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BCS to reject Mountain West playoff proposal

Posted on: June 16, 2009 12:27 am

BCS commissioners aren't expected to take any action on the Mountain West playoff proposal when they meet Tuesday in Colorado Springs, Colo.

The commissioners agreed last month to take the Mountain West's proposal back to their conferences for discussion. The SEC already has said it will not support the proposal, coming out of its spring meetings earlier this month in Destin, Fla.

Upset at lack of access to the national championship game, the Mountain West lobbied lawmakers on Capitol Hill for change in the 11-year-old BCS. Earlier this year, it proposed an eight-team playoff. The teams would be selected by a human committee.

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson then made a 90-minute presentation to his peers during the BCS meetings last month in Pasadena, Calif. The only question now is how the commissioners are going to make the announcement of formally passing on the the Mountain West playoff proposal. Most likely the announcement will come from the BCS presidential oversight committee.

The Mountain West has refused to sign the new BCS television agreement with ESPN. It is more of a protest than anything else. The conference is expected to eventually sign, or risk forfeiting the BCS money it receives each year. A new $125 million-per-year deal with ESPN takes effect in 2010 and lasts through the bowls of 2014.


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Posted on: June 19, 2009 3:41 pm

BCS to reject Mountain West playoff proposal

Utah played Michigan last year.  Usually that is a hard game, but not last year.  They also played Oregon State which beat USC!  They beat a ranked BYU and TCU teams.  You cant point to their competition level and fault them. 

What cracks me up is that Florida beats MIGHTY MIGHTY WORLD BEATERS OF Alabama in the SEC championship game and gets bumped over Texas. 

Utah plays a rested Bama team in SEC country, wins...and everyone now says, "Oh Bama wasnt that good anyway". 

Double standard maybe??!!

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Posted on: June 18, 2009 11:37 am

BCS to reject Mountain West playoff proposal

i agree, a 16 team playoff.

all 11 conference champs - they are all D1 conferences no matter how bad their schedules seem on paper.

5 at large teams - this gives teams that had great years (i.e. last years 'Bama, Texas, and Tx Tech) a shot too.

use a bowls in each region for first round matchups, Capital One/Outback, Alamo/Cotton, Holiday/??, Motor/??
Use the BCS bowls being used for the Quarters, Semi's and Final (every 4th year each of these host 2 games 3 out of 4 years, as opposed to now when they host 2 only every 4 years.

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Posted on: June 18, 2009 5:39 am

BCS to reject Mountain West playoff proposal

In my opinion a way to make everyone happy here is to have a 16 team playoff. It's a large field and some might say it's too large but they could have each game considered a bowl game, ex. the first round games could be like the Outback Bowl, Motor City Bowl ect., with the championship game the big one like the Rose Bowl, Fedex Orange Bowl, Nokia Sugar Bowl and it could rotate each year like it currently does. The BCS was made to support the bigger conferences but now that it seems, just as NCAA Basketball that the minor conferences can produce power houses and legitimate title contenders, that they should have a shot too at the Championship. Plus this system would take away any doubt about the National Champion since it would give all the legitmate teams a shot to show who is the best just like this year some thought USC was the strongest even though they stumbled a bit, Texas thought they should've been in the game and they won their game so they had a right to complain, Utah went undefeated and was left out too. I think it would draw just as much rating if not more because every teams following would tune in with much more anticipation and a hope their team could win it all instead of a mesely 4th or 5th biggest game title. It would also erase the one in done deal where if you lose a game your season and title hopes are most likely smashed. I know I would tune into every game instead of just watching my Buckeyes play and the title game honestly.

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Posted on: June 18, 2009 3:01 am

BCS to reject Mountain West playoff proposal

Stop crying about the mid-majors already. Their in conference shcedule is pathetic. Winning a rare bowl game equates to nothing. When Boise and Utah start filling stadiums, and have more than a 24 person following, then they can cry, weep, and whine all they want.

Until then, take a hike.


I can see that this loser is not a REAL college fan if he doesn't like mid-majors......

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Posted on: June 18, 2009 1:42 am

BCS to reject Mountain West playoff proposal

i am not  surprised, but the reality is it's goin to take more than a second rate conference, ie more than half of the bcs conferences, to put any kind of leverage on the bcs committee and the ncaa. no team or conference iss going to turn down the kind of money that is at stake even the MWC and their high horse will have to come down to cash their check

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Posted on: June 17, 2009 11:45 pm

BCS to reject Mountain West playoff proposal

Didn't Cincy lose a pathetic contest to a FOUR loss VA Tech team? I thought so... enough said about the Big Least.

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Posted on: June 17, 2009 11:35 pm

BCS to reject Mountain West playoff proposal


Utah had a great year and ended it by beating an ill-prepared Alabama team.  I don't want to take away from it, but you honestly can't tell me that Alabama gave its best effort, or even a 75% effort in that game.  Alabama had their undies in a wad because they weren't playing for a national title and didn't prepare for Utah.
You BCS crybabies want it both ways.  You say that Utah beat an ill-prepared Alabama team that didn't want to be there, so it doesn't mean anything.  However, what would you be saying if Alabama would have won?  You would be saying, "See, this proves my point why non-bcs teams should not be in these games, they can't compete." (Example, Hawaii).  Essentially you have an excuse for both, either non-bcs teams don't deserve those games because they cannot compete, or if they do win, well, the other team didn't care.  Do you realize how flawed your argument is?  If Alabama cannot beat a 'lousy' Utah team, what does that say about Alabama?  Oh by the way, do you realize that in '07 Alabama lost to Louisiana Monroe and played Colorado in a crappy bowl game and finished 7-6, so if they cannot get excited to be in a BCS game in their backyard in '08, then they do have something wrong with them.  All I know when I was watching that game was Alabama was taken to the woodshed for a while, but then they started to come back, almost tied the game, and it looked like to me that they really wanted to win (giving their best effort).  However, according to you when they almost tied the game, they decided that they were going to lose because they didn't care and should have been in the NCG.  Face it, last year the MWC was just as good as the SEC.  Utah (MWC 1) beat the number two SEC team on the road, and Wyoming (MWC last place team 8-9) beat the number 7-8 place SEC team (Tennessee) on the road as well.  MWC 2 - SEC 0, both ROAD GAMES TOO!

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Posted on: June 17, 2009 9:31 pm

BCS to reject Mountain West playoff proposal

The BCS sucks, it's a sham perpetuated by the power conferences. College football should just go back to the old bowl system. A playoff would give us a champion, sure, but now there would only be one team that ends their season with a win. There's no need for the BCS or a playoff IMO.

Since: Nov 5, 2007
Posted on: June 17, 2009 4:57 pm

BCS to reject Mountain West playoff proposal

The other conferences aren't rejecting it just because it is a playoff system, they are rejecting it because of the use of a committe to select the teams. The SEC and Big 12 both support the concept of a playoff system. It is the Big 10 and Pac 10 that are against a playoff system.

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Posted on: June 17, 2009 2:21 pm

Once again insanity chimes in

Thanks for sharing your completely ludicrous and entirely misinformed thoughts.

I wonder why they can't spend the same types of money? Could it be that the Big 6 horde 90% of the bowl game payouts? Maybe that is the reason why the big 6 love the status qou. Do you really believe scholls like Baylor, Iowa St., Vandy, Duke, UW, Wassu and Syracuse are better football programs than BYU, TCU, Utah, and Boise St.?

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