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Posted on: December 10, 2008 12:44 am

My Heisman ballot:

1. Tim Tebow
2. Sam Bradford
3. Colt McCoy

I can't give you a quantitative reason why Tebow is my No. 1. His numbers are down from '07. However, after watching him lead that fourth-quarter comeback against Alabama, it's more of a feel, an emotional reaction.

I go back to Sept. 27 when Tebow basically called his shot after the Ole Miss loss and then delivered! Nine wins in a row. Go back and at the quotes from that day. Tebow as Babe Ruth pointing his bad toward the Wrigley Field bleachers.

Until Saturday, Bradford was my guy. I had started hyping him for Heisman back when he was a freshman. How many players ever have led the country in pass efficiency two years in a row?

It's hard to vote Colt McCoy third when he took a team with a mediocre offensive line and led it in passing and rushing. The point is, I can't slide a piece of paper between the three of them.

The voters: John Adams, Knoxville News Sentinel; Tony Barnhart, CBS; Mark Blaudschun, Boston Globe; Kirk Bohls, Austin American-Statesman; B.G. Brooks, Rocky Mountain News; Jimmy Burch, Fort Worth Star-Telegram; Brian Davis, Dallas Morning News; Mike DeArmond, Kansas City Star; Dennis Dodd,; Michael DiRocco, Florida Times-Union; Joseph Duarte, Houston Chronicle; Scott Ferrell, Shreveport Times; Anthony Gimino, Tucson Citizen; Herb Gould, Chicago-Sun Times; Teddy Greenstein, Chicago Tribune; Mike Griffith, Knoxville New Sentinel; Eric Hansen, South Bend Tribune; Matt Hayes, Sporting News; Tommy Hicks, Mobile Press-Register; Ron Higgins, Memphis Commercial Appeal; Mark Janssen, Manhattan Mercury; Todd Jones, Columbus Dispatch; Blair Kerkhoff, Kansas City Star; Ted Lewis, New Orleans Times-Picayune; Mike Lopresti, Gannett Newspapers; Tom Luicci, Newark Star-Ledger; Ray Melick, Birmingham News; Rodney McKissic, Buffalo News; Brett McMurphy, Tampa Tribune.

(Two voters did not want their names used)

The rest of the national awards, etc.

MVP: McCoy

There's a difference between the Heisman winner and MVP. McCoy did more with less. Texas wouldn't be in the conversation without him.

Best quarterback: Bradford

This is getting confusing so let's just drop it.

Best running back: Shonn Greene, Iowa

The nation's No. 2 rusher came on in the second half of the season to surpass Michigan State's Javon Ringer and UConn's Donald Brown as the most consistent ground force in the nation.

Best receiver: Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech

Do back-to-back Biletnikoff Awards do anything for you? An NFL star in waiting.

Best tight end: Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma

This was tough. I recently shifted away from Missouri's Chase Coffman who was too injured at the end of the season to back up a spectacular first eight games of the season.

The 6-foot-6 inch Gresham gets opens, is hard to tackle and has speed. Need anything else?

Best offensive lineman: Andre Smith, Alabama.

He is what coaches look for when they recruit left tackles. A case can be made for Smith, the likely Outland Trophy winner, being Bama's MVP. Without him protecting John Parker Wilson and carving out holes for Glen Coffee, the Tide don't start 12-0.

Defensive player of the year: Rey Maualuga, LB, USC

From a troubled beginning, this voracious tackler became the foundation for one of the best statistical defenses in history.

Best defensive lineman: Jerry Hughes, DE, TCU

Ask BYU's Max Hall what he thinks of the nation's sacks leader In their October matchup, Hughes sacked Hall three times.

Best defensive back: Eric Berry, Tennessee.

Lane Kiffin should be at Berry's house right now making sure he's happy, comfortable and ready to take 20 snaps a game on offense.

Best special teams player: Kevin Huber, P, Cincinnati

You won't find many other All-Americans on the best Cincinnati team in history that won 11 games and the Big East. We'll give it to Huber who bombed 20 punts more than 50 yards and dropped 20 punts inside the 20.

Remember when Cincinnati used to be a basketball school?

Freshman of the year: Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Oregon State

How did he get from Texas to Corvallis?

Coach of the year: Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech

Staff of the year: Penn State

The Broyles Award is doing a disservice to Penn State. The honor goes to the assistant coach of the year. Not only were there no Penn State assistants among the finalists, the Broyles folks didn't do the right thing and pick the entire Penn State staff.

With JoePa ailing, his staff basically took over and led the Nittany Lions to a Big Ten title. Big ups to defensive coordinator Tom Bradley, defensive line coach Larry Johnson and quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno. They were the glue.

Biggest disappointments: Georgia, Notre Dame, South Florida, West Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee, the ACC, the Pac-10.

Biggest surprises: Oregon State, Ball State, Alabama, Buffalo, East Carolina, Rice, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Texas Tech.

Sometimes you just live right: Charlie Weis almost got run out of town after a 6-6 season. His reward? A trip to the Hawaii where he can continue to recruit linebacker Manti Te'o. 

Don't give me any of this stuff about a dead period. Te'o will be a captive audience as the Irish take over Oahu.

Best games: Texas 45, Oklahoma 35, Oct. 11 in Dallas.

The winner usually wins the Big 12 South and competes for the national championship. Right? Right?

Texas Tech 39, Texas 33, Nov. 1 in Lubbock.

Not to pick on the Horns here but the reason they are playing Ohio State instead of Florida is Crabtree's game-winning catch with one second left.

UCLA 27, Tennessee 24 (OT) Sept. 1 in the Rose Bowl.

Tennessee's defense held UCLA's Kevin Craft to only four interceptions in the first half. Then, in his best performance of a long, long season, Craft rallied the Bruins in the second half.

Rick Neuheisel led a post-game pep rally.

Florida 31, Alabama 20, Dec. 6 at the SEC championship game.

The BCS was smiling as the closest thing to a national semifinal was played out in front of the largest Georgia Dome crowd in history.

Whine of the year: Pete Carroll and USC

You lost to a team you weren't supposed to (Oregon State). You paid for it in the polls. Deal with it. Maybe the difference between that and Florida losing to Ole Miss? Urban Meyer has made a habit lately of winning the big ones <em>and</em> the little ones.

Best stories:

Six teams ranked No. 1 during the season (the most since 1984)

Alabama arriving a year early (at least) under Nick Saban

Utah, TCU and BYU making a huge statement by the Mountain West: The BCS doesn't belong to the six power conferences.

Notre Dame's collapse from 4-1 and Weis barely hanging on for another year.

Oregon State beating USC and chasing its first Rose Bowl in 44 years.

Coaches in waiting.

Coaches waiting in line ("resigning" in the middle of a season).

The end of a Bowden (Tommy).

The continuation of a Bowden (Bobby).

The longing of a Bowden (Terry, to get back in the game).

Joe's hip.

Charlie's knee.

Nate Davis' gloves.

Jay Jacobs' "shock" over Tommy Tuberville's "resignation."

Tennessee goes from old school to youngest coach in the country.

The (sad) state of Washington. (Combined records of the Huskies and Cougars, 2-22).

Big 12 quarterbacks.

Big 12 offenses.

Big 12 top 10 games each week.

The Big 12 surpassing the SEC, if only for a moment, as the best conference in the country.

The tie in the Big 12 South.

The cry that followed.


Text messages.

The high road.

Running it up.

Calling off the dogs. 


"To me that's a little ridiculous," Bradford said.

That's a good way to end it, for now.




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Posted on: December 14, 2008 3:28 pm

National notes: Special Teams Player of the Year

Utah's Louie Sakoda should have been your pick for best special teams player. He is the only punter / kicker to make finalist for both the Lou Groza and Ray Guy award. C'mon Dodd, show some love for somebody from the west coast!

Since: Aug 2, 2007
Posted on: December 11, 2008 3:53 pm

ACC a dissappointment?

I'm curious why the ACC was listed as one of the biggest disappointments this year. The ACC tied an NCAA record by having 10 bowl eligible teams, finished FIRST in the Sagarin conference rankings, tied for 2nd (with the SEC, behind the Big 12) in OOC winning %, had a 6-4 record against the SEC and 4-0 record against the Big 12, and the worst team (Duke) won 4 games. I guess if you expected an ACC team to play for the National Championship, then it was a dissapointing season, but otherwise I'm not sure the rationale behind that classification.

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 12:32 pm

National notes

I guess being from Michigan I just don't understand all the Tebow hate.  If Tebow were to declare for the NFL draft I would hope my Lions (sucks I know) would have the sense to draft him.  He is the kind of person that you would be proud to say " I know him from my church" and really, what better compliment is there?  Tebow to me epitomizes what is good in college football, not in any way what is wrong.  When has he ever put himself in front of Christ?  How many other top ten college qb's spend the summer doing missionary work?  I read so many posts on these community pages that are critical of todays atheletes, and rightly so, but when we have an example of what is good right in front of us we try to tear him down because we don't want to believe that someone can so clearly be a living testimate to clean christian living.  People, enjoy Tebow, because he is human and may someday make a purely human mistake that may erode some of the good that he has done.  I say that only because he is human, and will make a mistake someday, but that is okay to because its not whether we make mistakes, we all do, its how we learn from them going forward.  Go Tebow , that will be 2 st8 heismans, so now its time for the NFL!

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 12:10 pm

National notes

Gator in Ca, you can look at my profile, unlike you I am not ashamed to stand proud and declare my fanhood, and see that I am clearly not a Florida homer?  I don't see how anyone other than Tebow can win it.  McCoy, although U of T got jobbed, shouldn't win it because he is not playing for a championship ( national).  Same for Harrell.  Bradford doesn't deserve it because his team should never have ben invited to the BCS championship game in the first place, so you can't reward a fraud.  May not be Braddford's fault but it is his problem none the less.  What part of Cali are you from, let me geuss, San Francisco!!  My geuss is that you wouldn't call someone a fag for disagreeing with you unless you were a closeted gay yourself, you bi -curious little back door banger!

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 10:50 am

National notes

Guess everything is relative.  In a poll conducted by the Daily Oklahoman by surveying 100 heisman voters, their surprising results were for Sam Bradford to win.  I notice in the list of the voters you polled, quite a few were from you really think a University of Oklahoma player would get their vote.  Also, quite a few from the SEC.  Same question...who they gonna vote for.  I am sorry, but I just don't think your poll was as impartial as your trying to make it appear  Guess we will both know by Sunday.

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 9:41 am

National notes COACH OF THE YEAR?

How can you pick anyone over Brian Kelly of Cincinnati??

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 8:24 am

National notes

 I go back to Sept. 27 when Tebow basically called his shot after the Ole Miss loss and then delivered!

Mr. Dodd, this bugs me more than anything else about Tebow. The reason that pointing to the bleachers is so great is because he is saying definitively that "I am going to hit a home run." He didnt step up the plate and then say, I am going to swing really hard.

Tim Tebow promised that we wouldnt see anyone try as hard as him for the rest of the season. On that promise he did deliver to an extent. How do we know noone else was trying harder or pushing his teammates more, are you in those locker rooms before and after the games?

Tim Tebow didnt gurantee that Florida would not lose for the rest of the season, nor did he gurantee an appearance or victory in the Championship game so on that note I am unimpressed. What I will give him credit for is makeing a vague, generalized statement and allow his media following to blow it out of proportion. Then allow them narrow it down into something very specific, something that had Tebow actually done it, would become instantly burned into the memories of every college football fan for generations to come.

So great job Sir, you called Tebows shot for him (after he did it) and for that you will be remembered!

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 7:29 am

PAC 10 Surprise? OSU? Really?

Dodd's usual drivel.

What is so surprising about Oregon State?

That they finished third in th
e Pac 10 in a down year when they were supposed to finish middle of the Pac?  Seriously, ASU was the surprise here as they were the pick to finish 2nd and were brutally bad.  Arizona making its first bowl game in a decade might be a good pick too.  Or Oregon finishing second, making it to the Holiday Bowl and having the 7th best offense in the nation after playing 5 different QBs.

That OSU got destroyed by Penn State, effectively, eliminating USC from National Championship consideration?

That OSU got destroyed by Oregon 65-38 in their last game, eliminating them from Rose Bowl contention?

That OSU got destroyed by Oregon and you picked them to win?

That OSU lost to Stanford?

That Jaquizz Rodgers was the POY when he finished with 4.9 yards per carry and 11 TDs when Oregon had 2 rushers averaging 6.9 and 7.1 yards per carry with 12 and 16 TDs and they don't even get a mention?

That Oregon State's Mike Riley was Coach of the Year after getting blown out with it all on the line?

I don't really get the OSU love, so I'll stick with objective facts.

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 6:45 am

National notes

I don't know if it's just me but I'm so sick of hearing how Tim Tebow wills his teams to wins.  I personally can't stand florida so I don't watch their games.  But if I remember correctly the only close game they had was a loss to ole miss. Now I could be totally off base here cuz like i said I don't watch their games cuz Urban Meyer is a punk along with his program, little whinny bitch.  Anywho...He didn't will them to a win in that one since they lost, and yeah they beat alabama so what, one good win all year sure that win again the Citadel was a really toughy.  Really had to will the team around him to pull that upset off.  Get off his fricken nuts...Dodd since it makes you emotional.  All quarterbacks will their team its part of the territory of being a quarterback...the leader of the offense and most of the time the whole team.  oklahoma, texas, and Florida all had one loss.  Don't see how tebow willed his team anymore than the other three.  and didn't texas actually beat really good oklahoma team.  and atleast oklahoma lost to texas who is now number 3 where does ole miss stand....Not in the national championship talk.  Tebow..Florida...Urban Meyer You're all punks and I am glad to see you actually play a good team, and Oklahoma will expose you to all ur fans on how shitty you all are! Nuff Said I'm out PEACE!

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 2:12 am

National notes

See? Now this is the kind of nonsense that finally makes me say something, this is NOT even remotely close to what Mike Leach installed and now runs at tech,  yep Sams in a system, a power running team system, now did you get that? POWER RUNNING, the fact that they are able to spread you out is a BONUS that SAM BRADFORD and ONLY Sam Bradford brings to table, this isn't a NEW offense, its an old offense, only difference is its run without a huddle, get it? WITHOUT huddle, this is not a gimmick offense, like Floridas, who is all about trickery, with OU you know whats coming, either a punch in the mouth running game, OR precision passing game, its a pick your poison offense and they do it ALL very well, run by best player in college football this year. As I said its nothing new, same offense we have run for several years now, only difference is the kid running it.

So step right up Gator nation, Sam will serve you the poison of your choice.

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