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The Fiesta Bowl situation

Posted on: December 7, 2009 3:07 pm
Edited on: December 7, 2009 4:43 pm

I want to believe the Fiesta Bowl is breaking new ground with matching TCU and Boise against each other. It has more than a 35-year history of thinking out of the box.

Remember Miami-Penn State in 1987? That was a Fiesta-arranged meeting between No. 1 and No. 2. Right or wrong, Louisville filled a void in 1991 when the Martin Luther King holiday controversy raged.

So what are we supposed to make of TCU-Boise State? The bowl says the game is a ratings winner for TV. The stats say that last year’s Poinsettia Bowl between the same two teams was the 15th highest rated bowl.

The bowl says it’s a chance to match up a couple of unbeaten non-BCS teams. In that sense, Orrin Hatch, the schools, the Mountain West and Congress can’t complain. The alternative was playing a two-loss team from a major conference.

That’s what TCU and Boise probably wanted but neither school can complain either. They are playing the highest ranked team available -- except that they aren’t. The ideal matchup would be TCU vs. Cincinnati. But as executive director John Junker explained Cincinnati is like a long-distance girlfriend, not very geographically desirable.

OK, so this isn’t the best matchup. It isn’t particularly a TV ratings winner either, although TCU-Cincinnati would be worse.

Here’s a working theory based on nothing but conjecture …

 There was some low-level pressure from spin doctor Ari Fleischer, the BCS’ p.r. king, to keep the kids away from the adult table. That’s assuming that Fleischer knew enough about the system to suggest a Boise-TCU game. (Nothing personal, Ari. Ninety-nine percent of the country doesn’t get the BCS.)

The point being, that such a game would reduce the yelp from critics to almost zero.

 The four BCS bowl directors “colluded” to dump TCU and Boise in the desert. That keeps the embarrassment factor for all the BCS bowls to a minimum.

 With Cincinnati, Boise and TCU in separate bowls, the possibility exists of three unsettling upsets by non-traditional programs. Now the number is down to one, if Cincy beats Florida in the Sugar Bowl.

I don’t give the BCS bowl honchos that much credit. They’re in this for the individual gain of their bowls. If they’re in the business of helping other bowls, this instance would be the first time ever.

On the other hand, the Fiesta wasn’t exactly crowing (privately, that is) about having to take Utah in 2004 and Boise in 2006. Suddenly, a school with 40,000 living alumni (TCU) and one from the Idaho hinterlands (Boise) are appointment television?

Something doesn’t fit here.

Final verdict: We’ll have to take the Fiesta at its word. At the end of the day, it’s trying to get as many people in the Valley of the Sun for as long as possible to spend a lot of money.

As a fan, the alternatives – Iowa-Boise, Iowa-TCU – don’t do much for me. We already know that Boise and TCU are probably better than Iowa.

Now if one of those schools were matched up against Florida in the Sugar Bowl?

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 2:14 pm

The Fiesta Bowl situation

The BCS should have paired TCU with Florida in the Sugar Bowl (good proximity for fans of both teams) and Boise St with Iowa (whose fans travel well period) in the Fiesta Bowl.  The BCS chickened out because they saw the writing on the wall.  TCU would hammer Florida, giving the SEC another loss to the MWC and Boise would win by a good margin against Iowa, who struggles to score.  As it is, I see TCU over Boise by over 13 pts, Cincy over Florida by a little more than a touchdown, Georgia Tech and Iowa in a close game with GT winning, Oregon over Ohio St (they suck in bowl games lately) by more than 10 pts and Alabama beating Texas by around 7 pts (come on, beating Nebraska by one point? - TCU should be in this game, but 'Bama did not want to get hammered by another MWC school for the second year in a row).  We will have a split National Champion with 'Bama winning the BCS and TCU getting the nod from the AP.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 2:02 pm

The Fiesta Bowl situation

Iowa fans can only buy as many tickets as there are for the game.  Boise State and TCU both sold their allotment of tickets and requested more.  The Fiesta Bowl is expected to sell out as well.  Penn State would have travelled as well as Iowa, but been more of a TV ratings giant due to their larger fan base.  Iowa isn't going to do anything that Boise State, TCU, and Cincinnati aren't going to do, but will do much less than Penn State would have done.  Droves of Hawkeyes or not for the game, picking Iowa wasn't any better than any of the other 4 options they had: it isn't as simple as you think (slash want to believe) it is.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 1:58 pm

The Fiesta Bowl situation

Boise wasn't the #1 At Large pick...they were the worst. TCU was picked as the first at-large by the Fiesta. Then Iowa went next...THEN Boise was the last pick. Don't worry...they're still just as disrespected as ever.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 1:57 pm

The Fiesta Bowl situation

Exactly: the Orange Bowl got to pick first, between Cincinnati, Boise State, and Iowa/Penn State.  They picked the worst possible matchup, putting #9 against #10.  They started the swing towards crummy BCS games.  There were some very intriguing possible matchups in all the games, that hinged on the Orange picking a team in the top 6.  Instead, we get an undesirable Fiesta Bowl, a who cares about it but their own fans Orange Bowl, and a Sugar Bowl with an overmatched Cincinnati team whose best chance to win is that Florida isn't motivated after their giant fall from grace.

Now the Big Ten: what happens if they go 0-2 in BCS games against an ACC team not named Virginia Tech and a Pac 10 team not named USC?

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 1:30 pm

The Fiesta Bowl situation

I love all you homer fans. "iowa will hammer boise state". If you're going to make a homer stupid statement like that at least back it up with some facts. So why do you think Iowa would "hammer" boise state. Boise state has a good team and a good coach. They did go undefeated and won some games pretty handily. Say what you want about their competition but I hardly think Iowa would hammer them. That being said a playoff is definitely the answer. But then you still will have the teams on the bubble to the playoffs complaining that they weren't in. This year you have 5 undefeated teams. Regardless of how weak you think their sch is how is it fair they don't get to vy for the national title? So do say an 8 team playoff. That's 3 games. There would be plenty of time to get these games in. So pick those teams based on either bcs or ap rankings. You're still going to argue about the bubble teams that didn't make it in but not as much arguing. So say New Years Day do 2 games This year Jan 2nd falls on a saturday so you could do two more that day. If new years day falls on a sunday then do it that friday and saturday to not compete with nfl. But basically the closest weekend to new years friday saturday do the 4 games. Then next saturday do 2 games. Then the national championship the next saturday. What's wrong with that? It doesn't make everyone happy because the bubble teams will complain. And of course all of their homer fans will be on the blogs saying that their team could "hammer" the teams inside the top 8. But do a good system of picking the top 8. And say if you're undefeated you're automatically in. Although I can't imagine being undefeated and not in the top 8 at least at the end of the season. So with this scenario Boise State and tcu who were undefeated get a chance to play for the national title.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 1:18 pm

The Fiesta Bowl situation

OK Zerodev,  Who is better than Iowa that should be in a BCS bowl??....Bring them on!  Iowa has not lost by more than 7 points in the last two years.  We beat AZ this year who made a good run in the Pac 10..since 2003 our only bowl loses where USC, Texas, and Fl.  All teams that went on to win the National title the next year.  Texas won the National title with Vince young and then next year we played them and about beat them!.  The only team that really beat us bad was USC.  but they went on to win the National title two years in a row.  Big ten sucks!? whatever! People are only saying that cause Iowa was the only big ten team to win its bowl game last year.  If we would have stay healthy and not loast our starting QB this year we would have been undefeated!  Our freshmen QB made his first career start at OHIO ST and took it to Over time!!!  We are only losing 2 defensive startes and 3 offense starters next year..Whats that tell ya!!! we are a very young football team!  We stay healthy next year, we are going to the national title!!!!!   GO HAWKS!!!!  watch how bad we be GA Tech Jan 5th!  Our D rocks!!!!!   GO HAWKS!!!

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 12:22 pm

The Fiesta Bowl situation

Why is it insulting to leave one of the non-BCS conference teams out of the championship, but is also insulting for them to play each other?  Either they belong in the mix or they don't.  If it isn't a slam to a BCS school to play Boise, then why is a slam to TCU?

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 11:57 am

The Fiesta Bowl situation

This coming from a fan of the team that lost 7 (almost 8) in a row to finish the season.  Even lowly Iowa State almost beat the Jayhawks and Iowa State was Iowa's easiest win of the year!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 11:55 am

The Fiesta Bowl situation

You must be kidding!  You must be kidding!  Please re-post and tell us you are kidding!!!!

Any right thinking human being with an iota of awareness about college foootball recognizes the TCU-Boise match up was intended to protect 2 BCS AQ schools from the embarassment of being clubbed on a national stage by "mid-majors."  Is this because the BCS powers recognize Boise and TCU are better than Iowa or Georgia Tech?  Please, how stupid do you think we are? (Don't answer that, your posting already told us.)  This was done to insulate AQ's in an effort to perpetuate the myth that they are the elites of college football.  

As long as the greedy hold the dollars the real games are not played on the field and you have provided those greedy fools marketing cover.  Shame on you. 

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 11:49 am

The Fiesta Bowl situation

The Fiesta Bowl situation

Cincy has put together a great run, but the only reason they are still undefeated is that "The Stache" from Pitt can't coach his way out of a paper bag.  Urban Meyer, provided he does not become mysteriously dehydrated, will not let a 14-21 point lead slip away (and believe me the Gators will be winning by at least that much before half-time).

Ga-Tech vs. Iowa......yawn, wake me up once Dwyer hits 200+ yards rucsing and Tech rolls the Hawkeyes worse than the Tide smacked UF.   

I don't think that Cincinnati will get rolled Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Everyone thought the same a few years  ago when WVU played Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. WVU was n't given a chance and guess what Wvu blew Oklahoma's doors off. Utah wasn't given much of a chance aginst Bama last year and it looked liked Utah took Bama down.
I think Iowa vs Ga Tech will be a very good game and I look for a very close game with Iowa's defense winning the game.
Tcu,Cincinnati, and Boise St should have been  put in different BCS bOWLS! Cincinnati finsh number 3 in the BCS Rankings and should have played TCU in the Fiesta Bowl and the 3rd and 4th teams in the BCS SHOULD BE MATCHED TOGETHER! That would be Florida and Boise St. Which would be a very good match up. I think the BCS DIDN'T WANT any non BCS schools winning  2 BCS Bowls that would be bad for the BCS!
Haveing TCU and Boise St play each  other saves the Bcs of haveing  a non Bcs win 2 BCS bOWL games instead of  just one and that leaves everyone to wonder if TCU or Boise St  could have played with Florida or Cincinnati or any BCS school.

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