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Sam Bradford will play this year

Posted on: October 5, 2009 11:43 am
The weekly grilling of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops commenced by me asking him if there is a chance his quarterback will play at all the rest of the season.

"There's a chance that he might get hit by a bus walking over here today," Stoops said Monday on the Big 12 conference call. "That's not something I would anticipate, no [Bradford sitting out the rest of the year]."

I had to ask because Bradford might be better off draft-wise now that OU is 2-2 and out of the national championship race. Why put that injured right wing at risk anymore? I'm sure he's hearing some of that.

There is still no certainty that Bradford will be ready for Baylor this week. That presents the unsavory prospect that Bradford might come back cold against Texas. You think the Longhorns will be targeting that shoulder?

"The plans are the same as last week. Until he's fully capable that's what we will do [monitor him in practice]," Stoops said.
"[I want see him] making all the throws and making them comfortably, being able to execute the offense. That's no secret, I said that a week ago."

Stoops also confirmed a fracture in receiver Ryan Broyles shoulder blade that will keep him out two to four weeks. Broyles was OU's leading receiver when he was injured in the first quarter against Miami.

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Posted on: October 6, 2009 2:18 pm

Sam Bradford will play this year

RichTX wrote: "...Yes, running up the scores got OU ahead of Texas last year in the BCS ranking..." You sir, do not have the slightest idea what you're mouthing about! You know only enough to go around mimicking like a parrot what you've heard other sour-grapes dunderheads say and now you believe your own bullsh_t without having any facts to back it up. As a lifelong citizen of Texas, I find it embarassing to think we both live in the same state! I replied to another boorish and whiny fan such as you late last season after he was aping the same old line like you and I listed Ou's entire year's scoring during each of the 4 quarters. During all the 1st and 2nd quarters of all the 'Sooner's games they scored close to 600 points. During all the 3rd quarters of all their games they scored about 200 points. And during all the 4th quarters of all their games Oklaoma scored less than 90 points. And while OU was holding themselves down to these measley 90 points, the total 4tj quarter points scored by their opponents was actually higher! Quit whining and get over it....

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Posted on: October 6, 2009 9:53 am

Sam Bradford will play this year

Reply to RichTx,

If Stoops was as big a coward as Mack "no balls" Brown and only played bottom dwellers in the non-conference games, the Sooners would be undefeated as well.

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Posted on: October 6, 2009 9:20 am

Stoops Has No Class

Stoops is getting everything he deserves this year.  The Sooners are like the classroom bully - if you are beating your opponent, keep beating him endlessly and run up the score.  How many times last year did Stoops keep his first team in long into the fourth quarter when OU was up by more than 30 points.  Why did he have Bradford throwing bombs late in the fourth quarter when OU was trying to reach that 60 point plateau.

Like the classroom bully, when someone strong finally stands up to OU, they fold almost every time.  Look at their BCS playoff track record over the past several years, look at the last few Red Rivalry games, look at the BYU and Miami games this year.

Yes, running up the scores got OU ahead of Texas last year in the BCS ranking but poring it on to run up the score is classless.  Mack Brown had many games last year where the first stringers were out early in the third quarter.  This year, the third stringers were in by the fourth quarter against UTEP and Brown was embarassed that even they kept scoring.

Head-to-head loss against Texas last year on a neutral field - to Stoops that loss didn't mean anything - look at how we scored 60 points in also every other game.

Would have been more poetic for Bradford to have been injured in one of those games when Stoops kept him in to run up the score.  Just think what Urban Meyer is thinking about right now when Tebow should have been long gone.

Stoops deserves no accolades - he is a classroom bully who  is finally getting his just rewards.

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Posted on: October 5, 2009 4:48 pm

Sam Bradford will play this year

Okay, Dennis Dodd, since you seemingly didn't rake Bob Stoops over the coals,   I will take this opportunity to do it for you, albeit doing somewhat  it somewhat easier than he probably deserves.   I want to try and first recall how he got the reputation of being a very good head-coach.

Bob Stoops, in my opinion, is still one of the best head-coaches in college-football and there is no way I would want the University of Oklahoma University to consider replacing him... and I don't foresee my opinion on this changing in the near future.

Now that I've stated I'm a solid Stoops-man, I want to go on record that I'm far from content with everything he's doing or has done with the Sooner football team for the past several seasons. I am beginning to suspect that he has succumbed to the easy life of 'resting on his laurels' and has lost a lot of the fired-up enthusiasm he used to have. He still has the Sooners doing remarablely well, with the passing-game firmly established and setting record after record.  But the Oklahoma teams of recent years just don't seem to have that 'go for the jugular' instinct when they have to play in games where the other team is giving them a hard-fought contest. And there has been too many games when the entire team seems to fall apart in a matter of minutes, for some unknown reason.   It wasn't always this way.

Back in 2001 Stoops probably had one of the best head-coaching performances ever by a college coach in the history of NCAA football. He had only arrived at OU the year before and this was only his 2nd season ever as a head-coach. With a roster of players he didn't ever recruit and with no outstandingly-talented athletes among its members, Bob Stoops led the Sooner-team to victory after victory against some of the nation's best and most-feared opponents. During one stretch of Oklahoma's punishing schedule that season, his team had to play four of the country's top teams, one after another, that were all heavy favorites to beat the Sooners, and to easily beat them. The Texas Longhorns, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and the Kansas State Wildcats twice!

First he got the Sooners to give their all in a win over arch-rival Texas. The national sports media chalked that one up to 'anything can happen in a long-standing rivalry game'. Then Stoops made the nation's college-football-fans start scratching their heads when he coached OU into winning against a very-talented and highly-ranked Kansas State team. The media now was making remarks about these two amazing upsets by Oklahoma but they also were fully convinced that this was only a temporary thing caused mainly by outstandingly good-luck on the Sooners' part. Almost every football expert in the country was in agreement that the upstart Sooners would be shortly, and thoroughly, chastised by the Nebraska Cornhuskers. But Bob Stoops had the OU players well-prepared and ready to play when they lined up against the Huskers and when the final whistle blew, Oklahoma had won again.

Kansas State won the Big-12-North division and so the Sooners had to face them again and in Kansas City. Most people agreed that it is terribly difficult to beat a good team twice in the same season and especially difficult when you have to play that team in their 'de facto' home stadium. But Oklahoma did beat the Wildcats the second time.

By now every coach and every player in the Big-12 conference were convinced that the Sooners were a bonafide top notch team, but the rest of the nation was still highly skeptical and most agreed that undefeated Oklahoma was just another confirmation of the Big-12 conference's mediocricy. Even the odds-makers in Las Vegas were confident about the Sooners' not being justified to be considered among the nation's elite football teams and they were making OU the underdogs no matter which Florida team they had to face in the national championship game.

Both Miami and Florida State were licking their chops at the prospect of meeting such an easy foe in a game for all the marbles and the two schools from the sunshine state bickered back and forth about who had the most-justification for playing against the Sooners. Bobby Bowden and the Seminoles won the BCS formula battle that year were already making room in their trophy case for the championship trophy, while the Hurricane fans were all muttering about how Florida State was such a 'lucky-dog'. The sports media nearly all agreed that the Seminoles were just too fast and too talented and that there was no way on earth for Oklahoma to stop the high-powered Florida State offense.

But Bob Stoops again prepared his team well and the Sooners put on a defensive performance that stunned the nation's fans as well as it did the Seminoles. Most of the media and the nation's fans considered the championship game to be a rather dull and boring affair in which neither offense could ever get their engines started... the old football adage that 'defense wins championships' seemingly never entered their minds.  

But all that was nearly a decade ago!  
Since they won the national championship back in 2001, the Sooners have had several very good teams but none of them haved seemed to be able to maintain their focus for the entire season, and they all have seemed too proned to become listless and resigned to losing whenever they've played another fired-up team.   I would like to see this undesirable aspect of the OU football team totally exorcised and erased as soon as possible.   There are several other areas of the team that could always be improved,  but this inability to hang in there and slug it out is the most deplorable in my view.   
I believe Bob Stoops can accomplish this task of over-hauling the Sooners team's mindset, and I believe he will do it....once he sets his mind to it.

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Posted on: October 5, 2009 3:16 pm

Sam Bradford will play this year

Dodd, Your question to Stoops was pathetic. 

I'm sure Stoops and OU nation are very disappointed to be 2-2, but your question basically boils down to "Now that you can't win the NC, don't you think that the smart play is just to give up on the season?"  No real man would answer that question "yes", and no real man would even think ask it in the first place.  I bet you're real proud about how you cleverly disguised your insult as a legitimate question, aren't you?

OU is undefeated in the Big 12 so far.  A Big 12 championship and a BCS berth are still at stake.  And no Sooner would ever concede the Red River Rivalry game.  Bradford will play when he is physically able to.  End of story.

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