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Posted on: April 2, 2009 12:55 pm

Leftovers from Thursday's Penn State story. Defensive coordinator Tom Bradley on ...

The victories race between Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden: "What you're seeing with those two guys, that's the last frontier. It's one of those records like DiMaggio's hitting streak. I don't know how anybody can."

Linebacker Sean Lee: "He could play right now. We're not letting do contact. He does all individual drills. He does the skeleton drills.

"It hasn't even been a year (since the ACL injury). Another three months will be good where he's not getting pounded on. Last year we lost him in the spring, he was blitzing and it was a no-contact deal. He just kind of pulled up on (quarterback) Darryl Clark and it buckled on him.

His linebackers: "They're very athletic, very good linebackers. It's not too early to place them (among the greats). We're in a position where a lot of guys can do a lot of things. Most of our guys can play two positions. Sean can play any of the linebacker positions.

"We've never been married to a defense, we've been married to players. We're just lucky they can do a lot of things. "

Getting over the Rose Bowl: "(Joe is) not over the Rose bowl."

Losing defensive ends Aaron Maybin and Maurice Evans early to the draft: "We weren't planning on losing both of them ... Aaron had two years left. We would have been in a better idea where we're headed if we had those two guys back. Plus the guys we have here would have been better.

"It wasn't when LaVar (Arrington) came out early. He was a freak."

On Joe: "People ask how he has changed. He's no different. I've been with him a long time, I know what he wants done. I know what he expects."

On what schools he will visit during the spring: "We're not going anywhere this year ... I learn as much from our state schools ... It's hard to get away for a few days to watch somebody else."


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