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Picking the WAC

Posted on: June 1, 2009 12:42 pm

The biggest offseason news for the WAC has not Boise State's 12-1 season, it was Boise State's athletic director.
Gene Bleymaier is the Broncos' athletic director. He is also a lawyer who made the most sense last month at the BCS hearings in Washington.

"How many more years do we need to go undefeated," Bleymaier told a congressional committee, "before we get a chance?"

Good point.

Boise has finished the regular season undefeated three times since 2004. This season could be No. 4. if the Broncos can get past a tough season opener against Oregon. (It didn't bother them last year when the Broncos won 37-32 at Oregon).

Boise should roll to another WAC title but how high can it get in the BCS standings? While the Mountain West has its gripes, the WAC has had teams in back-to-back BCS bowls in 2006-07.

The problem, if you can call it that, is that Oregon will likely be the only ranked team that Boise State faces this season. A similar predicament didn't bother the Broncos against Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl so what are we supposed to conclude?

Bleymaier is right. The Broncos belong not only in a BCS bowl but deserve a chance at the national championship.

If it wins all its games.

Picking the WAC ...

1. Boise State -- Start with accurate lefthander Kellen Moore at quarterback. Throw in starting experience at every position. Add a rising superstar coach who has two undefeated years in his first three seasons.  Watch for Chris Petersen and the Broncos to make another top 10 run. They are quick and athletic. Think a mountain version of Miami in the 1980s. Watch Titus Young who might be the league's fastest receiver.

2. Nevada -- Colin Kaepernick is the WAC's best quarterback. The Pistol offense is quirky and might be the WAC's best unit. It was held under 31 only twice, none came after September. In his third go-round with the Pack, Chris Ault is one of the more underrated coaches in the country. Ault needs just a hint of defense to milk the season down to late November when his team visits Boise State with the conference title possibly on the line. 

3. Louisiana Tech -- If it wasn't for Boise State, Louisiana Tech would be the WAC's Next Big Thing. The Bulldogs went 6-2 down the stretch appearing in only the program's third bowl in 20 years. Coach Derek Dooley has a returning quarterback (Ross Jenkins) as well as 16 other starters. Just think what a healthy receiver/returner Phillip Livas can do this season. Playing with a torn meniscus, the 5-foot-8 Livas piled up more than 2,000 all-purpose yards.

4. Fresno State -- The baseball team shamed the football team last year going from Bulldogs to Underdogs to Wonderdogs in winning the school's first national championship in a men's sport. Fresno would settle for a conference title from football. Coach Pat Hill has no WAC titles this decade and no outright titles ever (1998 and 1999 were ties). Fresno State's version of American Chopper's Paul Teutul  might have lost something off his fastball but the Bulldogs are still going to be a factor. Something will have to change, though, even with 15 returning starters. The Dogs were minus-11 in turnovers last season and have been outgained in the last three seasons.

5. San Jose State -- Coach Dick Tomey has done wonders in his retirement job, milking 23 victories out of this program in his four seasons. The Spartans faltered down the stretch last season losing their final three and missing out on a bowl. Tomey's team will contend for the WAC this season if Cal transfer quarterback Kyle Reed can improve, 6-4 receiver Marquis Avery can take pressure off of teammate Kevin Jurovich and the front seven on defense can dominate.

6. Hawaii -- June Jones knew what he was doing by getting out while the getting was good. While replacement Greg McMackin went 7-7 and got the Warriors to a bowl in his first season, the program will continue to slide. Hawaii will entertain offensively, it always does. But only two starters return on defense where 11 of the top 13 tacklers have departed.

7. Utah State -- New coach Gary Andersen (Utah's former defensive coordinator) has a monumental task ahead. As the No. 3 program in a sparsely populated state Utah State is constantly reminded how it can't get it done. It has been 12 seasons since the Aggies had a winning season. Former coach Brent Guy won nine games in four seasons.

8. Idaho -- Robb Akey is 3-21 in his two seasons but there are signs of hope considering the Vandals haven't had a winning season this decade. The top three rushers return not including Washington State transfer (nine miles away) DeMaundray Wooldridge. Quarterback Nathan Enderle somehow threw more touchdowns (20) than interceptions (17) during a 2-10 season.

9. New Mexico State --The Aggies went from wild-eyed offensive philosophy (Hal Mumme) to one of the best defensive coaches in the game (UCLA d-coordinator DeWayne Walker). Unfortunately the new coach picked one of the worst programs in I-A to launch his full-time head-coaching career. The defense will play hard and get better. The offense lost the leader of the nation's No. 10 pass offense (quarterback Chase Holbrook). Too bad new o-coordinator Timm Rosenbach doesn't have any eligibility left. The former Washington State quarterback was the Cougars' quarterback coach from 2003-07.



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Posted on: June 3, 2009 7:22 pm

Picking the WAC

I guess you drew the short straw, Dodd.  You got stuck picking the winners of the WAC.  Nobody cares about a conference whose best team has a blue field.



hensley.... How would you know, Tarheel? The ball isn't round. Should be interesting in the ACC. Remember you guys have to get ready for the winner of the Big Least again in the "Better give them the Orange Bowl" so they don't get mad Bowl. At least when us and Utah showed up we beat legit teams. Ain't nice getting smacked is it?

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Posted on: June 3, 2009 5:56 pm

Picking the WAC

Someday and Ironman, percy's a tool, it is part of a SEC bias to rip on the WAC and BSU.  He loves to repeat the party line for all good comrades, no surprise.

Dodd has taken the safe road and picked the 3 easy picks to be on top.  Do not count out Hawai'i this year, coach MacMackin will have them ready to win some games by putting up points and a shutout defense.  UH will not slide this year and it is the game in Honolulu that the Broncos have to prepare for the most, they have two straight losses there, OUCH!

I do not see SJState as being in the mix, Fresno State and then LATech will have good teams this year. BCS busting again?  It is a long shot at best, Hawai'i followed by Fresno State have the best scedules to warrant a BCS Bowl should they go undefeated.

Before you disagree about Hawai'i's ooc go look it up.   Last year we had 5 BCS teams and Notre Dame in a bowl.    The Broncos must step up their ooc schedule, 1 BCS team is not going to get them into a BCS Bowl when Oregon finishes outside the top 20 and should their WAC opponents falter.  

Too bad, BSU may have its best team ever this year and its ooc is too weak!  Dodd needs to discuss the 1 BCS opponent further, this issue will be magnified as the season progresses.

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Posted on: June 3, 2009 3:58 pm

Picking the WAC

I guess you drew the short straw, Dodd.  You got stuck picking the winners of the WAC.  Nobody cares about a conference whose best team has a blue field.

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 4:10 pm

Picking the WAC

 Percy said

Boise State is also 1-4 in their last 4 bowl games. No wonder we keep hearing about the victory over Oklahoma in 2006. ITS THEIR ONLY BOWL WIN IN ALMOST A DECADE.Undecided

Geez Percy, now your going from ripping on another program to fabricating(no one likes to called a liar).  Nice, but you knew full well that you made your cut on bowl wins right after a winning run for Boise and you kneww full well that Boise actually had a winning bowl record in the last decade.  Boise has been to 9 bowl games in the last decade and has a record of 5-4.  I can't quite figure you out.  Did you lose a bunch of money betting against Boise or something similar?  What is your teams bowl record in the same time period since you brought it up?  Oh, but they played harder competition.  Let me save you the trouble.  Do I see a 4-6 bowl record for Florida in the last decade?  What's your resentment? 

Boise State Bowl Results (5-4)SeasonBowlOpponentScoreW/L1999HumanitarianLouisville34-31W2000HumanitarianUTEP38-23W2002HumanitarianIowa State34-16W2003Fort WorthTCU34-31W2004LibertyLouisville40-44L2005MPC ComputersBoston College21-27L2006FiestaOklahoma (OT)43-42W2007Hawai'iEast Carolina38-41L2008PoinsettiaTCU16-17L

CitrusMichigan State34-37L2000SugarMiami (Fla.)20-37L2001OrangeMaryland56-23W2002OutbackMichigan30-38L2003OutbackIowa17-37L2004PeachMiami (Fla.)10-27L2005OutbackIowa31-24W2006BCS C'ship GameOhio State41-14W2007Capital OneMichigan35-41L2008BCS C'ship GameOklahoma24-14W

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 3:27 pm

Picking the WAC

Thats odd. The bold at the bottom of my post was supposed to be in the quote shaded areas above.

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 3:13 pm

Picking the WAC

I see you didn't miss another opportunity to rip on Boise's weak conference that they are stuck in.  Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Boise's ooc schedule a stronger schedule than your daunted Florida?  While you  rip on someone elses ooc schedule, your team schedules one of the weakest ooc of all the a/q conferences.  Yet, you still manage to have the gall to rip on another team's ooc.  Amazing!  You claim that your team had a top 5 sos by someone's calculations, so in your eyes it is ok for your team to schedule all cupcakes for your ooc,  However when one looks, there were 16 teams out of the top 25 that played stronger and/or year ranked opponents than did your team during the regular season.  That puts your team in the bottom half of year ranked teams.  But it is still ok for your team to schedule bodybags while your peers and most all other a/q conferences are making a good attempt at scheduling a decent ooc.

So, in your own words-  MR. KETTLE......MEET MR. POT.

Boise didn't deserve a chance to play in the mncg this past year because they wern't one of the two best teams in the nation.  Not because they had a weaker schedule.  The mncg is not about which team survived the strongest schedule, but to pit the two best teams against each other.  This, supposedly was the sole purpose of the bcs.  Had  it been who survived the strongest opposition than Florida would not have been in the game either.

If i'm not mistaken, I think that all D1a teams are members of the bcs, so Boise's record is against bcs opponents.  No matter how much you wish that it isn't the case.  Your elitism comes through loud and clear.

If this is your argument that Boise does not belong,  then in your eyes does this argument still hold true for TOSU?  OK?  Same, same, your elitism is in top form.

Now, Boise has been recruiting well the last few years and their depth at nearly every position is showing immensly.  They should be able to squeek out the wac title again this year.  That said, the Nevada game and La. Tech could pose a big problem.  And you never know which Fresno team is going to show up.  But first things first.  The season openner with Oregon is huge.  Could make or break a bcs run in the very first game.  The non a/q teams seldom have the luxury of a loss or as the ELITE might say, "A HICCUP".

Boise State is also 1-4 in their last 4 bowl games. No wonder we keep hearing about the victory over Oklahoma in 2006. ITS THEIR ONLY BOWL WIN IN ALMOST A DECADE.Undecided

Thats not a sign that Boise belongs to even be mentioned amongst the best in the country.



Boise since "their remarkable run" this decade is 5-11 vs BCS teams and that includes beating Oklahoma and Oregon the last 3 years.

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 2:40 pm

Picking the WAC

Some thoughts about the WAC...

First off, I am not a hater of the PAC-10 whatsoever, but I honestly believe that Boise State will make it two years in a row after they beat a very good Oregon team to begin the Season.

Secondly, looking at Nevada's schedule, they could be (long-shot, but a shot nevertheless) a potential BCS buster leading up to their final game against Boise State. After watching a couple of their games last year, Notre Dame and Boise State (They made a hell of a run to finish the game and make it close) they are absolutely capable of beating Notre Dame to begin the season, and could easily be a 1 or 2 loss team going into the season finale. La Tech and Mizzou are definite road blocks.

Hopefully Boise State can continue to be a leader of the non-BCS movement, and the WAC has a strong showing out of conference against the BCS schools.

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 12:58 pm

Nice Things about Buzzy State...

1)  The rest of the WAC schools appreciate the $$ you've made for their Athletic Depts.
(If you hadn't gone 1-4, we would have made more, tho.)

2) Reno/Sparks, NV especially appreciate your visits (and $$) .
Our casinos and nearby legal brothels see increased "action."
(I have first-hand knowledge in a least one of those areas.)

3) The difficult road ahead for your WAC opponents is littered with the droppings left by your 
"Junior Rented Mules."  (good fertilizer!)

4) The rest of the WAC appreciates the national exposure from the ESPN2 night games.
(I, for one, don't mind standing and sitting in numbing cold just to "get on TV.")

5) Nevada attendees for the Humanitaritan Bowls were given a warm welcome by those Boise locals 
not at the Bronco BCS game. (They went 1-4)

6) Honorable mention to the FSU Bulldogs fans:
Our casinos and nearby legal brothels see increased patronage, as well,
Even when FSU isn't playing...

WAC fans, here's to an exciting 2009 season! 

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 11:54 am

Picking the WAC

Why do people keep using the same lame line???? If BSU or Nevada or any other mid-major team is in a BCS Conference they would have BCS caliber players, so that would just make those questions like that irrelevant!

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Posted on: June 2, 2009 10:52 am

Picking the WAC

Exactly, Boise beating 1 ranked team per year on its way to an undefeated season playing in the WAC does not mean it should have a chance to play in for the BCS championship. 

C'mon Percy et al...this is no reason to start ripping on Boise.  The point wasnt that they should have been in the BCS National Championship game...the point is that the system should be inclusive for any D-1 team that wins its games to have a chance to win a National Championship (to settle it on the field in a real postseason).  At this point, it doesnt matter if your Auburn from the SEC to Utah to Boise from non auto bid leagues, the current system in place doesnt guarantee that everyone who wins all or enough of their games will have the opportunity. 

You cant also just throw your stats out there without quantifying them.  Boise plays in the WAC....Florida plays in the SEC.  Nobody thinks they are the same.  So throwing BCS versus nonBCS wins out there is pretty silly.

There is no reason to be so defensive Percy, we know Florida had a great team and MAY have won a real postseason, unfortunatly they werent given the why be mad at Boise or mad at the BCS for not being big enough to settle this whole thing on the field.

We know its not your fault...your just venting your frustrations at the whole stupid system we have...  

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