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Oregon wins!

Posted on: November 1, 2009 12:25 am
If we’re going to give LeGarrette Blount a second chance, we’re going to have to vote Oregon above Boise. It’s not a hard and fast rule in these cases. It’s who is playing better at the moment. Boise won the opener when Oregon was at the absolute bottom. Now they’re coming off one of the biggest wins in their history. Oregon over Boise in the polls, and hopefully the BCS.
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Posted on: November 1, 2009 1:51 am

Oregon wins!

This from the guy who claimed he couldn't figure out the only sensible way to break a three-way tie in college football between three one-loss teams?

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 1:15 am

Boise State Won the Game... Right?

Let's suppose for a minute that Alabama loses to Auburn, then beats Florida in the SEC Championship. Both those teams are out. Iowa stops making ridiculous comebacks against teams they shouldn't have to make ridiculous comebacks again. TCU loses to Utah. Cincinatti loses to West Virginia or Pittsburgh.

Then we might have an 11-1 Oregon and 12-0 Boise both on the doorstep for a National Championship.

And then we might have Oregon getting the nod over Boise to play for the National Championship.

And that right there would make my head explode, and probably the heads of many, many other people.

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 1:09 am

Oregon wins!

No.  You don't get it.  He says if we should give Blount another chance then we should be able to give Oregon another chance.  Meaning we should not stick to our convictions about the Duck team since we aren't sticking to our convictions about Legarrette Blount.  He was saying "second chances for all" in a sense.  He wasn't saying that if Blount comes back then they will be an amazing team, although that may be true.

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 1:52 am

Oregon wins!

You know, there's a chance that them winning after Blount got suspended isn't a coincidence.  It would be kind of amusing if they bring him back and then lose the next game.  They obviously don't need him.

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 1:47 am

Oregon wins!

"It’s who is playing better at the moment."
So vote Oregon #1 ahead of FLA, 'Bama and Texas.

Right.  I didn't think so.
Typical illogical BSC homerism crap.

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 1:44 am

Oregon wins!

 "If they played that game 10 times the Ducks would win 8 or 9"
Uh, so the Ucks have to win the next 7 or 8 in a row to make up for the first 2, right?

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 1:23 am

Boise State Won...

My wife just saw your article and wanted me to make the following statement:
"By the same logic Utah should be above Oregon in the polls."

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 1:15 am

Boise State Won...

Dodd, just proof that no matter what a non-BCS team does, they can't beat bias.  An open admission that bringing back Blount would put Oregon above Boise State.  I have no reason to understand that.  Blount played in the Boise State game,... remember?
The BCS should take TCU and Boise State this year.  My bet is that both would win a la Utah last year over Alabama. Of course it won't happen because of BIAS!

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 1:06 am

Oregon wins!


You ducks fans said the same thing when you lost to the Broncos last season.  You better start giving Boise some credit at some point cause its a pretty weak and stupid argument to say that you lost 2 in a row to a subpar team but now you would beat 8 or of 10 times if you played them again.  Great logic!!!

Maybe if you gave the Broncos a little credit for their wins against you it would justify your continued success (which we in Boise are 150% behind)instead of shooting yourself in the go-nads by claiming it was an anomoly and would never happen again.

Your past history of running your mouths instead of your offense has been most counter-productive.  Glad to see you did your talking on the field tonight!   Great win!!!  & hope you continue your success. We in Boise are happy for you ducks!!

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 1:04 am

Oregon wins!

go pilots!Smile

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