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Mike Leach's job in danger?

Posted on: February 17, 2009 9:59 pm
Edited on: February 17, 2009 10:00 pm

They're going to fire Mike Leach.

At least it sounds that way after the cryptic statement released by Texas Tech AD Gerald Myers on Tuesday. Leach let pass a 6 p.m. ET deadline set by the school to sign a lucrative extension.

So now what?

"We will enter the decision-making process and should have some announcements by next week," Myers said in the statement. "Our decisions will be based on the best interest of Texas Tech and all of its supporters."

Decision-making process? What's left to decide? Myers himself said that Leach either signed the contract or that it would be pulled off the table and the coach would serve out his current deal through 2010. The only decision left to be made, it seems, is to keep Leach as coach.

The school and coach are now backed into a corner. Texas Tech can't keep a coach who 1) doesn't want to be there and 2) can't recruit if he did somehow stay.

The only resolution might be for both parties to start over.

Even if Leach decides to keep coaching going under his current deal, the school can't allow it. It can't allow the program to be run into the ground by a disgruntled coach looking for his next job. Let's not forget, in terms of staying power, Tech is closer to Big 12 South bottom feeders Baylor and Texas A&M than it is Texas and Oklahoma.

There already is a special Tech regents teleconference called for Friday, "including but not limited to the position of the football head coach." That doesn't sound like the regents are ready to discuss spring practice.

That's what is so stupid about this thing. The two sides have agreed to the money -- $12. 7 million over five years. The hang-up is basically over a buyout/termination clause. There has to be a number in the middle that both sides can agreed on. It isn't that hard, fellas.

This is a heck of a bluff to call on both sides. Leach has been unable to go elsewhere while employed at Texas Tech. It isn't because of his winning percentage. The Pirate was too crusty around the edges for Washington, Tennessee, Auburn and Miami, all jobs he coveted the past two seasons.  It may be that Lubbock is the only place in the country that tolerated Leach's shtick.

Some of that support is starting to wane. The only thing worse than being undesirable is being undesirable without a job. If he is fired, let's see how many offers Leach gets in February. All the jobs are filled. Let's say he sits out a year and comes back in 2010. He will be damaged goods and the short list of possible openings doesn't seem to fit: Notre Dame, Louisville, Virginia and Indiana.

Notre Dame: Please. The first tie Leach wears will be his first. (not counting clip-ons)

Louisville: AD Tom Jurich is about done hiring coaches with a wandering eye.

Virginia: See Notre Dame.

Indiana:  Bob Knight went to Tech for his rebound job. Leach to Indiana for his rebound job? Ain't happening.

Mike Leach will be able to get a job, just nothing on a par with Tech, a competitive program in a power conference that can afford to pay him $2.5 million per year.

Unless the sides -- Leach, his agents and the school -- can hammer out a deal soon, this situation has gone beyond the point of repair. There are too many egos, too much money at stake for everyone to walk away.

That includes Myers who will come out of this looking bad no matter what happens. He let it get to this point by not locking up Leach during the season. Even if a deal is struck, he is responsible for making Tech look like backward bumpkins.  Texas Tech has failed to realize that it is Texas Tech. Leach could be that once-in-a-lifetime coach for a program that hadn't done much before him.

There is no middle ground. Either a deal gets done, soon, or Leach is fired. Shortly after, Myers might follow him out the door.





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Posted on: February 19, 2009 4:19 pm

Mike Leach's job in danger?

I dont agree tht Tech is competitive.   I mean, they have been for the last few years....they will be gone soon enough.   Teams in the big 12 rise and fall and the only constants are OU and Texas. Maybe Nebraska will be back soon enough, but they are struggling in the freaking North. 


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Posted on: February 19, 2009 2:12 pm

Mike Leach's job in danger?

TTech needs a reality check and remember where they came from before leach, what they really havent done yet(win a big south or big12 title) and what they could do if they keep leach. If they do fire leach it will be one the biggest mistake the school has or will ever make. They need to take in consideration that who will wanna go coach at that school and constantly battle brown and stoops for recruits. Ttech is really pulling the best from Texas since most go to texas or Ou or outstate. Lubbock also isnt the city that would attract most teens,esp when u have dallas, houston, austin Bryan-College station. tech is acting like they just one a national title and needs to wake up and realize, yes, ttech has been the only consistent team winning wise since '96. but since last year they havent come close to winning their division nor playing in the big12 title.

personally i could say i want leach gone, but for the sake of the big12 we need coaches like leach who go against the grain. He seriously has made ttech a team that u have to take seriously cuz they have a offense that wants to put 600 total yards against your D. But tech needs to realize if you get rid of leach, what coach is seriously wanna go to lubbock and coach. Tech has made great strides in the last 5 years cutting him off would just but them further back near the basement with baylor, A&M(slippin each year into the basement). The big 12 south is no joke with OU and texas pullin away from the rest of the teams in the division

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Posted on: February 19, 2009 1:39 pm

Mike Leach's job in danger?

I totally agree with you that he is a great and innovative coach, but his downfall is his piss poor attitude and sarcastic bs that he spews to the media every season.  No major university is going to take a head coach who cant be the face of the University and Leach isnt ever going to fill this role.  You have two different roles and that is hard nosed like Saban or politician like Mack, there is no elite program who wants Leach's personality type getting face time for their program.  His ways also bleed into his recruiting as people just dont really care for Leach, unless they have known him for a long time, ie Stoops. 

Now having said why i think he will never get the job he is looking for, he is a fantastic coordinator on offense, and may be the most influential offensive mind in the game today.  He is the type of guy you want writing your play book in a back room somewhere, not headlining your press conferences.  Its sad that this is the fact of college football, but it is, and Leach shall remain at TTU or take a pay cut and be an elite OC at a major school(which isnt going to happen).  I would love to see what this guy could do with elite talent and not just system players, but i doubt he will ever get that shot as a HCoach.

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Posted on: February 19, 2009 1:11 pm

Mike Leach's job in danger?

Who fear's Texas Tech?  Not Oklahoma or Texas, that's for sure.  Not sure anyone outside the Big 12 who would meet them in a bowl game would fear them either.  Until you can consistently win your side of the divison, much less the conference, how can you say Texas Tech is feared or Leach is a "Great" coach? 

I 100% agree he has put Texas Tech on the map and made them relevant but how can you be considered great if you've never finished in the top 10, never won the Big 12 South, or the Big 12 conference?  Mike Leach is a good coach without a doubt and the fact he has to compete with Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma in regional recruiting and is still competitive is a good data point in his favor.  However, "feared" and "great" is not terms I'd use when describing Texas Tech or Mike Leach.

With that being said, the Texas Tech administration appears to have gotten greedy and has forgotten about their not to distant past.  They need to resign this guy and let him continue his work.  Because even though I do not think Tech is feared by the likes of Texas and Oklahoma, and I would hesitate to call him great, it doesn't mean he isn't on his way to achieveing both.

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Posted on: February 18, 2009 9:59 pm

Mike Leach's job in danger?

Bigdog... facts, my friend. Prior to this season, his best end of year finish was 18 (according to the AP poll). This year was 12. To be a top 10 program you must do it consistently, or at least once. duckloveshorns hits the nail square on the head: how can a program who went to a bowl 5 out of the 7 years prior to a coaches arrival be considered scum or horrible? It sounds like he took a team who was a top 40 program before he got there (5 out of 7 is pretty dang good for non-traditional powers) and made them a top 20 (debatible) program. Three top 20 (AP) finishes over 9 years is hardly great, especially for a team which was making bowls before he got there. Again, I'll recognize guys like Bill Snyder who coached KSU into relevancy in 1 year but never won a title, Bobby Johnson of Vandy who competes in the SEC with a huge disadvantage (very high admission standards) but still managed a bowl this year and has beaten UT (something that hadn't been done in a long time), Gary Barnett at both Northwestern in the mid-90s and Colorado later who took Northwestern to back to back Big Ten championships when NW had been a doormat for years (while I completely disagree with his apparent lack of morality, he was a great coach), or Jim Grobe at Wake who has taken that team to the top of the ACC and who has beaten FSU the past three times as great head coaches, but Mike Leach simply is not. While you think its sad that I don't recognize coaches who don't win championships as great (which is not true, as I have shown here), I think its sad you have accepted mediocrity to the point that a good coach who took a team that had been bowling 5 out of the last 7 years before he got there to an extra win or two a season (prior to this year he had never had more than 9 wins) is considered great in your eyes. Especially with the state of Texas as his recruiting playground.

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Posted on: February 18, 2009 8:45 pm

Mike Leach's job in danger?

Mike Leach was on 105.3 the Fan in Dallas today with Sean Salisbury and Newy Scruggs and told his side of the story in depth.  Here's a link for anyone that wants to listen to it and comment.

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Posted on: February 18, 2009 8:44 pm

Mike Leach's job in danger?

Tx Tech was not that irrelevent in the 90's.  In the previous 7 years before Leach arrived they played in 5 bowls.  Leach has built on Spike Dykes success and made them better, but this is not a great coach.  He runs a gimmick offense that leaves his defense on the field to long.  He cares little about a running game and nothing about defense.  It is the best run in TT history, but that says more about TXT history than Leach being a great coach.  Bill Snyder took KSU from 10 wins in a decade to 10 wins a year.  That is a great coach, not losing 4-5 games most years.  If he was a GREAT coach he would of moved on by now.

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Posted on: February 18, 2009 6:11 pm

Mike Leach's job in danger?

I have to agree with bigdog on all of the above comments. 

Let's face it, Texas Tech was nothing before he arrived there.  The stats have gone up as well as their recruiting.  To lose him over something as trivial in these contract negotiations is just wrong.  They had a chance to break out as a real threat. 

Who cares about his coaching style, good or great,  One has to look at what he has done for the football program at TT.  If not for him, the school would still be a joke!   The AD needs to step down and accept this. 

Their program will suffer if this doesn't come together, if it hasn't already.  As a (old) recruit, I would say no way at this moment even if the two figured it out right now.  There is no future in it!

Good luck to the Raiders, we need a good showing in the BIG 12, just to shut the SEC down.

Hook Em'

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Posted on: February 18, 2009 5:48 pm

Mike Leach's job in danger?


Again, you don't know what it means to be a "great coach"

You think to be "great" you have to win national titles and be a constant top 5 team.....that's not true.

Again...listen closely....Tech was nothing, they were scum, they were a laughinstock of college football. Now? They are feared.

So a coach takes a team that's a joke and turns them into a Top 10 caliber team AND brings a ton of innovation with his offenses (again, especially with the spaced lineman) and that doesn't make him great? So one of the biggest turn arounds in college football history and bringing innovation into a sport that's been around for over a century, doing line stunts nobody had seen before and being incredibly successful with it so much other coaches are copying him, and that's not great?

You only see greatness if it's attached to a big name school and that's the sad part because often greatness lies elsewhere.

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Posted on: February 18, 2009 5:06 pm

Mike Leach's job in danger?

Leach was not the OC when OU won the title back in 2000-2001....that was Mangini....and look at Leach's record against OU and Texas.  Not too swell, I think he has beaten them twice each in 9 years.  

How about Art Briles?  A Tech alum, former Tech coach, and can recruit in the state of Texas.....may be too late for him this year, but just an idea.

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