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Houston Nutt and Kansas

Posted on: December 8, 2009 10:03 am
This Houston Nutt-to-Kansas thing has legs. I'm hearing that Nutt has a fractured relationship with his Ole Miss AD Pete Boone. That's why you saw him pop up out of nowhere on Monday.

Boone is the one who poo-pooed the stories yesterday that there was mutual interest between Kansas and his coach. The opposite, it seems, is true. Now its up to the Lew Perkins' braintrust. The Kansas AD and his inner circle were believed to be interviewing Buffalo's Turner Gill on Tuesday morning at the Waldorf-Astoria.

Is Gill still No. 1 with Nutt in the picture? Will Gill have to hit it out of the park in the interview for Kansas not to automatically turn to Nutt? KU would be lucky to get the two-time SEC coach of the year. He's media friendly (that would be welcome after Mark Mangino), a great recruiter and a heck of a coach.

Basically: Do you go for the proven commodity in Nutt or go for the up and comer in Gill? Stay tuned.
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Posted on: December 8, 2009 10:49 am

Houston Nutt and Kansas

I think it is funny to hear that you believe Nutt is a good coach.  Arkansas had him for ten years and his best year was his first with the previous coach's recruits.  He had one other great recruiting class and that was great because an Arkansas boy wanted to play for Arkansas no matter who the coach was (d. McFadden).  Did you knwo that he wanted to make McFadden a saftey instead of a running back but was conviced otherwise by his running backs coach.  McFadden and Felix Jones did not see very much of the field until deep into their freshmen season when a bowl game was no longer within reach.  He also platooned Mat Jones with another QB when we shot up to number 7 in the polls .... we then lost three straight games with the other QB throwing critical picks in all three games while the best QB in the SEC was on the bench.  Great coaches play their best players no matter how old they are or how loyal they have been to the program.  At Ole Miss this year he has been quoted as saying that he did not play McCluster as much early in the season because he was worried that McCluster would get tired.  If you watch the game film of the South Caralina game you would be sick if you were an Ole Miss fan and saw so many critical offensive plays run with McCluster on the bench.   By the way, his best season at Ole Miss was year 1 with Ed Orgeron's recruits....was ranked #4 this year before the McCLuster SC game and then finished the season with a loss to Miss St.  Keep thinking he is a great coach and you will be disappointed but who am I .... just a Razorback fan that is extremely happy to have Bobby Petrino running the program that Nutt left in shambles.

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