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Early BCS projection

Posted on: October 17, 2009 11:37 pm

Best guess on the early BCS standings: 1. Florida; 2. Alabama; 3. Texas;  4. USC; 5. Cincinnati; 6. Iowa.

1. Florida – Barely survived a supreme effort by Arkansas. Won’t lose the top spot for playing it close.
2. Alabama – Impressive, head-knocking 20-6 win over South Carolina.
3. Texas – Still lots of questions about this offense.
4. USC – Why can’t USC schedule Notre Dame ever year? Wait, it does.
5. Cincinnati – Most impressive win of the weekend among the contenders over South Florida on the road.
6. Iowa – Annoyingly good.

  Alabama has never had a Heisman Trophy winner. It might be developing one with tailback Mark Ingram. Bear would have been proud of Ingram’s Bryant-Denny Stadium record 246 yards.

  Line of the night (not from me): Notre Dame wins, 27-34!

  Kansas State became the first team I can remember that gave up 60 points one week (66-14 loss to Texas Tech) then followed it by scoring 60 points (62-14 over Texas A&M).

  Cardiac Jimmy Clausen is now 3-2 in cardiac games. Feel free to weigh in. Can Notre Dame get to the BCS with a 10-2 having beaten no ranked teams? Doubtful.

  Team of the week: At 6-1, Idaho is bowl eligible. Coach Robb Akey would like to give a shout out of Tom Cable who put the Fightin’ in Fightin’ Vandals. Cable coached Idaho from 2000-2004 (11-35).

  This Bobby Petrino is coming along nicely. The Hogs did it with defense in The Swamp -- Six sacks, four forced fumbles.

  Looks like Terrelle Pryor ran into a bunch of Ndamukong Suhs: five sacks, two interceptions, two fumbles.

  After beating Colorado State 44-6, TCU is 57-1 under Gary Patterson when holding the opposition to 17 points or less. That one loss came last year in Utah, 13-10.


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Posted on: October 19, 2009 10:24 pm

Early BCS projection

Ummm, well, here goes nothing:

1) there are no ties in college football.
2) if they both win out they'll play each other in the SEC Championship.
3) See #1.

Hope this helps!

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Posted on: October 18, 2009 9:08 pm

Early BCS projection

  Kansas State became the first team I can remember that gave up 60 points one week (66-14 loss to Texas Tech) then followed it by scoring 60 points (62-14 over Texas A&M).

Go all the way back to 2007 for a 70-point flip-flop. Nebraska, losing at Kansas 76-39, comes back the next week and beats Kansas State 73-31.

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Posted on: October 18, 2009 4:29 pm

Early BCS projection

You should be worried about Iowa against an SEC team.  Under Coach Ferentz Iowa is 3-1 with wins over LSU, Florida, and S. Carolina in recent bowls.  There only loss came against the most horrible one-sided officiating (florida locals) ever agaist Urban Meyers Florida team.  Criss Spielman who did the color was beside himself.  It was so bad you they changed the officiated rules for the bowls so no officials not from a major conference are allowed to officiate a bowl game.  For a few examples: at critical junctures of the game Iowa got called for hitting a QB out of bounds even though he never made it out of bounds (1st and 10 vs 4th and 15).  When the linebacker called out the defensive signal on a third and 4 IA was penalized for interfering with the offensive signal calls  -1st and 10,  an offside on a perfectly executed on-side kick (check the replays) that would have IA with great field position and within a field goal of a tie.  Anyway IA should be 4-0 against the mighty SEC in the Cap One and Outback bowls.  Ask Arizona about Iowa' speed.  Their speedy tailback was run down from behind by one of our d-linemen.  Iowa plays like a pro team.  They are the smartest, team oriented, best coached team in America.  Hopefully, they can win out a give someone besides Ohio State (who blew the Texas bowl game i.e. terrible defensive call that allowed Texas to beat one defender for the winning TD).

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Posted on: October 18, 2009 3:18 pm

Early BCS projection

Alabama and Florida cannot both finish undefeatedWhy not?

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Posted on: October 18, 2009 1:26 pm

Early BCS projection

So, you're saying Alabama did not struggle?  What game did you watch?

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Posted on: October 18, 2009 1:24 pm

Early BCS projection

Hey!  I understand that you feel your team, Iowa, has been slighted by whoever this columnist is.  Who cares, he can't stop them from winning.  I know; the same has been done to my Longhorns all year.  When they win which is all they do, there is always some jerk analyst criticizing it.  They were'nt dominate enough or whatever.  The thing is they are undefeated!  And just who do you think will beat them?   Florida barely beats LSU and nearly lost to Arkansas, but they are still "so good".  Bull! 

Texas did not "annoyingly hang on without Bradford"; Texas annoyingly knocked Bradford's butt out of the game and probably off the Sooners' team.  That is what happened!  Everybody is a spin doctor.  I don't have anything against Iowa, but let's not get crazy.  They could not compete with Texas.  Texas is not playing to there capacity and I more than any non-fan am dissappointed, but they are unbeaten and will only get better as the season goes on.  Iowa is playing above their capacity and still couldn't compete with Texas or Alabama or Florida.  We will see if they can even compete with Ohio State who just got cracked by Purdue?  Don't bite off more than your team can chew.

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Posted on: October 18, 2009 1:07 pm

Early BCS projection

I think everyone is missing Cubwest was saying. He was talking about the UF game. He was saying that Alabama should be 1 and they should be. The BCS is just plain BS. You can make a playoff system while keeping the bowls. You just make the rounds the bowl games. Take the final 4 and call them the Sugar, Orange, Rose, Fiesta you still make your money. For all the other ones take the highest bidder and let them host playoff rounds. for all the other teams that dont make the top 16 use the smaller bowls for those teams to play and make some money. There is a way to do this they just dont want to.

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Posted on: October 18, 2009 12:39 pm

Early BCS projection

Natiwhat - No offense to Cincy at all, I watched the USF and was rooting for the Bulls to be honest, just cause I wanted Cincy to lose for my Hawkeyes to move up.

However, Cincy totally impressed me and would love to see our two teams play.  Cincy is going to get flak cause you are Big East and everyone knows that the Big East is down and the Big Ten is down pretty much every year of fact both conferences should just fold cause since the dawn of time, they are down.  (please get the sarcasm here)

That said if Pike is out, that is going to hurt you...which sucks, he is a really good QB.  I see tough games for you vs UConn, WVU and at Pitt to end the season.  I think you can win at least 2 of 3 if Pike is ok, congrats to having maybe the best team in Ohio this year. 

Now, as for Iowa and Dodd, who cares...sure no one wants Iowa to win out, especially Dodd, who is still mad from a few years ago when he predicted hem to be in the top 5 and we choked.  So you were wrong on them Dodd, get over it you pansy. 

but seriously, let's take a look at this scenario...

Boise State wins out, Cincy wins out, Texas wins out, Gators/Bama wins out and Iowa wins out...that's 5 undefeated teams in college football, the BCS will be the biggest joke of a lifetime in this scenario cause it will end up pitting Texas and UF/Bama vs each other and not even give the other undefeateds a chance.

AND, it is unlikely that the others would even get votes/points to even get a shot to be up there and really in the end, who are the right people to really make this call?  Coaches?  No, we know they don't watch the games and usually AD's vote

Sportswriters?  LOL, um as we know from Dodd, sportswriters are biased so their votes need to be more discounted than anyone

Computers?  they spit out facts based on esoteric numbers based on human determinations so they end up biased as well, it's still human input in the end.

It really is time for a playoff.  Needs to be held on neutral ground and in different kinds of weather...16 teams divided by 4 regions of the country. 

Don't stop the bowls though, use them for the playoffs still maybe, but keep the bowls alive, anyone who has ever been to a bowl knows how fun it is and for those of us who are college football junkies, I can't imagine the loss of what, 30 games now from Dec to Jan...

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Posted on: October 18, 2009 12:29 pm

Dennis Dodd on Urban Myer

Mr. Dennis Dodd,
  I was not sure what category to place this blog so I'll place it here.

Two weeks ago you were extremely hard on Urban Myer concerning Tim Tebow and whether or not he should play due to is health. Even going so far as to questioning Myers ethics. "If he plays him all he is concerned about is his (Myers) career and winning a National Championship". I would imagine one of the best Medical Schools in the nation, which The University of Florida is, has look more than once at Tebow and most likely has even asked his Mother what to do about playing him. Myer did everything in the world to protect him against LSU except for wrapping him in bubble paper. Now after the Arkansas game we can definetly tell Tebow is healthy. With this said why did you not attack Bob Stoops in the same manner. His QB came back from a severe injury and nothing was said about Stoops. Bradford did ok against Baylor but he was not ready nor should he played against Texas. Since the descision was made to play him Saturday it very well could cost him his career at worst, at best just several million dollars in the draft.

  My question to you is why the double standard? Is it the type of injury or do you just have something against certain coaches. I read most of your articles and enjoy them to a large degree, however you were off base on this one.


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Posted on: October 18, 2009 12:23 pm

Early BCS projection

Alabama had 10 penalties and South Carolina had 5. On one of South Carolina's field goal drives, there was ridiculously obvious holding on Anders that wasn't called and allowed South Carolina to pick up a first down. Not to mention at least 3 phantom blocking calls that went against Alabama on long returns. Watch the games before you making idiotic statements.

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