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Posted on: May 15, 2009 11:14 am
Edited on: May 15, 2009 11:19 am
As you read here first, the Pac-10 is considering its own network. Can expansion to 12 be far behind?

I was stunned to read that the Big Ten pulls in twice as much money as the Pac-10.
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Posted on: May 20, 2009 12:55 am

Pac-10 Network

Why on earth would Dodd be stunned to learn that the Big 10 pulls in twice as much money as the Pac 10? 

The Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and St. Louis (located across the bridge from Illinois) markets all televise Big 10 conference games and therefore spend big money on advertising.

No other conference even comes close to having that many major markets that are located within the geographic boundaries of their schools.

Plus, Jim Delaney is by far the most powerful commissioner in college athletics and has successfully imposed his will against weaker willed peers of rival conferences to make the Big 10 a major power broker over how the major revenue sports of football and basketball are administered at the national level.

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Posted on: May 20, 2009 12:22 am

Pac-10 Network


 completely agree Utah should be in the Pac 10. I have a lot of respect for them.

Yeah i bet. Bama let down the conference in that debacle haha

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Posted on: May 19, 2009 7:32 pm

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How has the bball team faired over the last 5 years? Majerus is gone. It is time to realize that and move on.
Your 9 skiing titles look really impressive, until people realize that there is only 13 D1 schools that compete in Skiing.
Are you really pimping Gymnastics as a selling point?

And as far as the MTN goes, you can get it on DirecTV. I think you might have heard of them?

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Posted on: May 19, 2009 7:26 pm

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If Utah is the #2 team in the PAC 10, the PAC 10 is in trouble. I know they had a nice run last year and in 2004, but in between those 2 seasons they never finished better than tied for 3rd in the MWC. And their BBall program has really been down of late. They tied for the conf title, but that was with 5 seniors. They have lost 5 of their top 6 scorers and will be in total rebuild mode again next year.  

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Posted on: May 19, 2009 7:22 pm

Pac-10 Network

I like that idea. That is a very solid post. The MWC would have to find a 12 team, but that can be done.

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Posted on: May 19, 2009 7:12 pm

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Yes the PAC 10 does play some games on Sunday, but that is not the traditional scheduling for basketball games. The traditional scheduling is Thurs-Sat.
Utah is considered a research institution.
BYU would probably not be considered because of the major philisophical differences between them and a few schools in the PAC 10.

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Posted on: May 19, 2009 6:57 pm

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You might want to take a closer look at your U.S. geography. Big 12 country ends at the Rockies. Utah and BYU definitely have closer ties to the West Coast than they do to Big 12 country.

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Posted on: May 19, 2009 1:59 am

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What about BSU, there consistently as good as BYU and are as close to the Pacific ocean as the Arizonia schools, plus they play Oregon, OSU, UW or WSU every year anyway.

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Posted on: May 18, 2009 6:15 pm

Pac-10 Network

I completely agree Utah should be in the Pac 10. I have a lot of respect for them.

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Posted on: May 18, 2009 5:30 pm

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I think that Utah should be the first team invited should expansion happen.  Not sure about Colorado even being willing to leave the Big XII nor do I think they are the right fit necessarily.  I could see Utah and either UNLV/Colorado as providing the market likely needed to make this a huge plus...BYU could bring in a large audience even though the market they are in isn't that big.  I don't see Nevada, Boise State, or Fresno State as fits at all.

By the way, virtually all of the Pac 10 basketball games are played on a Thursday/Saturday schedule with one game typically played on a Sunday.  I am sure that the school could opt to not be part of the Sunday games if need...don't think that is an issue with BYU.  My guess is that if BYU were to make the NCAA tourney and they had a game on Sunday to go to the Final Four, they would play it...

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