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Random thoughts on a football Saturday

Posted on: November 23, 2008 9:05 pm

It looks like it's over for Texas.

It's over if Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State on Saturday. Although Texas moved up to No. 2 in Sunday's latest BCS standings, it has a very slight lead over No. 3 Oklahoma -- .0084 of a point.

It is almost assured that if Oklahoma beats No. 11 Oklahoma State the Sooners will make up that margin on Texas and win the three-way tiebreaker in the Big 12 South. The tie goes to the team with the highest BCS ranking.

Texas plays its final regular-season game on Thanksgiving against Texas A&M.

The Horns have to hope for an Oklahoma State upset. That would send Texas Tech to the Big 12 championship game (if it beats Baylor)and at the same time strengthen Texas' hold on No. 2. The Horns could become the third Big 12 team since 2001 to play in the national championship game without winning the conference.

 Up to date profiles of the three teams involved in the current Big 12 South tie ...



Why they're in this position:  Blake Gideon, Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree.

Texas had Tech beat in Lubbock until it gave the ball back with 1:29 left in the Nov. 1 game. Harrell was able to drive the team down for the game-winning touchdown with one second left. But that was only after Gideon, a Texas defensive back, dropped a tipped pass that would have ended Tech's drive.

Crabtree made an amazing catch against double coverage and tight-roped the sidelines into the end zone for a 39-33 victory.

Ranked teams beaten (ranking at time of kickoff): No. 1 Oklahoma 45-35; No. 11 Missouri 56-31; No. 7 Oklahoma State 28-24.

Common opponent with other two teams: Defeated Kansas 35-7.

Schedule strength (Sagarin): No. 5 (up from No. 7 last week)

BCS ranking: No. 2

Argument for:  Defeated three teams ranked in the top 11, including No. 1 Oklahoma. Colt McCoy is this year's version of Tim Tebow leading the Horns in rushing and passing. Will Muschamp's defense might not be impressive statistically but it is a big play group and is coming off its best performance of the season against Kansas.

Argument against: Not much of one except that it didn't play on Saturday while Oklahoma got all the national love. If Texas doesn't get to the Big 12 title game it will be because of a six-point loss on the road with one second left against Texas Tech.

Regular-season game remaining: Thursday vs. Texas A&M


Texas Tech

Why they're in this position: Worst game of the season came at the worst possible time.

Ranked teams beaten (ranking at time of kickoff): No. 19 Kansas 63-21; No. 1 Texas 39-33; No. 8 Oklahoma State 56-20.

Common opponent with other two teams:  Defeated Kansas 63-21.

Schedule strength (Sagarin): No. 19 (up from No. 50 last week)

BCS ranking: No. 7

Argument for: Defeated No. 1 (Texas), last week's Heisman frontrunner (Harrell) and the nation's best receiver (Crabtree). But there's more than this high-flying offense. Texas Tech has been well -rounded most of the season with a serviceable running game and effective defense. Until Saturday.

Suddenly Tech has the best schedule strength of the three jumping from No. 50 to No. 19. Until Saturday, Utah State has played a tougher overall schedule than Texas Tech.

Argument against: You can't lose by 44 on national television on Nov. 22 and expect to play for a national championship, much less a Big 12 title.

But both are still a possibility.

Regular-season game remaining: Saturday vs. Baylor


Why they're in this position:  Colt McCoy. Texas' quarterback had a career day on Oct. 11. The Sooners led by five with 12 minutes but were outscored 15-0 down the stretch the day in beating Oklahoma.

Other than that, Kansas (14) has been the only team to get within 22 points of OU.

Ranked teams beaten (ranked at the time of kickoff): No. 24 TCU, 35-10; No. 2 Texas Tech, 65-21.

Common opponent with other two teams: Defeated Kansas 45-31.

Schedule strength (Sagarin): No. 26 (up from No. 42 last week)

BCS ranking: No. 3

Argument for: Playing the best right now. OU has laid waste to its opponents since losing to Texas. It has won successive games by 14, 23, 34, 38 and 44 points.

Sam Bradford leads the country in touchdown passes and seems to be the new Heisman leader.

Argument against: Beat Tech which beat Texas which beat Oklahoma. Oh no, here we go again.

Regular-season game remaining: Saturday at Oklahoma State

 Picking up the pieces after Notre Dame's epic meltdown: ND had four possessions inside the Syracuse 24 and came away with six points ... The Irish blew their third double-digit lead this season ... Notre Dame was held to 41 yards rushing. The previous season low given up by the Syracuse defense was 90 yards rushing allowed to Division I-AA Northeastern which finished 2-10.


 Maryland dropped out of contention in the ACC Atlantic after losing to Florida State. Chalk it up to inconsistency. The Terps were 4-0 against ranked teams, 3-4 against unranked teams and 0-4 at night.

  North Carolina State captured the "state championship" by beating North Carolina, Wake Forest, East Carolina and Duke. That's the first state sweep for the Pack since 1986. "What it speaks to is we're the best football program in the state," coach Tom O'Brien said.

 Either Beanie Wells is injured or he's turning into Franco Harris. I'm not talking about the Franco who led the Steelers to Super Bowls. I'm talking about the Franco who became famous for stepping out of bounds rather than accept punishment from, or deal out punishment to, defenders.


Wells broke for a long run to midfield in the second half and clearly cut his run short and stepped out of bounds rather than lower a shoulder. Wells could have picked up another five yards, instead he did an out route out of bounds.

That's the not first time I've seen him do that. Wells did leave the game later because of hamstring problems. It will be interesting to see what Wells does after this season because his junior season has been somewhat of a disappointment.

 The recent legacy of bad decision making among Tennessee apparently carries on to the next level. Former Tennessee golden body Erik Ainge was suspended by the NFL for violation of the league's policy on steroids and related substance.

 It's not like Ainge is blowing his career. First, he would have to have a career to blow it. The Jets rookie quarterback was already on injured reserve so, hey, maybe was bored.





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Posted on: November 26, 2008 12:48 am

Random thoughts

  said: "... Any Division 1-A team who is undefeated should be guaranteed a BCS bowl..."

For that to be true a 12-0 team from the WAC or the Slapout conference could actually weigh more than an 11-1 from the SEC or the Big-12.  It's hard for even teams as good as Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Penn State, Southern Cal, and etc. to get through a real conference schedule undefeated.  I believe Florida would be undefeated in any of the small conferences this year so why should we reward some little team by pretending they've done something.  Even the best teams from the non-BCS conferences play only one or two big teams.

For Oklahoma to go undefeated we would have to defeat 8 Big-12 teams, then 9 counting the Big-12 North champion.  Our non-conference schedule this year included: Cincinnati, who would be 9-1 without their loss to Oklahoma and Cin. is now rated #16 BCS and the probable Big East Champ;  TCU, now rated # 14 in the BCS, has the number 1 rated defense in the nation, and would be 10-1 if TCU had not played Oklahoma; and Washington who had a pretty good team a few years back when we scheduled them but had a rough year this time.  I don't count OU's first game with Chattanooga as a real game.

Now, why in the world should some team who goes 12-0 from a conference like Conference USA or the Sun Belt conference be guaranteed a major bowl???

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 3:51 pm

Random thoughts on a football Saturday

What "bowl game" do you think OSU is going to.....maybe the Sun Bowl?

Nagman, what kind of ridiculous questions is that?  Ohio State will either be playing in the BCS Bowls of Fiesta or Sugar or if Oregon State ends up winning your pathetic Pac-10 then OSU will be in the Capital One bowl on New Years Day.  I hear UCLA will have great seats to watch us on their couch next to their family.

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 12:19 pm

Random thoughts on a football Saturday

The real travesty is that Penn State, after taking apart MSU, still sits at 8 in the BCS.  A 1 point loss to Iowa is the difference, yet Florida has a loss to Ole Miss (not much punishment there).  Texas Tech was taken apart by OU, and they are still ranked above PSU.  Oh, and lets not forget USC, who lost to Oregon State, the same Oregon State that PSU dismantled.  I would love to see Utah in a BCS game, because like Hawaii last year, it will give me a break from meaningful football.  What fun it would be if Oklahoma State beat OU, Auburn beat Alabama, Florida State beat Florida...follow that up with Florida beating Alabama in the SEC championship game...the outcry for a playoff would be even more deafening than it is now.

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 11:49 am

Random thoughts

I guess we could keep Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech home for the post-season, since each has eliminated one of the other.  Texas certainly shouldn't be ahead of Oklahoma since Texas lost to Texas Tech who was creamed by Oklahoma, 65-21.  Either send all three of them home or those who have votes can decide who is best now.

Don't misunderstand me!  Texas played best the day of the OU/Texas game.  Who really believes that if the two teams played 9 times- Oklahoma would not win a majority of the games?  If you didn't watch both games, you have no vote!  Ask Cincinnati, who gave OU a good game and is probably going to be Big East Champ!  Ask TCU who has one of the top 2 or 3 defenses in the country!

Yes, and Mike Leach, coach of Texas Tech, should have a vote.  He's played both Texas and Oklahoma and watched both of those games closely from the sidelines.  I suspect he probably studied the game film of the Texas/Oklahoma game to boot. 

I like Mack Brown.  He was an assistant at OU sometime back for a year, also.  I also agree that Colt McCoy is a great QB and a great person.  Sam Bradford is probably the best passing QB ever and I'm old enough to have seen most of them.

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 6:05 am

Random thoughts on a football Saturday

If your argument is that Utah and Boise State are more deserving than these traditional powers because they are undefeated, then you have to leave Alabama off your list.  I am very much for giving undefeated teams a chance.  That's why I support a "plus one."

Any Division 1-A team who is undefeated should be guaranteed a BCS bowl (this may require adding a 5th bowl to the BCS to keep the big conference folks happy--perhaps the Cotton Bowl).  After the BCS bowls are played, you have 4-5 teams who have completed a rigorous schedule and played in a bowl game against a top-tier opponent.  From this field, two teams are selected using only the computer formulas.


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Posted on: November 24, 2008 1:23 am

OU vs Kansas

 Kansas was ranked 16 at the time of kick off.  Never looked at it from that perspective.  At the time of kick off,  with the correction of Kansas being ranked 16, all 3 have played ranked teams.  The one exception, again at the time of kick-off, OU will have played 4 with OSU this weekend.  Not that at the time of kick-off matters to the BCS.

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 12:29 am

Random thoughts on a football Saturday

What "bowl game" do you think OSU is going to.....maybe the Sun Bowl?

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 12:19 am


C'mon man, don't hate on Beanie.  Why should he risk injury to himself or to some Michigan defenders in a blowout?  Beanie is prone to get injured and we need him at full strength for our bowl game.

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 12:11 am

Random thoughts on a football Saturday

I like it!  It would be much easier then just hoping the Coaches and AP Writers wake up and simply vote for the teams that won games and not for the teams that already lost.

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Posted on: November 23, 2008 9:23 pm

Random thoughts on a football Saturday

Let's hope Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma, Texas A&M beats Texas, Florida State beats Florida, Auburn beats Alabama, UCLA beats USC, Missouri beats Texas Tech, Florida beats Alabama, and then let Utah and Boise play. Did I miss anyone?


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