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Tuberville's first order of business

Posted on: January 10, 2010 11:02 am

Texas Tech rebounded nicely. No, make that threw down a slam dunk with the hiring of Tommy Tuberville.

The decision put a Wild, Wild, West, yahoo (not the website) program back on the tracks. Apparently, there is someone out there in West Texas with a level head. Tuberville was, as they say, was the best athlete left on the draft board. National championship caliber, great recruiter, great coach.

Good to see it looks like he will keep some elements of Mike Leach’s offense. This is a coach who could recruit well enough to challenge Texas and Oklahoma now and then.

I’ve got his first order of business, though: Do not renew Adam James’ scholarship. It’s clean, it’s legal and there are no messy entanglements with Craig “The Helicopter” James. It’s clear the kid can’t play. Do what is usually done when players don’t progress or measure up.

Adam James is a redshirt sophomore who has caught 32 career passes. But it’s not even about the production. It’s about Texas Tech cleansing its soul and moving on. Leach was fired for his alleged mistreatment of James. That trumps everything else. I’m not going minimize the issue.

But Tuberville doesn’t need a cancer on the team.

Second thing I’d do: tear down that “shed”, “garage” or whatever you want to call it where Adam James was reportedly placed. If it stands, it will become a landmark where mom, dad and the kids will come to see on vacation. Not good.

Tubs can do without a whiny, daddy’s boy receiver who is lucky to have a scholarship in the first place. But Tuberville doesn’t have to say, or even think, any of that.

Just serve the kid notice, Tubs. No one can complain. You’re trying to build a program. Adam James doesn’t fit in.



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Tuberville's first order of business

He will fail at Tech - mark the words and the date.

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