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Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

Posted on: September 7, 2009 10:01 am
Edited on: September 7, 2009 10:02 am
Or at least get new seat cushions, especially for Dan Hawkins, Ron Zook and Al Groh. Those three are the main targets of columnists, fans and message boards after the first week of play. (Note: This is before Miami-Florida State so this post may appear dated by Monday night.)

This ain't intramurals, brother, but it sure looked like it Sunday night in Boulder. Colorado, a 10 1/2-point favorite, was manhandled by in-state rival Colorado State 23-17. And, yes, the score was as misleading as Byron Hout's "internal discipline" at Boise State.

They're all over coach Dan Hawkins for a) sticking with his son Cody at quarterback the entire game and b) leaving one-time program building block Darnell mostly on the bench. Hawkins completed 24 of 40 for 222 yards but still looks like he's too short to see over the line when the rush comes. His dad picked him in a tight battle with Tyler Hansen to be the starter so, if nothing else, you can't doubt a dad's love.

That was one problem. The bigger one was that the Buffs weren't ready to play. Colorado State scooted off to a 17-0 lead in front of stunned Folsom Field fans. CU AD Mike Bohn had said privately that is was very unlikely that Hawkins was even in trouble going into the season. Scratch that. CU can't afford a rebuilding effort that includes a flat offense, an intimidated defense and an unprepared squad.

Zook has to be on the hot seat (again) after his team's performance against Missouri. Sure, he lost preseason All-American receiver Arrellious Benn early on but quarterback Juice Williams looked flat in a 37-9 loss to Missouri. Yes, Missouri's defense surrendered single-digit points to a BCS conference school for only the fourth time since October 2004. (Ironically, two of those performances have been against Colorado.)

Williams did not look comfortable against a defense he had skewered for 42 points in last year's meeting. On the other side, Missouri's Blaine Gabbert is a national player of the week candidate after throwing for 319 yards in his first start. Gabbert averaged 9.7 yards per attempt. Chase Daniel surpassed that average only nine times in his 41 games as a Tiger.

Speaking of national players of the week, please don't overlook William & Mary's B.W. Webb. Bill and Mary's redshirt freshman picked off three passes, returning one for a touchdown, in his team's shocking 26-14 win over Virginia. The immediate reaction in the Georgia Dome press box was whether Groh would last the week.

You can catch all the action here. William & Mary's SID department immediately threw up on an online video of the game. Don't miss the seven -- yes, seven -- Virginia turnovers.

Until the ACC actually starts winning football games the league office ought to institute a media blackout. The ACC was 4-6 in the opening week against non-conference opponents. There's no truth to the rumor that BCS honchos are considering replacing the ACC with the Colonial Athletic Association.

The CAA took two ACC scalps (Richmond beat Duke) and is considered the Big Ten (roughly) of I-AA. William & Mary is ranked No. 14 and Richmond is a former I-AA national champion.


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Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

The CAA isn't exactly comparable to the Big Ten of I-AA. If anything, its the SEC of I-AA. Five of the sixteen teams to make the playoffs in each of the past two years have been from that league. Its been by far the dominant league in I-AA for the past 10 years. With the exception of Appalachian State, nearly every top I-AA (FCS) team of the past five years has been affiliated with the CAA. So yes, the ACC upsets were shockers, but it wasn't exactly to teams from a weak I-AA league. Hell, Richmond should have beat UVA last year (lost by 1). Villanova of the CAA beat Temple on Thursday night, and UMass nearly upset Kansas State. Four of the top 10 in the FCS polls are in the CAA, and 7 of the top 20.

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Posted on: September 7, 2009 8:19 pm

Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

Jasonprice, I'm sorry but your comparisons just don't make much sense. Fulmer? Tuberville? Look at the seasons they had before getting fired. When has Tressel had anything close to that?  RR gets a pass for his first season without the type of players he needed for his offense...

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Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

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Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

I'd say Tressel beating his main rival 7 years in a row bodes well for his job security.

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Posted on: September 7, 2009 4:43 pm

Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

I think Weis will be safe.  Can't say the same for RR, a lot whispers about him having more booster problems that may be a distraction this year.  A win against ND would go a long way for RR and Mich, a loss - particularly a drubbing at home - could spell the beginning of the end.

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Posted on: September 7, 2009 3:01 pm

Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

Would love to see George O'Leary of Central Florida gone.  Even with the hiring of a new Offensive Coordinator, signs of O'Leary's decisions are still controlling the game.  O'Leary is still calling plays and holding back his Offensive Coordinator's descions.  The team's offense looks no different then last years worst in the NCAA.  UCF is the 4th largest school in the country, and the largest in the football rich state of Florida, yet this clown can't put a team on the field that can compete.  When are people going to realize the college game today has passed up O'Leary and he needs to move on.  UCF even signed an extension to his already overpaid contract, eventhough his currect record is 16 and 27.  That winning percentage is a joke since the school and boosters have given him everything he has asked for from a million dollar salary for coordinators, an on campus stadium, and an indoor practice facility that looks like an NFL training facility.  Yet he struggles against 1-AA Samford.  UCF beat Samford by 53 points the last time we played them, but that wasn't under George O'Leary.  We couldn't score 53 points in an entire season now.  Please tell me GOL is on the hot seat!

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Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

Bobby Bowden and Chiznik is on the hot seat... Chiznik will have at least one more year.. Bobby Bowden could be coaching his last year...

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Posted on: September 7, 2009 2:29 pm

Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

So let me think my post through... ok you got Tuberville who coached an undefeated Auburn football team... you got Fulmer at Tennessee who won them a national championship... hmmmm.... what makes Tressel invincible?
I've never said those coaches deserve or should be on the hot seat... just saying it wouldn't surprise me depending on the type of season they have...

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Posted on: September 7, 2009 2:26 pm

Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

Yikes! Are you serious jasonprice82?

Jim Tressel and Rich Rodriguez will not be getting fired after this season, and since when is RR dividing the locker room? Please dude, think your post through a little better.

Read what I said.. It's to early to tell.... If everything played out right Coach Tressel and Rodriguez could get fired. There's only been one game played this year. Anything can happen.. come on man.. Look at Tennessee's Coach Fulmer. He was a year away from the SEC Championship game then got fired. So you're saying if Ohio State or Michigan doesn't have a Tennessee year than those two guys are invincible to getting fired? Those that keep up with college football know what I'm talking about. It's to early to tell what coaches are on the hot seat only after one game.. Nobody knows anything.. and anything can happen.

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Posted on: September 7, 2009 12:17 pm

Updating Coaches On The Hot Seat ...

Did somebody say Jim Tressel is on the hot seat? Yeah, let's fire a guy who has won a national title, churns out 10 win seasons, Big Ten titles, and wins over their major rival(s) consistently. Does that make much sense?

I think Rich Rod will be fine at UM, only one game but the teams looks much improved.

Same for Weis at ND. I don't see a national title in the cards this season like Lou Holtz does but I can easily see them going 9-3, maybe 10-2. And they should be even better next year, pending early entrees to the draft.

On the other hand, it's a miracle Al Groh is still employed, and Dan Hawkins is traveling down that road as well.

Interesting to see how Miami's season will play out. I don't think Shannon is on the hot seat, nor should he be, but should they stumble a little bit this year, Tommy Tuberville could be packing his bags for a return to Coral Gables.

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