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Sanchez skinny

Posted on: January 15, 2009 1:26 pm

There are doubts about Mark Sanchez. Not mine, necessarily, although I do agree with some of the evaluations about the USC quarterback I've been hearing.

Much like Sam Bradford, Sanchez just hasn't played that much college football. Unlike Bradford, Sanchez has been a full-time starting quarterback for only one season. You heard that in Pete Carroll's evaluation of Sanchez' decision during a Thursday press conference.

Plus, there are concerns about Sanchez' toughness and ability to take a hit. One source who has watched USC estimated that Sanchez has been behind center for less than eight "legitimate" sacks. [That is, not flushed out of the pocket or running side-to-side]

USC runs a pro-style offense which should help Sanchez. The team uses only 15 percent of its extensive drop-back passing game in the playbook.

In another sense, It's hard to blame Sanchez given that the Heisman triplets (Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy) are all returning. He has a chanace of being the second quarterback taken after Matt Stafford. However, Sanchez could be leaving a lot of money on the table. He is no slam dunk to go in the top 10. If he returned for his redshirt senior season, Sanchez could improve significantly on his earning power.

"Mark knows he's going against the grain on this decision ...," Carroll said Thursday, "I don't agree with the assessment of the decision ... The NFL has a very clear thought in that they want you to stay in school as long as you can."


Don't be surprised if Sanchez signs with agent David Dunn.

Now, on to USC. It needs a quarterback.

That you know, but this goes much deeper. USC needs a quarterback, a couple of new coordinators, oh, and a new defense.

Welcome to Carroll's first rebuilding job since he arrived in Troy in 2001.  It's not just Sanchez leaving a year early for the NFL. It's essentially the entire defense leaving, one of the best -- statistically -- of modern times. Both coordinators have left too -- DC Nick Holt followed Steve Sarkisian to Washington.

The spring battle at quarterback will be the most significant at USC since 2003 when Matt Leinart came out of nowhere. It seems like the same thing will happen again with Aaron Corp, Mitch Mustain and Garrett Green competing with freshman Matt Barkley, who is already enrolled.

Mustain, an Arkansas transfer, had trouble picking up the offense in 2008. That was clear when he dropped to third on the depth chart for a time behind Corp.

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 4:09 pm

Sanchez skinny

Wow, USC has 4 QB's on NFL rosters, I'm so impressed.

Leinart - backup to a 37-year old journeyman.

Booty - so irrelevant I don't know what team he is on.

Cassel - backup, fortunate to play in a system any QB would succeed in.

Palmer - only legit one in the bunch.

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 4:01 pm

Sanchez skinny

USC will have 9 of 11 starters back on offense.  Keep the pipe yourself.  The 2009 Defense will not be a weakness just becuase it won't be as good as 2008!  There's a better chance USC goes 13-0 in 2009 than 9-4, Let's make a bet on that!

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 3:55 pm

Sanchez skinny


You mean like Sam Bradford?


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Posted on: January 15, 2009 3:51 pm

Sanchez skinny

To finish my thought s, USC seems to be in good enough shape to absorb Sanchez jumping early.

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 3:49 pm

Sanchez skinny

I don't think Stafford goes top 3.  Which teams would draft a QB?  Detroit won't at number 1 with a pick from Dallas at 20 and pick 33 the first of the second round.  They'll wait like Miami did last year.  Who else is going to invest the cash into a first round QB after that? 

The Chiefs have Thigpen who played extremely well considering the team around him (and knowing their new GM's tendencies at NE with Brady and Cassel I'd expect them to take a QB much later if they wanted one).  San Francisco is probably still gunshy after Alex Smith and HIll played well to end the year.  I think Minnesota is more likely to end up with Cassel or Warner to team with Peterson and that defense.  St Louis is drafting offensive line all the way.  I also think Seattle is only a small rebuilding away from the playoffs and they will stick with Hasselbeck or bring in another veteran (Arizona likely loses Boldin and Warner this offseason making no clear favorite in the division and Seattle was riddled with injuries last year causing their fall).  Maybe Chicago would take a QB.  Houston is going defense.  Who else is left?  The Jets if Favre retires?

Top QB's have been falling down the draft every year (Quinn, Leinart, Rodgers).  You have to remember it isn't just about talent with 1st round QB's.  It takes monster contracts to sign them and there are many other factors involved.  Stafford is a first rounder for sure but Sanchez will be the guy the cameras are on the entire first round as he falls.  If Stafford falls to Detroit at 20 (I don't really think that is likely, but they could trade back up to 10-15 to get him) Sanchez could fall to mid 2nd.  Still, I agree he's better off leaving this year than next.  He'd likely be the 4th best QB out next season, and there is always the chance somebody else moves up.  He could have fallen to third round if he stayed another year. 

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 3:48 pm

Sanchez skinny

Dodd For the first time in ages I am not gonna argue your story. I think the thing all of these guys have to consider is what if they have a career ending injury? Not likely but also not out of the question either. They will have nothing short of an insurance settlement. USC

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 3:27 pm

Sanchez skinny

Please put in a call to Aaron Rodgers who slid all the way to 20 and check,   ...... not sure if he can make a car payment.  Or maybe  poor hard done by Ben R, #3 QB his draft class  ..... or that not quite #1 pick in Balt?  Oh shit..... in the AFC final!

Dream on......... Sanchez will have more money in his ???? does he wear jeans?  than you or I will ever see! 

This year is probably better than next with Tebow, McCoy and Bradford getting so much hype for next year.

Not sure who pushed him that way, but probably a VERY smart decision.  Pete, you really are a good man! 

Are OU, Texas or Fla going to be poor teams next year?  Are at least 2 of the 3 main rivals for top QB pick likely to REALLY tank next year? 

Good job, good luck Mr Sanchez. 

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 3:05 pm

Sanchez skinny

i feel very good for Sanchez turning pro   ---- other than USC how many school have 4 QB on NFL rosters (Leinhart, Booty, Cassel and Palmer)  please tell me which one of those are soon to lose a job?  Sanchez will be a solid NFL QB. 

Bradford and McCoy need to grow a body of work.......()maybe next year a B12 team will actually feild a defense!)  Tebow would be fine (Thanks funky delivery Rivers) .....  wish I was drafting for a QB next year!  Now you see why this year was a much better year for him to come out?  Guaranteed first round, looking ahead maybe #4 QB now no worse than #2    .... Det and StL make a REALLY big payday very likely.

I feel a bit bad for Mustain and Green ..... bad choice coming to USC, Corp will start, and Barkley is better than any of you ....... but call Matt Cassel .......   learning under Pete at USC still beats the crap out of 97+ % of any other college "pre-NFL" training programs.

Good Luck Mr Sanchez ---- have a great career.  Your year in the spotlight that is USC football was appreciated.

Not that my bias will be really obvious, but GO PAC 10!  Please have 4 other top 20 teams!

Cal, Oregon, Or St, Ariz, Ar St, UCLA, are great programs .....   and even give our old coordinator some love in the North if you are a HS guy looking to play some REAL football in the PAC 10., the REAL best conference in the USA!

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 2:58 pm

Sanchez skinny


pass the pipe brotha.....

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Posted on: January 15, 2009 2:57 pm

Sanchez skinny

pass the pipe brotha....

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