, and moves on the next one. So I feel a kinship w/ the Husky fan.

I think the next coach is going to have a monster of a rebuilding project. Still though, Washington has such great resources and a fantastic tradition, that is definitely an attractive job to some people. Just need someone who will work his tail off on the recruiting trail early to try and bring in the talent you need to rebuild. Good luck to you.

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Posted on: October 28, 2008 4:41 pm

A requiem for Ty

Year 1 (2-9): We endured it because we knew Ty had been dealt a horrible hand from Gilbertson.

Year 2 (5-7): We felt like we were turning it around until Stanbeck got hurt.  Tracks in the right direction.

Year 3 (4-9): We understood it because Jake Locker was a freshman and we played arguably the toughest schedule in the Nation.

Year 4 (0-7): The BYU loss was tough, but when Locker went down it was the back breaker.  Hopes of a bowl prior to the season were quickly gone.  How does a coach that has been in place for 4 years and is back where he started draw in new recruits?  Time for a change.  Sorry Ty.

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