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Kirk Ferentz to the Browns?

Posted on: December 30, 2008 4:31 pm

The Boston Herald is speculating about it.

 There's a full-on p------ match between Robert Marve and Miami's Randy Shannon. The kid's dad raises a point. Why is it OK for a coach to put stipulations on a release from a scholarship?


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Posted on: December 30, 2008 6:51 pm

Kirk Ferentz to the Browns?

It's perfectly OK for a coach to put stipulations when he 'grants the release from a scholarship'. When the player signs with a certain school, no matter how much hoop-la there is or how many journalists there are at the press conference, they sign to play for the school for the minimum of the time it takes for them to graduate (whether they graduate or not is a different matter). The school has every right to expect that in return for the free housing, tuition, nutrition and professional training that the player receives, the player will suit up and play for the school for a given amount of time (I take this to be three years given that a substantial number of players leave for the NFL at the end of their junior year). This is especially important given that the majority of freshman and sophomores receive little playing time but are expected to in the future.

When Robert Marve says he no longer wants to do that and instead wants to play for another school, why should Miami not turn right back to him and ask for repayment of his scholarship?

The ability to put stipulations on who he signs for is essential otherwise a situation would arise whereby players who have the intention of playing for major power schools but might not receive an offer out of high school from say Florida or USC, go to a mid-range school, play their freshman year then transfer. That the stipulations have been used vindicatively in Marve's case serves to show that you should consider your choice of school and coach better, and that biting your tongue in certain situations and asking politely to move on rather than whining to the press is sometimes the better idea.

I have no sympathy for the kid.

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