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Picking the independents

Posted on: June 9, 2009 9:19 am
Edited on: June 9, 2009 4:21 pm

When senior citizens complain, they tend to whine about wanting their juice, maybe turning up the heat, or, for gosh sakes, somebody find the remote. Jeopardy's on. 

Joe Paterno is one of those senior citizens. He also tends to whine. Recently he chose the Big Ten as his target. Late in life other 82-year-olds want their favorite chair, pillow or blanket. The Penn State coach prefers Big Ten expansion. Syracuse, Rutgers and Pittsburgh are his favorites. Pretty much anyone but Notre Dame.

The fact that no one of consequence even commented on JoePa's ramblings confirmed that they were just that -- ramblings. Paterno might want it his way but he's got it all wrong.

The only way Big Ten expansion works is if Notre Dame is the pick. Ten years ago, the conference (Big 11, really) walked down the aisle hand-in-hand with ND. A marriage seemed imminent. Then the engagement was abruptly broken off when the Notre Dame's board of trustees reiterated its preference to stay independent.

Since then, the former lovers' prospects have dimmed. Big Ten football has regressed recently. Despite two BCS bowls this decade, Notre Dame has seen some of its darkest days since its last appearance in 2006. Coach Charlie Weis' job hangs by a thread. He is the program's fifth coach since '96. The last national championship was 21 years ago.

Still, ND retains favored status in the BCS. The public at large didn't know about ND's almost special dispensation when it came to the BCS. It had arguably the easiest entry into a major bowl -- basically win nine and finish in the top 12.

 Notre Dame also happened to keep all the bowl money itself (minus expenses, of course). Why join a conference? It gets $4.5 million for playing in a BCS bowl. Even in years when ND doesn't go to the BCS bowl, it receives a $1.4 million check just for participating in the system. The deal with NBC pays it another $8 million per year. At least. 

That's why Notre Dame is the only school that makes sense for Big Ten expansion. The conference could use the money. Notre Dame is a ratings winner whether it is 7-1 or 1-7. People watch the same way they watch dogs fighting in the middle of the street.

It interests us.

It's easy to see why the trustees want to stay independent. Why split all that money 12 ways? Of course, if Notre Dame joined the Big Ten it could dictate some favorable terms. For example, it is assumed the school wouldn't be sharing any of that NBC money.

You can also see why Notre Dame expansion makes sense to the Big Ten. Adding the Irish would boost the Big Ten's TV ratings, its bowl coffers (at some point) and its profile. Think how the fledgling Big Ten Network could benefit. There would be a central location to catch up on everything Notre Dame.

Big Ten expansion into South Bend would be easier on both ends to recruiters. For existing Big Ten coaches who could tell prospects, "Come play against Notre Dame," and for Notre Dame which could tell prospects, "Come win the Big Ten."

None of this is going to happen soon. Commissioner Jim Delany recently called Big Ten expansion a "back burner issue." While the conference's football prospects might be down, things are always cyclical in college football. Notre Dame, as you will read below, is expected by some to get back to a BCS bowl this season.

For now, a 12-team Big Ten with Notre Dame is a conversation piece. It might never happen. The economy might worsen and it might be inevitable. There is one thing conclusion when it comes to the subject:

Please don't listen to JoePa.

Picking the independents...

1. Notre Dame -- It's all in place -- the schedule, the front-line talent, the network, the hype. Forget all that. ND goes nowhere this season unless Jimmy Clausen makes the next logical step in his progression. The junior improved last season adding 18 pounds and throwing for 25 touchdowns. It all came together in the bowl game when his only four incompletions against Hawaii were drops. With better protection, a better running game, better receivers and a better outlook, Clausen should begin to fulfill the promise he brought to South Bend three years ago. Whether it's enough to save Charlie Weis' job is another issue. It's BCS bowl or bust for The Big Guy. Weis will ride as far as Clausen can take him. The kid will benefit from the return of four starters on the offensive line. Experts have fallen in love with receivers Michael Floyd and Golden Tate. The running game (No. 100 nationally) has to get better with the arrival of freshman Cierre Wood. Clausen can give Wood a few pointers on how to approach that freshman season. The quarterback had his ego knocked back to The Stone Age in 2007-2008. But, seemingly, Clausen has lived and learned. With his body still intact from all those sacks, Clausen should thrive. But will it be enough to win at least nine games?

2. Navy -- It was hard to place Navy second behind ND. If everything goes right for the Middies, they could be the best of the independents. They won one more than Notre Dame last season. The last two seasons they've been competitive with Notre Dame which is important after four decades of losses. The prospects are bright for '09. In his first full season as head coach, Ken Niumatalolo won eight games, a sixth consecutive Commander-In-Chief's Trophy and got Navy to a bowl. The best thing to happen to Navy, in a weird way, might have been an injury to dangerous quarterback Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada. That allowed budding talent Ricky Dobbs to start four games in '08. Dobbs wants to be president someday (after his Navy commitment, of course). His moves could make the triple option even more dangerous. The front seven is the strength of the defense. Remember that you read it here first -- in June: Look out Ohio State and Pittsburgh. Navy visits both in the first three weeks of the season. Dobbs and the option are coming.

3. Army -- Good things are being said and written about new coach Rich Ellerson. If he can transfer his magic to this run-down program, then ... well let's wait and see. There have been 12 consecutive losing seasons. The Army brass has made bad decision after bad decision. There is no reason that the Black Knights shouldn't at least be on a par with Air Force and Navy, but somehow Army has sunk to the depths of Division I-A. Ellerson comes from I-AA Cal Poly bringing the triple option on offense and double-eagle flex formation on defense (think Arizona's "Desert Swarm"). Army won't go to a bowl but it needs to build enough momentum to give Navy a game on Dec. 12.



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Posted on: June 10, 2009 10:40 am

Picking the independents

Dodd I rarely agree with you but you actually wrote a decent article here. I can't wait to see Cierre Wood in the ND backfield, that guys got a real good chance of being special. Can't wait for the start of college football, GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: June 10, 2009 9:48 am

Picking the independents


Once again, you prove how moronic you are and how biased against PSU that you are.  I have written you before--you leave no stone unturned to take every pot shot you can at Paterno, arguably the greatest college coach ever and who has forgotten more charitable things and impacted more young mens' lives than you could ever even dream of....

Your article is entitled "Picking the Independents."  Try sticking to the subject matter.  It helps the reader.  Paterno made his comments about the Big 10 in a separate discussion.  As another writer noted, CBS took 11 plus pages of comments ripping your butt buddy Doyel about his idiotic comments about what Paterno said.  Out of the 11 plus pages, it was like 8-1 or 9-1 trashing Doyel.  Your subsequent point that the Big 10 didn't comment is foolish.  They didn't comment because they all AGREE with Joe Pa and there is no need to comment.  ND was courted immensely by everyone in the Big 10 and then stayed Independent because of the very reasons you mentioned---special status on qualifications to BCS games, extra $, etc.  Plus, they are just flat out pansies and don't want to play in a conference.  Gtar Kid--you are an idiot.  ND hasn't been ranked in the top 15 of SOS since Holtz left...half the reason they stay independent is because they couldn't hack it in the Big 10.  Cripes, they could only beat up on the weakest UM team in thirty years and they suck against MSU.  Purdue they do well against.  They would not finish with any type of record in the Big 10 going week in and week out against the likes of the previously mentioned teams, PSU, Wisconsin, and Illinois.  Cripes, Northwestern would be competitive against them.  Their scheduled is RIDICULOUSLY easy this year...Nevada, Washington, Washington State, the perennial Navy, Stanford, and Connecticut.....they should have lost to Stanford last year.  They will STILL be lucky to finish better than 8-5.  Weis epitomizes the very arrogant essence of the school...I used to root for them also when Parseghian and Devine and Holtz were there...they played tough schedules (at least Ara and Holtz did) and they played with class.  Now, they just are an arrogant "run of the mill" program.  Arrogance defined by examples of the George O'Leary fiasco, the "we have Urban Meyer (or not) fopa, the "we give Weis a 10 year contract for winning with Ty's players because we are 'scared' he will leave" foolishness.  Weis' "record" is WAY worse than Ty's....AND, with an easier set of schedules.   but, then again, Ty got different "treatment" than ANY other ND coach ever (ALWAYS five years)......

Dodd--you would be best served to consider selling sweepers or some other line of work that can match up better with your b.s.  Because, college football analysis is certainly not your aren't accurate, you take things way out of context, and you show no professionalism in terms of objectivity.  Plus, you just simply aren't a good writer on top of all that....

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Posted on: June 10, 2009 3:22 am

Picking the independents

"... somehow Army has sunk to the depths of Division I-A."  Gee, that's pretty low.  It's so low that it's the highest classification of college football teams there is.  Am I missing something here?  Are not Navy and Air Force also I-A schools? 

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Posted on: June 9, 2009 11:17 pm

Picking the independents

Guys, guys, guys:

ESPN and CBS reported on Joe. It's what we -- they -- do. What did you expect?

I'm talking about anyone at the Big Ten or those schools commenting on Joe. No one saw fit to give his comments any credence. 


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Posted on: June 9, 2009 11:15 pm

Picking the independents

Guys, guys, guys:

ESPN and CBS reported on Joe. It's what we -- they -- do. What did you expect?

I'm talking about anyone at the Big Ten or those schools commenting on Joe. No one saw fit to give his comments any credence. 


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Posted on: June 9, 2009 10:28 pm

Picking the independents

I'm a be honest on the whole independent thing, it's getting old. They should put Notre Dame in the Big East not the Big Ten. Then with Navy and Army put them both in the C-USA.

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Posted on: June 9, 2009 9:31 pm

Join The Big Ten Only...

Join the big ten only if they are forced to do a playoff so that the SEC and Big 12 don't suffer alone when two no loss teams have to play a week before the BCS games are announced.

Notre Dame already plays a harder schedule as an independent than if they were to join the big ten.

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Posted on: June 9, 2009 4:20 pm

PIcking the independents

The Irish don't need no stinking conference.  Cool  We are just fine.  Who needs another SEC playoff round roben.  JoPa doesn't want the compitition..the all time record is 8-9-1 favoring Penn State.  These two teams have some of the best games ever played. 

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Posted on: June 9, 2009 4:16 pm
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Posted on: June 9, 2009 4:00 pm

PIcking the independents

If ND makes the most sense and If doods and others thought is to wait for ND.

Quit bitchin about adding a 12th to the big 11 and wait for ND to come around.

If nobody is forcing ND then ND ain't goin nowhere then quit cryin

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