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Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now

Posted on: December 2, 2009 10:39 am
Edited on: December 2, 2009 10:41 am

1. Shake up Florida: Both the state and the program down the road in Gainesville. In other words, it’s always about the recruiting.

Fisher’s first and most important step is to try to take at least some portion of the state back from Florida. The Gators are getting the state’s best talent, followed by fast-rising Miami. If you want a reason why the program slipped in Bobby Bowden’s later years, all you have to do is look at the rise of the Gators.

FSU strangely mirrored Notre Dame this season. Same record (6-6). Same team -- heavy on offense, vulnerable on defense. Both programs had recruited well, if not great. That’s not good enough, at all.

2. Reach out to the Bowden family: The Bowdens, except Ann, have been strangely silent this week. I called Terry and Jeff yesterday at North Alabama and the secretary said she didn’t know where they were. Haven’t seen anything from Tommy either.

There is a feeling that the Bowdens are upset, and they have a right to be. It tooks like Bobby was unceremoniously run out. Jimbo has to make peace with the family if that’s the right term. He and Terry are extremely close. You don’t want bitter feelings lingering over a program in transition.

Bobby? Nicest guy in the world. He will never throw the FSU administration under the bus because he is the classiest person alive.

3. Clean out the lockerroom: That’s another way of saying there are going to be wholesale changes in the coaching staff. Jimbo has to get the best defensive coordinator available. Mickey Andrews has stepped down.

Linebackers coach Chuck Amato is probably gone too, but not by retirement. He had to dispel a rumor in October that he had been in a fight with Fisher.

4. Get in front of a microphone, quick: Monday and Tuesday were all about Bobby. Nole Nation wants to hear the long-term plan from the new coach. Should happen any minute.

5. Don’t be the guy to follow the guy: There’s an old adage that says never follow a coaching legend. Too late for Jimbo. The moment he became head coach, Fisher was in danger of becoming Bill Guthridge and Ron Zook, coaches who replaced legends – and basically failed.

He knows that. It’s a risk you take. The difference here is that there has been a lengthy transition. Fisher has been the de facto coach for a while. It was his team on game days. Now it’s his program.


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Posted on: December 3, 2009 2:20 pm

Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now

Almost funny how it drives my point home, in the 3 days since Bobby Bowden has retired, 3 highly reguarded players from the state of Florida have committed to the FSU class of 2011.  Literally the day Bobby announced his retirement, the 3rd best junior OT prospect in FL agreed to go to FSU, then today 2 DB prospects, both predicted to be 4 stars at least on Rivals, committed to FSU.  So, like I said, Jimbo has a line of solid recruits wanting to play with FSU, it was Bobby that was holding them off.

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Posted on: December 3, 2009 1:38 pm

Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now

Dodd, are you really going to try to justify your idiotic comment? Two Final Fours in three years is not failure, not even at North Carolina. National coach of the year in 1998. At 80-28, he was tied for the best record in NCAA history after three years with N.C. State legend Everett Case. Guthridge had one sub-par regular season and got Carolina to the Final Four that year, which I'm sure made up for it.

Dodd, this is where you just admit you made a stupid comment, edit it out of your blog post and move on. You've already made yourself look stupid enough.

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Posted on: December 3, 2009 11:16 am

Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now

Let's see, Bill Guthridge lasted three years. Ask Carolina if he measured up to Dean Smith.

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Posted on: December 3, 2009 8:38 am

Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now

Jimbo Fisher has had a lot less power than most people realize. You can't say that he has been the "defacto head coach" for a long time already. As it stood this year, Fisher was 4th in line on the coaching list behind Bowden, Associate Head Coach/D Coord. Mickey Andrews, and Assistant Head Coach Chuck Amato. Fisher was only in charge of QB's and O. Coordinator. So he really hasn't had as much influence as everyone believes he has. Now we will see what he can do.

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Posted on: December 3, 2009 8:32 am

Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now

Mr. Dodd,

I agreed with you on everything in this article until you said that Bill Guthridge was a failure. Ok, I believe it is a fair assessment if you say that for the most part that Ron Zook was a failure at Florida, but most people saw Bill Guthridge as a placeholder for the next big coach to come to UNC. Personally I would say that an 80-28 overall record with two final fours is pretty successful for an old man who was only a head coach for three years. You also have to understand that in his second and third years as head coach, he was coach a much younger, inexperienced team than his first year with Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, Ed Cota, Shammond Williams, Ademola Okulaja and Makhtar N'Diaye. In his last year he overachieved in the NCAA Tournament, and got an 8th seeded UNC to the Final Four. Personally I would have to say that Bill Guthridge was no where near successful as coach Dean Smith, and he should have won a National Championship with that team his first year, but was no failure. Now Matt Doherty, that was a failure!

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Posted on: December 3, 2009 8:30 am

Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now

There is one huge sign that Coach Fisher has not been in charge of anything other than the offense and some recruiting input over the last few seasons.  That is the hiring of Chuck Amato.  That call was solely Coach Bowden's.  It was a loyalty move that added yet another member to the staff with some sort of "Head Coach" in his titile.  It is interesting that on the FSU website the one without the "Head Coach" in his title was Fisher who was listed as the OC.  The conflicts between Amato and Fisher (and other members of the staff) are well documentedIt are well documented.  Did anybody notice Amato trying to yell over Coach Andrews to the same player during the Clemson game?    The kid appeared to be standing at the numbers trying listen to two different coaches at the same time.  If Coach Fisher was truly in charge, there is no way the Amato hire would have been made.

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Posted on: December 3, 2009 2:34 am

Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now

Stay in touch with Charlie Weis, he will need his number.  Why do the Florida Alum think Jimbo Fisher is the answer...?  If they were really thinking, they would've stirred it up with new enthusiasm, new motivation, new direction, a new approach from an outside coach.  i think he will be lucky to survive 3 years...?  Good luck, Jimbo Fisher.  

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Posted on: December 2, 2009 11:51 pm

Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now


2. Zook laid the foundation for what we are today.     "???????   Zook?  He was only there 3 years.  He didny lay the foundation for shit!  He took over a team that won 10 games every year, won 8 games 3 consecutive years, was fired, and the program took right off again.  Zook is a fool and hes about to get run out of Illinois also."

Zook may be run out of Illinois but can you, SECFOOTBALLMAN, tell me who was the last coach able to recruit outta Illinois? Zook took over a program lacking depth and talent. Zook winning 8 games and beating FSU two outta 3 tries, it's called a winng record vs a rival- duh, was an achievement in itself. Spurrior left it. He lost his last three games as the Gator coach and ZOOK TOOK OVER A 9-3 TEAM, ask MICHIGAN! You claim SEC Football but your user name nor pic can prove it! The title was in 1996 not 1997 or beyond. Who am I chatting it up with a twelve year old? You might as well say Jon Gruden won the Super Bowl in Tampa with his own players and not Dungy's. Meyer couldn't win with his offense until he adapted it to sec style of play and defense. It was Zook's recruits and, more importantly, Zook's defense that won the 2006 title, ask Ohio State's offense. Show some respect and knowledge of the game. "look at me I played middle school football"..... what     &
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4. A legend in Bobby Bowden was used as a scape goat which is pathetic by the university.   "The program has been in decline for a decade.  Who else do you blame other than the head coach?  Good God,  Ray Charles could see his is a shell of the coach he used to be."

The program was losing recruits to Zook AND Meyer from Florida. The program has sent to the NFL more pro prospects then any SEC school in those last ten years not to mention 4 in the first round 2 in the fifth, six of elevan starters, all in one year. Hard to imagine but true. No FSU fan will deny they have had a lot of great players leave.... all Bowden's players mind you. If an FSU fan can name a worst defense the last twenty years I'll eat MY FLORIDA GATOR CHAMPIONSHIP HAT,  It's the B-Ball and football one- same year. I'm sure they would love to see that. Won't happen though cause they can't. Imagine if their defense still had Myron Rolle???? We might not even be talking about that because their line might have been a weakness, their linebackers ( Nigel Bradham, Dakota Watkins, Nigel Carr, Kendell Smith????- spelling) was a strength, and their secondary (cept for MAYBE Patrick Robinson) was pathetic. If they had a safety people were scared of like the best of Rolle (maybe Eric Berry is better) to throw deep on FSU might be looking at 9 or ten wins. Dude had to be smart what can I say. Rhodes Scholar does your team have one? I hate FSU as much as the next Gator, I remember the choke at Doak. Bowden has run a clean program for two years. Bowden loves FSU football. Bowden was willing to stick out the down years, unlike Spurrier. If it wasn't for Bowden FSU would never expect more then 6 wins a year... like ever. They have only 19 wins against UF and Bobby gave them 17. Technically 18 cause I count the choke at Doak as a loss. We have over 30 against FSU. The fans are to young to remember where they came from. To young to remember that they were an all-girls school way back in the early 1900's. To young to even know that Bowden gave them their only National Championships (2). Two young to remember that 31 out of 34 were winning seasons. The SEC might have 10 of 12 schools bowl eligible this year but never disrespect a legend. He's forgot more about football then most of us will ever know. FSU fans are split in two over this with everyone taking a side. Just remember there wouldn't be a side to choose if it wasn't for Bowden. He gave you great memories and stuck by your side to the end. What have the bad half done for him lately?????

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Posted on: December 2, 2009 9:32 pm

Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now

I would like to point out a few things for people who are just now catching onto Jimbo Fisher:

1) He has not been the head coach for 3 years.  He's been the "Head Coach in Waiting", one that Bobby Bowden had refused to give any measure of power or responsibility to because it was "his team".  So Jimbo has not been doing anything but coaching FSU's offense; the offense which lead the ACC most of the year.

2) Jimbo Fisher had a line of recruits waiting for him.  A very solid line of recruits.  Bobby said before the UF game that "we finished second on everyone we needed's lists."  Second was because they wanted to play for Jimbo Fisher.  Second was because they didn't know when Bobby would retire or if Jimbo would ever become the coach, since he had 2 years left and Bobby kept saying he was coming around.  By Bobby not announcing his retirement in any way shape or form, he killed 2 years of recruiting.  And, even with "finishing second", FSU has put together top 10 recruiting classes every year Jimbo has been there.  Because people want to play for him.

3) For those saying Jimbo ran Bobby out of town, Bobby ran Bobby out of town.  Not knowing his own players names, not knowing the scores at half time, not having any enthusiasm or comments to make before games (YouTube his BC Pregame speech - recievers should catch the ball and you all know your jobs) are all the reason that some people were asking Bobby to go.  He was past his time and out of touch, little more than a mascot roaming the sidelines who made all the personelle decisions.  Honestly, I think Renegade could have hired a better Linebacker coach than Chuck Amato.

4) Lastly, this is Florida State University, not Bobby Bowden University.  Yes, he deserves our respect for building us into the program we are/were, and we should be forever grateful for it.  But to act like he should coach until he dies because he's Bobby Bowden is rediculous.  Times change, and people need to move foward.  If you're a fan of FSU, then be a fan of FSU.  The school and team are still there.  Support their decisions, support Jimbo, and support the future of Noles football.  If you're not going to do that, realize that you're a fan of Bobby Bowden, not of The Florida State University.

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Posted on: December 2, 2009 9:26 pm

Five things Jimbo Fisher has to do right now


Wow...  Really!  Are you mental or just plain dumb?

The parts of the team Jimbo has been responsible for have gotten a ton better since he took over the offense.  Why the hate?  What's to say that now with him being responsible for everything, it won't all get better.  I am not saying he is the savior, just merely that he has done HIS job since he has been here and obviously Bobby hasn't (recently)!!!

Give him a chance.

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