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Five things I believe about the Big East

Posted on: August 4, 2009 8:22 am

Random thoughts going into the Big East media day in Newport, R.I. ...

Call it the Mountain West – East. The question is why the Big East deserves an automatic BCS bid and the Mountain West doesn’t.

I can’t think of one good reason, especially this year. The Mountain West goes three teams deep (TCU, BYU, Utah). The Big East might not have a ranked team this season. After distinguishing itself after the ACC raid, the Big East, at least this season, is the Big Least.

It’s wide open. Five teams have a legitimate shot at winning the league – West Virginia, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and South Florida.

That’s good for those schools, bad for the league as a whole. The Big East doesn’t have a big dog that will make a national splash. Every team has holes. Rutgers lost its quarterback and best receivers. Pittsburgh lost its top tackler and rusher. Pat White and the buzz is gone from West Virginia.

Greg Paulus will play quarterback for Syracuse ... at some point and it will make total sense. When the former Duke guard began shopping himself and when Syracuse bit, it seemed like a joke. I mean, what was next Mike Krzyzewski drawing up plays for David Cutcliffe?

Then I started thinking: Syracuse is its absolute bottom. It’s probably going to finish last again in the Big East. Paulus is a good athlete, although isn’t about time we quit slobbering over his high school quarterback exploits?

It comes down to a what-the-heck thing? Syracuse can’t do any worse. The Orange’s offense is terrible. Let’s see what Paulus can do.

These schools need to break through. Rutgers, South Florida and Pittsburgh.

Remember 2006 when Rutgers was on the cusp of a BCS bowl? It is 18-12 since beating Louisville that year. South Florida rose to No. 2 a couple of years ago but have developed a nasty habit for disappointing. The Bulls are undefeated in the past two Septembers, 7-8 the rest of the way.

Dave Wannstedt won nine games a year ago and his program seems ready to turn the corner but his Panthers have yet to do it. The likeable Wanny is two games above .500 in his four seasons.

Randy Edsall won’t be around much longer. Two years ago UConn shared the league title. Last season Donald Brown rushed for 2,000 yards, led the nation and left early for the NFL. UConn had as many draft picks as Alabama (four).

Those are signs of a big-time program.

Edsall, entering his 11th season, got some interest from Syracuse, his alma mater, but he can do much better. If he continues to win, he will.


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Posted on: October 6, 2009 6:01 am

Five things I believe about the Big East

I will not argue about who should be in the BCS, the MWC should be there as mcuh as any other conference, especially the ACC, which is probably the worst football conference in the BCS.  Yes I know they took Va Tech, they belonged in the south,,Miami, also in the south,,BC, nobody cares. Is the Big East down,,,imo no, not any worse then other conferences. Dudd by trying to start and argument between the MWC and Big East is only trying to get his beloved SEC more exposure, sorry Dudd it won't work. I think the Big East and some other conferences should get players like the SEC,,,can't read coming into the schools  and can't read leaving, and where is the NCAA,,,counting money I guess. BTW Dudd,,WV has a winning record against the SEC.

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Posted on: October 4, 2009 10:21 am

Five things I believe about the Big East

WOw Dodd this post could be about the Big 10(11) they can't count, or especially the ACC, why do these conferences get automatic bids to the BCS,,ooops I fogot Dodd, they have a large population center and CBS needs its as does all the sports networks. I would compare the ACC to the MAC conference and the Big 10(11) to Conference USA. I think the Big East will do just fine this year against the over-rated larger population conferences, but I will agree that the Big East seems a little down this year or all the sportswriters are nuts, we will see after the season is over about that one,,,I sorta go with sportwriters are biased nuts.

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 5:14 pm

Five things I believe about the Big East


He means 3 teams that will compete for the CC and probable BCS bid.  All of those teams will start the season nationally ranked and poised for a shot at a BCS game in which they would have to play to win their way in not automatically given a spot by losing to the fewest people. If a league has parity than usually that doesn't mean all of the teams are super good it means all of the teams are super mediocre.

Also big deal if they out recruit the MWC.. what has that accomplished on the field?  Basically it means that the MWC is taking not as good players and making them better players than the high star recruits that the BE is getting.

In the past five years the MWC has gon 13-8 in their bowl games including 2-0 in the BCS.  The Big East on the other hand has gone 8-14 in their bowl games and 3-2 in the BCS games.  However by your own admission the ACC is the worst league who you have a tie in against and one of those BCS losses was to the MWC and it wasn't close.

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 1:51 pm

Five things I believe about the Big East

The buzz has left Morgantown???? Are you kidding me!!! This Dud has probably never been to Morgantown! There is a Giant Buzzzzz in Morgantown. The D is going to be NASTY! Everyone is looking forward to a passing attack by JB (who write this down will be at least a second rd pick next year) Noel Devine gets to run without 8 guys in the box since WVU will have a downfiled passing game. The only people who don't think it is going to be a good year in Morgantown are those SEC, Big 12, Big 11 slob knobbers! I look forward to week 6 when the mounties are 6-0 with a win over Auburn and Colorado and then ESPN will jump right back on the WVU wagon, CBS will never because they are way too far up Timmy's ASS to see any other conference but the SEC.

See ya in a BCS game where WVU once again beats up on the so called big boys (Ex: Oklahoma, Georgia, Nerxt TBA)

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 12:42 pm

Five things I believe about the Big East

How can you say we don't deserve the bid this year because the MWC is 3 teams deep (like that is something special) and then say that there are 5 teams this year with a chance to win the BE. Wouldn't that make us 5 teams deep? Last time I checked 5>3. Oh, by the way, the BE is 5-4 all time in BCS games and 3-1 in the last 4 years. You know, the years where the BE has been failing. The power conference known as the ACC is 3-11 all time in BCS games and two of those three wins came from former BE teams. Enough with all the negativity towards the BE. We are good and we have our bid until at least 2013 so you'll have to see us whether you like it or not. What a tool.

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 8:24 am

Five things I believe about the Big East

The BCS is intended to pair the top 2 teams against one another. Thats it. It has never been about getting the Top 8 or 10 teams irrespective of conference affiliation in its games, if it was, it wouldnt be the BCS, it would be a playoff. Im not sure where this fixation that the BCS games are for the "best teams in the land" comes from, because it just isnt set up that way. So the fact that Cincinnati isnt a NC contender is irrelevant, and all the talk about booting a conference (any conference) from the BCS is just plain nonsense. Of course there's a pretty decent way to resolve all these issues, but the NCAA doesnt want it.

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Posted on: August 6, 2009 8:14 am

Five things I believe about the Big East

Not sure why the Big East always catches a load of crap. The system accentuates a conference's lack of a national championship contender. Thats it. It shows nothing about a conferences depth, or overall quality, particular in the "middle". Because the Big 12 had Texas Tech, Texas, and Oklahoma, it appeared to be a moster conference, saying nothing of the Iowa States, Coloradoes, and K-States of the world. (Baylor, A&M etc). Now, every conferences has its good bad and middle of the road, but some are more visible than others (Pac-10, Big XII, Big Ten) . The problem with the Big East (and the ACC for that matter) is that the best teams, and the worst, are not that far from the middle. Virginia Tech wasnt leaps and bounds better than Florida St, BC, Maryland, Wake, and those teams were not easily superior to NC State. Same thing with the BE. Cincy would not necessarily dominate a UCONN, West Virginia, or USF, who are better, but only marginally better than, a Rutgers or Louisville. And then of course, every conference has their bottom feeders. (Iowa St, Indiana, both schools in Washington, Mississippi St, Duke etc). Jeff Sagarin rates the conferences in this way, for 2008:

   1  SEC   &
;   (A) =  78.31     
79.08  (  1)    
   2  BIG 12     &nb
sp;     &n
bsp;  (A) =  77.86     
77.80  (  2)    
   3  ACC   &
;   (A) =  77.70     
77.67  (  3)    
   4  PAC-10     
;     &nbs
p;   (A) =  76.14     
75.39  (  4)    
   5  BIG EAST     &
(A) =  75.23     
74.11  (  5)      
   6  BIG TEN     &n
bsp;     &
nbsp; (A) =  73.21     
73.49  (  6)   

And you cant take 3 games involving different teams over a 4 year span of your choosing to make your case and have it sound solid. Im not advocating anybody losing their BCS birth. College football goes in cycles, and the BCS only shows off a conferences upper-upper-tier. Im not going to say Cincinnati or VaTech was as good as Florida or other Championship contenders, but just because of that, doesnt mean the Big East or ACC sucks either.

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Posted on: August 5, 2009 6:44 pm

Five things I believe about the Big East

Pleeeeeeeeeease, would you talk about Krag getting the boot this year at Louisville. I live there and we r so tired of him. This has to be his last season. I can honestly say that if he won 10 games this year we still would like to see him gone, just can't take it anymore. I want this to be a national spotlight, that the university has to fire him. We went from being a national contender to nothing. Yes losing Petrino hurt but come on, we were headed in the right direction! So please, get something stirred up for me about Louisville football, get him the **** out of here

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Posted on: August 5, 2009 5:12 pm

Two things I believe about Dodd

Random thoughts after reading this article...

Dennis Dodd is a complete idiot.  The question is why does Dodd deserve to have his dribble published?  I can't think of one good reason.

Dennis Dodd does not do his research.  This is obvious when you consider that the Big East is tied for the best BCS winning percentage of any conference since the ACC raid but he fails to mention it.


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Posted on: August 5, 2009 3:30 pm

Five things I believe about the Big East

Unfortunately Dodd is not alone in bashing the Big East.  They all ignore performance in BCS bowls which should be the relevant criteria.  Boston College still competed in the Big East in 2004, marking the end of the transition from the Old Big East to the New Big East.  During the first three year of the New Big East (2005-2007 seasons), the conference was the ONLY BCS conference to win all of its BCS bowl games.  Last year Virginia Tech beat Cincinatti and the howling began again.  Even with that loss, the Big East (along with the Pac-10) still stands on top of the BCS heap during this period.  BCS winning percentages during the New Big East era are:  Big East and Pac-10, 75%; SEC, 71%; Big 12, 40%; Big 10, 29%; ACC, 25%.  So, who does not belong??

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