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That looked a lot like Miami ...

Posted on: September 17, 2009 10:59 pm
... the old Miami. The program that had Luke Campbell as a mascot, the team that slapped around opponents then made them like it.

While watching the Canes cane Georgia Tech Thursday night I had a funny, tingly feeling deep down inside. [I've been through puberty so no wise-ass remarks.] Miami is really, really close to being back.

That was a smackdown job on Tech. Jacory Harris established himself as one of the nation's best young quarterbacks. The Florida State game was no fluke. I know the defense is rounding into form -- 1987 form -- when a late Miami interception was negated by a roughing the passer penalty.

Somewhere Jerome Brown was smiling.

I'll wait until watching Virgina Tech-Nebraska, but right now Miami looks like the best team in the ACC. Georgia Tech was revealed as one-dimensional. I mean, you have to be able throw a little bit. Josh Nesbitt doesn't scare the broad side of many barns.

South Florida will spend the next 10 days going a little bit nuts, and it should. It's been a while since Miami looked this good, this confident.

Suddenly, that death march of a schedule doesn't look so daunting. The U already proved it could win on the road. Who knows what will happen next week in Blacksburg? After that comes Oklahoma with a Heisman Trophy quarterback who may or may not play.

It's cool to be around the Canes when they're rolling, when it's all about the U.

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Posted on: September 20, 2009 1:55 pm

That looked a lot like Miami ...

Oh by the way Joe, you might just check out the new US News and World Report and compare "education". It seems the undergradute school at UF just came in second as far as freshmen profile to Da U. Second in SAT scores, second in ACT scores , second in acceptance rate.But having 53,000 students does fill the sadium. -Be proud

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Posted on: September 20, 2009 1:45 am

...But then I flushed the toilet

MiamiJoe:The game in 87 set an alltime record for games in state at time so your argument is totally lameHmm, I was there, I don't remember it being a sell out, although there were a bunch of folks with me at the bacardi tent. Even if it was a sell-out, at around 75,000 seats in the ol' orange bowl stadium, I doubt that game set the "alltime record for games in the state at the time". Mostly because I believe Florida Field and the Gator Bowl stadium had capacities over 80,000 at the time. Anyway, I searched the web, but could not find a reference for your claim. Unsubstantiated claims are *LAME*
What I did find is some interesting data from U of M concerning average attendance for Miami Home Football Games this decade:

2000 - 58,4302001 - 46,162 2002 - 69,5392003 - 58,1352004 - 59,1342005 - 45,3102006 - 41,9082007 - 43,5892008 - 41,191
At first I thought it was some kind of joke - 41,000 in attendance what are ya'll a friggin high school? No doubt those attendance numbers are impressive to you and Miami Hurricane fans, but very *lame* compared with UF's avg attendance of over 85,000 for the same period. In fact, UF has sold out *every* home game since 1989. 
I know you are handicapped by that great education you got at UM, But how could the Hurricanes set the "all time record for games in the state" in 1987, with a "sellout of mostly miami fans" then why have they never averaged more than 70,000 attendees for a season? Ever? And how can you make money playing in a half filled stadium?
BTW, since we're talking ancient history, Miami had one loss in 1983 when they claimed the "National (except for the State of Florida) championship". Who did they loose to by a score of 28-3?

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Posted on: September 19, 2009 5:15 pm

That looked a lot like Miami ...

What is most the most amazing statistic about UF's schduleis this: UF has since World War II, played 10  out  of confrence away games,other than FSU.(which of course it is forced to play). UF NEVER goes north of the Mason-Dixon line ,nor west of the Mississippi River. PLAY like a champion-  in  north Florida.   Finally MIAMI leads the series with UF 28 to 26. So if UF wants to run from MIAMI that series will be a permanent MIAMI series win.

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Posted on: September 19, 2009 8:06 am

That looked a lot like Miami ...

Sunonomo you are right about Spurrier.  Florida backed out of playing Miami in 1988 wanting as they put it to play a MORE National OOC schedule and replaced Miami with Montana State.  The SEC expansion came 3 years later so don't try and use the excuse.  Your argument about money is wrong.  In late 70s Florida opted for 100,000 guarantee at games in Miami, after 79 game the games in Miami were a sellout mostly Miami fans as UF got 15,000 tickets.  The share of gate would have been far more than 100,000 and Miami wouldn't change the contract.  The game in 87 set an alltime record for games in state at time so your argument is totally lame

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Posted on: September 18, 2009 3:39 pm

That looked a lot like Miami ...

Appreciate the comment , especially from a Gator Fan. We still have games yet to play but its nice to have some offense again.

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Posted on: September 18, 2009 2:44 pm

That looked a lot like Miami ...

I know you couldn't pass it up, but really, isn't it the other way around?

Didn't Miami have a bunch of felons and thugs who won natl. championships before the Gators did?

Didn't Miami win four championships before Florida won their first?

Isn't it true that while Miami was winning natl. championships in the 80's the Gators were trying to win the SEC for the first time in their 70-or so year history?

In the Gators' defense, they did get sanctioned by the NCAA for cheating during the Charley Pell/Galen Hall years, and that was before Miami's NCAA issues.  So they did do something first.

OK, I'm done having fun now and am back in the present.  So far so good on the road back to glory for the Canes.  I'm not completely on the bandwagon yet b/c I'm not really sure how good FSU nad GT are, but I'm defnintely encouraged.  Next week is a much bigger challenge for Jacory and co. b/c I think VT is much better defensively.

As for your Gators, I actually expect a closer game tomorrow than everyone else b/c I suspect 3-card Monte Kiffin will have somehting up his sleeve, and that will keep it close.  However, I don't think Tennessee can score at all.  I predict 24-3 Gators or somethng like that.  I don't think the game will ever be in doubt but Kiffin Sr. is way too good of a coach to get destroyed.  We'll see.

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Posted on: September 18, 2009 12:54 pm

That looked a lot like Miami ...

the canes did not cancel the series good ole urban did. and i dont think you want to see miami any time soon after he called them an inferior program and continued on to say that the gators did not have anything to gain by continuing the series...sounds a lot like spurrier after the U got done kicking his butt in the '80's and 90's...the gators always run from miami...just to take one last shot kiss the rings...all 5 of them!

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Posted on: September 18, 2009 12:48 pm

That looked a lot like Miami ...

I'm a VT alum and I've been telling everyone since before the season started:  "Stop yapping about GT and UNC and start looking at Miami".  When you keep getting top 10 recruiting classes, and you have a person of great character like Randy Shannon coaching, and your recruits get some experience, and you go out and get a real offensive coordinator, you win.  The only thing I haven't seen is how Jacory reacts when he's pressured.  He's had no pressure, he's tall, and he can just pick you apart.  I hope the Hokies keep running the ball with the two freshman freaks they have in the backfield and run over Nebraska.  That way, the game against Miami will be GIANT.  Good job Canes.  Go Hokies!!!

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Posted on: September 18, 2009 12:35 pm

That looked a lot like Miami ...

Newsflash - last I heard UF was trying to cancel the upcoming game in Miami in 2013.  They said they either want it moved to a "neutral" site in Tampa (if your from Florida you know Tampa is NOT neutral) or they want it moved to Gainesville, but they DO NOT want to play Miami in Miami!  One word comes to mind....CHICKENS!!!!!!!  And to the person that claimed it's cause the stands would only be half full....also not true.  The last time the Canes played the Gators in Miami and beat them, it was in front of a sold out crowd! 

Yes, UF beat the Canes last year, that was the first time in 30 years...(it had to happen eventually) against an extremely young Canes team and an inept OC.  Yet, the Gators still struggled to beat Miami.  You can look at the final score and think otherwise, but if you actually watched the game you know it was not a cakewalk and Gator fans everywhere were sitting on the edge of their seats praying they would finally beat Miami...a team they hadn't beaten since 1985. 


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Posted on: September 18, 2009 11:44 am

That looked a lot like Miami ...

All this talk about Florida and their schedule is pointless. Florida is scheduled to play Miami in the future.... but that will not stop people from claiming florida never schedules anybody... because it will still be true.

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