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Muschamp says no to lucrative offer

Posted on: January 14, 2010 10:13 am
Edited on: January 14, 2010 3:25 pm
Tennessee offered Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp $3 million a year to coach the Vols. However, several outlets have reported that Muschamp is staying put in Austin. Muschamp has not spoken publicly since his name was attached to the Tennessee job.

Tennessee is desperate to get the best guy available so it was willing to pay big money. Muschamp has deep SEC roots and would have been able to hit the ground running. This would have been good time for him to move at the age 39, but Muschamp has been convinced to hold on as the coach-designate for Mack Brown.

While Texas AD DeLoss Dodds wasn't going to go $3 million for an assistant, the supposed offer seemed about right for Muschamp -- at least in the SEC.

No word on the length of the contract offer. Now that Air Force's Troy Calhoun has decided to remain in Colorado Springs, where does Tennessee turn to next? Perhaps Duke's David Cutcliffe.

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Since: Oct 19, 2009
Posted on: January 18, 2010 12:24 am

Muschamp says no to lucrative offer

Interesting rant, er, post GaDawgs1. More interesting that you had nothing to say about your Georgia Bulldogs. Nada. In that entire long-winded essay, not sure they came up once. So keep bashing UT because they continue to make it to national championship games. Makes sense. I was somewhat confused half the time because you were making arguments for me. Anyway, I'm not here to compare conferences. I'm here to state that regardless of what you think, Texas probably had the most successful athletic year last year. You rattled off the accomplishments yourself of the different sports. And all from one school. And regardless of your cops and robbers third grade mentality for conferences, I merely think Muschamp has a long, happy life locked up in an amazing city. With lots of money headed his way. What does Knoxville have to offer? Never heard it spoken of in ANY context other than the University of Tennessee. Soooooo, Austin? Or Knoxville? Easy choice in my opinion. Hell, in both our opinions since you stated so many great things about Texas. Thanks man.

Since: Oct 18, 2009
Posted on: January 16, 2010 4:23 am

Muschamp says no to lucrative offer

I appreciate the well-written and thought out response. However, your logic is typical of an SEC homer. At no point have I indicated the SEC does not have the top team in the country. Between Texas, Bama, and Boise State we will never know who is the best team. However, what SEC fans seem to think is that just because Bama is good, the conference is good. Just because OSU loses their bowl games, the whole Big Ten is weak. Conference strength is not gauged by one team's accomplishments, otherwise how could it measure the entire conference? Do not think that I believe the SEC to be a weak conference, either. I believe that between the Big 12, the Big Ten, and the SEC the teams are relatively even. The Big 12 and SEC are more top-heavy, while the Big Ten has stronger middle teams (as evident by becoming the only conference EVER to win 4 bowl games vs. top 15 opponents).

The stats that you use from this bowl season make it evident you didn't actually follow any of the games. Georgia did not "kill" Texas A&M. They won the game, but it wasn't until very late that they began to pull away.

Both Arkansas and Auburn benefited from playing teams with horrible field goal kickers. That's not a slight to the Razorbacks or Tigers. It simply illustrates the fact that those teams are pretty even to ECA and NW.

As for the SEC "owning" college If you do a quick google search you will find that the SEC is the most overrated conference in the NCAA based off of preseason rankings. The media loves to put 7 SEC teams in the rankings in the beginning because then CBS and ESPN can take advantage of their broadcasting contracts. However, at the end of the season it has been proven the SEC has a worse differential than any other major conference. Your "national championships" are great and all, but they don't mean much. The way Utah handled Bama last year there is no doubt that if a playoff had been implemented instead of the BCS the NCs would be in many different hands. 

My last point is this: college football is a business. Texas has more revenue than any other university. According to your logic, this would make the Big 12 the best conference. 

Faced with this evidence, how on earth can you say the SEC is any better than the other major conferences? They are good, but let's not pretend they are invincible.

Since: Oct 18, 2009
Posted on: January 16, 2010 4:01 am

No clue whatsoever

And do you know who they whooped in their bowl game that year? Your precious Tim Tebow and the all-powerful Gators. The game wasn't even close. So before you go spouting off, maybe do some research and figure out why Florida lost to the team you're ragging on. Also, App. St. was ranked in the top 25 the week after that happened and won the IAA championship, so they were hardly a cupcake. Or maybe you're suggesting UT has never lost to a top-25 team before?...

Since: Oct 18, 2009
Posted on: January 15, 2010 12:15 pm

Muschamp says no to lucrative offer

Even without your screen name I can tell you are a homer. I never said Georgia was a "perennial easy win". I said that next year of the teams I listed, a coach with any talent at all should be able to get 5 or 6 wins out of their SEC schedule alone. Georgia, Auburn, and Arkansas are too bipolar to know which team you will be getting. Don't forget, the Bulldogs almost lost to Arizona State AT HOME. I live in Tempe and know how bad the Sun Devils were this year. I said that being in the top tier of the SEC doesn't mean much because of how easy it will be to get there next year. Alabama will be great, but after them, who? LSU? Not with Jefferson at QB. Florida? They don't even have a head coach! Recruits are already beginning to change their committments. It will only get worse. Half the defense has opted for the NFL as well. So don't tell me Florida will stay at the top.

Next time read, think, re-read, and if necessary, re-think. The points that I make are completely valid, and anyone who isn't looking at the SEC through rose-tinted glasses can see that.

Since: Oct 15, 2006
Posted on: January 15, 2010 8:11 am

Muschamp says no to lucrative offer

This from a Georgia fan that hasn't won shit in decades. Keep your SEC homer life, i'll take Texas where we have a chance to win EVERY DAMN YEAR.

But it's ok, everyone in the country knows Georgia is irrelevant. Keep plugging away, maybe you can win your division.

And if you're really lucky, you'll find another sport other than football. See, at Texas, we excel at almost every sport. Georgia can barely get by in football.

Food for thought...

Since: Jan 14, 2010
Posted on: January 14, 2010 4:59 pm

Terry Bowden

Has anyone thought abought Terry Bowden at The University of North Alabama in his 1st year back in coaching he was #1 in the country division II  and 11- 2 on the season. At Auburn he went undefeated and had an excellent record.

Since: Sep 3, 2006
Posted on: January 14, 2010 4:50 pm
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Since: Sep 24, 2006
Posted on: January 14, 2010 4:39 pm

Muschamp says no to lucrative offer

BigBurst.  Randy Edsall would listen to offers from the SEC.  He does have roots in the south as he was once OC for Georgia Tech.  Would be a great hire, especially after what his defense did to South Carolina. 

Sorry, meant to say he was the DC at Georgia Tech at one time. 

Since: Sep 24, 2006
Posted on: January 14, 2010 4:36 pm

Muschamp says no to lucrative offer

I have a feeling that because he is not "from the south," or "an SEC guy" he will get passed over.  Big Mistake! BigBurst.  Randy Edsall would listen to offers from the SEC.  He does have roots in the south as he was once OC for Georgia Tech.  Would be a great hire, especially after what his defense did to South Carolina. 

Since: Feb 18, 2008
Posted on: January 14, 2010 4:33 pm

Muschamp says no to lucrative offer


Why should he leave? Austin is a great place to play sports. You can play in a weak conference you have no teams with an overall winning record against you. No school has more money for football. You get ranked in the top 3 no matter who you graduate or how you play in your last 3 games.

Austin is great unless you want to win championships and play equal talent to get there. Brown has 9 seasons of ten wins in a row. Muschamp did not see a decent running back all year. Not hard for the defense to sit on routes huh? Texas was favored in every game except Alabama. Texas was favored by 21 over Texas A&M and Nebraska by 24 in their last two games alone.

Baseball this year is ranked #1. Football #2. Women's Volleyball #2. Swimming #1. Basketball #1. Pretty good year.

Recently Austin is the place to lose national titles. LSU beat Texas in Baseball. Alabama beat Texas in football. Penn State beat Texas women in volleyball. We saw what happened to the basketball team last year.

Texas has been to the College world series 36 times and won maybe 6. LSU has been 11 and won 6. Texas has the easiest road there last year playing in Austin and having to go 39 innings against a first timer on their home field. That does not even account for the other comebacks against no one in Austin where they use to play most of their baseball games.

So if I were a coach in Austin, where you allow guys like Rickie Williams to play high. Cedric Benson, Kindle drunk or crashing texting. Roger Clemmons on your sidelines who cheats the game, his family, loves 15 year olds and is under federal investgation for perjury. Why leave Austin and the big lawyers who can fix anything. You can do just about what you want in Austin. You think Clemmons waited until the pros to do drugs. I have some ocean front property in Austin to sell you.  Augie and his DUI's. His pitchers in bar room fights during the College World Series and still pitch in the championship anyway. Tom Delfino reported Texas and Texas A&M athletic departments ordering $120,000 of banned NCAA drugs during Vince's championship year and the story gets buried. The guy had the invoices live on the air. 

Rusty Hardin got that cease and decist out quick. The guy got put under protection for all the death threats. He was black balled and also put under pressure from high above. Guess who was president. You never heard another peep good or bad on that investgation. Clemmons has enjoyed Rusty's help as well.

So coaching or playing in Austin is great. At Tennesse you don't play and get suspended or kicked off. Your walk ons just beat Kansas in basketball right? Three of five starters. Kansas was number one.

In Austin you play and your coach Brown calls it a learning disability. if I may quote him on Ricky Williams at Texas. Cedric just has to stay away from Lake Travis with his 2 Dui's. Kindle off the phone. Cedric Benson has turned things around this year. None of these problems were secrets to the coaching staff.

No Muschamp knows he is in heaven. Who can beat him in that lopsided passing one sided conference. No one has beaten whoever coaches that defense in years past. Austin is spoiled and the coaches and players are too.

The problem comes when they play someone who has been tested and does not dominate their conference for a decade. USC and Texas were so alike.
Great game no defense. Who has the ball last wins. Thank God for Texas and VY because it gave Austin the first one in 39 years. Let us hope you find another Young. Mc Coy was not it. 

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