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Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

Posted on: November 16, 2008 2:25 pm
Edited on: November 16, 2008 5:36 pm

With the release of the coaches poll on Sunday, it seems obvious that Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS.

The biggest reason is that Texas passed Oklahoma in the coaches' poll. The coaches' poll had been the only BCS entity to have Oklahoma ranked ahead of Texas. The Longhorns beat Oklahoma on Oct. 11.

Texas will continue to have a slight edge over No. 4 Florida when the latest BCS standings are released mid-afternoon on Sunday. Oklahoma and USC are expected to remain 5 and 6.

Texas picked up 22 points in the coaches' poll moving up from fifth to fourth. Idle Oklahoma lost nine points and moved from fourth to fifth. The top three remain Alabama, Texas Tech and Florida. Florida picked up 26 points and also got one first-place vote in the coaches' poll.

The news is important for Texas because of a possible three-way tie in the Big 12 South. The tie would be broken by the conference selecting the highest ranked team in the BCS to play in the Big 12 title game.

Florida's situation is much clearer. It is likely headed for a winner-take-all shot for a national championship berth against Alabama in the SEC title game.



Since: Nov 18, 2008
Posted on: November 18, 2008 9:54 am

Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

How can you try to elevate the Sooners over the Longhorns? If I recall correctly, they played each other, and Texas whipped them, and it wasn't a lucky-flukey win. Texas is the better team- end of discussion. And this is coming from a non-Texas fan. If both teams have ONE loss, then if Texas doesn't get the title game shot by virtue of head to head 10 point win, then I will never watch NCAA football again. Can you defend your stance now? You want to tell me Oklahoma is better than the Longhorns in spite of the fact they got beat by them? I"ll have whatever Spinkiller is drinking, please!? Anybody else out there agree with me? Even if somehow out of nowhere the Powers to Be hand the title game to the Sooners and they win the Big 12 and get to the BCS championship game- look out! You might have to face Boise State again! Ouch!

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Posted on: November 18, 2008 12:53 am

Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

LOL, gotta love OU fans, they can't say anything without calling a name or throwing an insult first. Funny, I have been around college and professional athletes my entire life and I always noticed one thing about every coach and player - they always have some respect. Kinda funny to listen to though. I don't play like that, but I do give my opinions - and here it is. OU can not and will not jump Texas by winning the next two weeks. The facts I threw up were in reference to the human voters only. And it might come into their heads that when choosing between Texas and OU with the same record - Texas beat them head to head, and has a much better bowl history. It will play in the computers that Texas SOS is higher (and still will be after the next 2 weeks - fact). OU is relying so much on the human voters to put them in over Texas but IT CAN NOT HAPPEN. A few weeks ago OU was ranked 3 or 4 spots ahead of Texas in the coaches poll - But guess what, Texas was still ahead in the BCS. Now you are thinking that moving 1 ahead of Texas will do it. Why can Tech not pass Alabama? Why can Florida not pass Texas? For the exact same reason that OU can not pass Texas. Those of you who want to argue it, fine, hey I appreciate your passion - but Texas holds a fairly substantial margin in the BCS numbers. I personally think the coaches are looking at the fact that OU has been awful in bowl games, and they got beat by Texas straight up. But even if I'm wrong and the coaches decide to move OU in front, it's still not enough. Again, look how far ahead OU was of UT a few weeks ago, and it still didn't matter. So go ahead, throw some insults, get fired up, hate it all you like, and blame me for posting what every single one of us one here will see as the truth - if OU wins the next two weeks, Texas gets the nod to play Missouri. As far as Tech is concerned, I agree they would have a gripe if they loose once and get the boot over a team they beat. Not sure what to say except 2 things: 1) it's a reasonable gripe, but not any better than the other 2 teams b/c all of them could say they had beaten another (that's called circular reasoning). 2) one thing is for sure - if you loose a game, you drop. Now they may not drop far, but you don't loose with 1 week left in the season and stay in the same spot. The fact that Texas is only 1 spot behind them means quite rationally that Texas will pass them.

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Posted on: November 17, 2008 7:58 pm

Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

For those few of you who seriously think Oklahoma has more strength of schedule than Texas -- forget about it!!!  Surely the BCS computers that I love and trust would tell you Texas has the better SOS.  Of course that is in addition to beating OK head to head. 

If both Oklahoma and Texas win out, it is close - maybe very close - but I will still favor Texas.

However, if Florida and Texas Tech both win out, then I see Florida likely jumping over Texas because Texas will have a fewer game with Texas Tech playing Missouri for the Big 12 Title.  In that case, we may see:

Texas Tech
Southern Cal

in which case Texas goes to the Fiesta Bowl and Oklahoma does not get any BCS bowl.  It's a tough world and Florida is hottest for the moment, though I would not be surprised if that changed  .....  This is college football after all!

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Posted on: November 17, 2008 6:59 pm

Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

Good post.

To understand the computer rankings, you have to look not only at SOS but also who is between you and the target you wish to jump over. Despite the SOS you cite, the team standing between Texas and OU in most of the computers is....drumroll please....Utah! That's because Utah is undefeated. If the Utes fall, OU gets close enough to Texas to overtake them in the human polls. If Utah beats the Mormons, the computers will still rank them ahead of the Sooners which will keep them behind Texas in the BCS rankings.

And to clarify, the issue with TCU and Cincy is that they are strong teams in weak conferences who don't help OU as much as beating horrible teams like Chattanooga and Washington hurt them. Maybe two convincing wins will help OU overtake Texas in the human polls but I don't think it will help them overtake Texas in the computer polls. Therefore, OU will need to be higher than Texas in both human polls to overtake Texas in the BCS rankings. If Texas beats A&M, OU is going to need plenty of style points the next two weeks to do it.

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Posted on: November 17, 2008 5:10 pm

Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

Please don't whine and cry about injuries. Look at the shorthorns yards per play before and after Ryan Reynolds' injury in the OU game. There is no way texas would have come out on top if his knee holds up.

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Posted on: November 17, 2008 3:35 pm

Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

spamkiller! or the artist formerly known as "daintexas" as i like to call you.  i't gonna be Sun Bowl for your team... enjoy!


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Posted on: November 17, 2008 3:33 pm

Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

OU would then beat OSU handily enough to pass Texas in the BCS standings

This is the best Okie State team in 20 years, and OU hasn't beaten then by more than 10 points outside of Norman since 1994. But good luck with your prediction!

Check out the recent Bedlam history in Stillwater.
2006: #13 OU wins 27-21 over unranked OSU
2004: #2 OU wins 38-35 over #20 OSU
2002: #3 OU loses 38-28 to unranked OSU
2000: #1 OU beats unranked OSU 12-7

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Posted on: November 17, 2008 3:29 pm

Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

Well, it makes sense since Tech beat Texas and wins in Norman that they will get a chance to represent the Big XII.  Still gotta beat Baylor and most likely Mizzou after that.  But right now we're just thinking beat o.u.

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Posted on: November 17, 2008 3:27 pm

Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

Enjoy your one year of glory SWC_Alum!  Ashame Tech can't do this on a yearly basis. 

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Posted on: November 17, 2008 3:23 pm

Texas will remain No. 3 in the BCS

We beat KU by more, and on the road littledogou!  UT beat OU by 10!  How hard is that for you to understand?  Did you attend OU?  I'm thinking yes as you show no logic. 

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