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Breaking down the ACC's 2010 schedule

Posted on: February 23, 2010 11:13 am

(This is the first of an irregular offseason series breaking down the schedules of the BCS leagues.)

The ACC enters Year No. 7 since expansion still looking for an identity.

The league has won only two BCS bowl games sporting the worst winning percentage (.166) of any BCS league in those major bowls. Miami and Florida State haven't stepped up. In fact, each has shrunk from superpower status. Virginia Tech, an afterthought in the original expansion, has won the most titles (three) since 2004. While Clemson and Florida State are rebuilding, Maryland and Virginia have slipped.

Butch Davis has all the coaching chops but North Carolina hasn't made a dramatic move under him yet. The best stories will be Year One at FSU A.B. (After Bobby). Jimbo Fisher enters his first season as head coach with mounds of pressure on him.

Virginia Tech has the best program. Georgia Tech had last season's best team. Coach Paul Johnson is making everyone adjust to his option offense. In his second season, the Jackets broke through their first ACC title since 1998.

Game of the year:  (non-conference) Miami at Ohio State, Sept. 11. In a rematch of the 2002 national championship game, Miami puts its renovation project on  display against a national championship contender. Figure on this one being at night with 105,000 lubed up Buckeyes wanting blood. Why not? Ohio State has won 50 of its last 52 non-conference games at The Shoe. The winning team's quarterback could come out of this as one the Heisman frontrunner.

The Canes don't want to be pushed around by a second consecutive brawny Big Ten team. (see: the Champs Sports Bowl).

Game of the year: (conference) Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, Nov. 4. Does the new boss meet the old boss? Johnson has split his two meetings with Frank Beamer. Virginia Tech has played in four conference title games and won three ACC championships since expansion in 2004.  After winning the ACC in 2009, Johnson isn't going to stand still. Beamerball and PJ will likely come into 2010 with teams projected 1-2 in the league.

Team on the spot: Florida State. Fisher has to start producing right away. Recruiting was good. The defense needs to be overhauled. There isn't much room for error, not with Oklahoma and BYU back-to-back after a season opener against Samford.

If FSU negotiates that mine field, there are back-to-back road games at Virginia and Miami in October. Will a 3-3 start be tolerated?

Toughest non-conference schedule: Once again, Miami has doused itself with kerosene and is hoping no one lights a match. It worked, sort of, last season with a 5-1 start after opening with Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma. But that ambitious start might have had something to do with a 4-3 finish.
This season, after an opening yawner against Florida A&M, the Canes go to Ohio State AND Pittsburgh before heading to Clemson. That's three potentially-ranked teams from three BCS conferences in 21 days. Oh, and if that isn't enough, Florida State comes to Miami on Oct. 9. South Florida comes to Land Shark/Dolphin/Sun Life/Joe Robbie for the season finale on Nov. 27. Try to find a tougher non-con in the ACC.

Easiest non-conference schedule: Virginia Tech. In a league where five teams are playing at least one SEC opponent, the Hokies follow a neutral-site opener against Boise State with home games against James Madison and East Carolina. The other non-con is a homer against significantly diminished Central Michigan. There are no true non-conference road games on the schedule and only two road games at all after Oct. 2.


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Posted on: February 28, 2010 10:16 am

Breaking down the ACC's 2010 schedule

The ACC hasn't been inept in football for just the last 6 yrs, they have been inept in football for as long as I can remember.  Of course you had Fla. St. dominating the entire conference until Bobby started to lose control ... but when a team has the best talent in the country as the 'Noles used to have and they have absolutely no competition all season long up until their bowl game, it's pretty easy to dominate!  So to defend the ACC by saying 6 yrs is not enough time to establish a trend .. well, I hate to burst your bubble but ....   

As far as irrelevant commentary, I was posing a question based on one of Dodd's quotes therefore I was trying to get some decent debate going by tieing a valid question into a direct quote of statistics in the article ... I think that would be considered relevant to the subject.  By the way, your third paragraph didn't make a shred of sense at all ... Umm, I was not making a case for anything ... I was recounting what actually happened last year with Iowa going to the Orange Bowl against Ga. Tech, maybe you heard about that one??!!

I'm not even going to attempt to respond to the fourth paragraph ... I know what you're attempting to say, but damn son ... take a deep breath! 

The fact remains that in my opinion, and last time I checked we have the right to voice our opinion in this country (especially on a sports blog page), the BCS Committee should take a close look at the conference tie ins and all I was saying is that when you have a conference that is performing so poorly in the "system", maybe the "system" needs to be revamped?!

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Posted on: February 26, 2010 11:18 pm

Breaking down the ACC's 2010 schedule

I find it refreshing that VT fans are almost unanimous in giving my Boise St. Broncos their due credit.  Funny how scheduling a game cuts down on the stupid trash talk.

Meanwhile, the Ohio St., Bama, and Florida fans seem to show a lot of disrespect.  Gee, if Boise is so bad, why won't your precious team set up a game?

We Broncos could learn a lot from the Hokies.  They were also disrespected, but gained respect the old fashioned way, they EARNED it.  Beamer is an old school coach who wins because his teams are more often than not, the best prepared.  A trip to Blacksburg is no picnic, I don't care who you are, you more than likely will leave with your tail tucked between your legs.

Trust me, if you Eastern fans started refering to Boise as "V-Tech West," we'd take it as a compliment.

Can't wait for Labor Day.

Go Broncos!

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Breaking down the ACC's 2010 schedule

Is there a web site I can go to and see the upcoming years football schedule?  I can't seem to find it here on

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Breaking down the ACC's 2010 schedule

No kidding. I mean let's look at who one those BCS games for the Big Least....oh nevermind....most were teams that now belong in the ACC.


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Breaking down the ACC's 2010 schedule

Typical PSU fan. Irrelevant commentary all around.

When you take into account that media bias dilutes performances of conferences that field alot of good and evenly matched teams, as the ACC does, it's no wonder that you have 2 loss teams winning national titles over more deserving 1 loss teams. This creates a memory lapse in conference homers, such as yourself.

You can fool some people, but I'm not buying your "I am not a totally biased fan" bull. You're trying to make a case for a 3rd place little 10 team to get a BCS bowl over an ACC conference champion. That's just ridiculous. Please define what "more deserving" means in your tiny little universe. Someone who barely competed in their respective conference should get the nod over a conference champion?

Another on of the minute details that you and Dodd just happen to leave out, is the fact that, while you reference winning percentage since the expansion, you the start rhetoric about "over the last decade". OK then....take into account the teams that are now in the ACC and took part in BCS bowls over that entire decade...not just the last 6 years.

And so you and tiny brain Dodd can get it through your thick skulls....6 years is not enough time to establish any sort of a reliable pattern. Nimrods.

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Posted on: February 25, 2010 11:01 am

best non conference game???

how the hell do you choose miami vs. ohio state as the best non-conference game of the year over virginia tech-boise sick and tired of the big ten they are hands down the most overrated conference in all of college football and im just sick of it...especially ohio state and penn state

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Dodd - Get the facts straight

The only ACC BCS win since 2000 has been VTech after the 2008 reg season.  That's it.  ONE WIN!!! How pathetic!!! Dodd says it is 2 in his piece.  Since 2000, Boise State has won more BCS Bowl games than the entire ACC combined.  Since 2000, Utah has won more BCS Bowl games than the entire ACC combined.  The ACC woud have you believe the Big East (6 BCS wins during that timeframe) should have their auto inclusion revoked or they might complain about 2 non-BCS auto-qualifiers getting in.  As Lee Corso might say..."Not so fast my firends!"

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Breaking down the ACC's 2010 schedule

The ACC has a .188 winning pct in BCS games?  Something like that according to Dennis Dodd in this article (or maybe it was a previous poster).  That includes the years when Miami was still awesome and FSU was still awesome.
Nope, sorry.Miami has never been awesome since joining the ACC. They were very good the first two years (Miami was No. 3 near the end of the season in 2005, remember), but not awesome. Miami's four bowl games (three wins) from 1999-2003 were all as a Big East member.

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Posted on: February 25, 2010 6:50 am

Breaking down the ACC's 2010 schedule

Props to the Canes and Noles for playing a tough non- con sched., thugators you ought to try it.

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Posted on: February 24, 2010 11:10 pm

Breaking down the ACC's 2010 schedule

bobthedeac... I only attacked your grammar b/c you decided to call me out and assume that I am a "Youngstown State dropout" that jumped on the OSU bandwago... or something like that.  No hard feelings; I just didn't see the need for the YSU comment.  I already pointed out that was not the case anyways, so leave it at that.

Now, I will answer your question about OSU basketball.  OSU is ranked #31 in CBS' RPI guesstimate.  OSU has 7 losses.  Thus, it is debatable whether or not they should be in the top 10 in the AP poll and/or Coaches' poll.  I won't sit here and tell you that OSU is the best college basketball team in the country.  They are definitely one of the best 20 teams in the country though.  With that in mind, the rankings generally reflect recent success and reward teams who are winning frequently at the moment, while dropping teams that are losing at the moment (even if the team that has been losing recently has less losses than the team that is hot).  In one respect, that is what has been happening.  OSU had 5 losses by early January... since then they have been 11-2, w/ the only losses coming at WVU (top 10 team... although they just lost the other day and could drop slightly out of the top 10 next week) and home versus Purdue (#3 in both polls).  Therefore, OSU has continuously climbed up the rankings.  They were about #15 before Evan Turner, 1 of 2 top candidates for National POY, broke 2 vertebrae in his lower back.  He missed 6 games... OSU went 3-3 w/o him.  OSU also lost his 2nd game back when he self-admittedly wasn't full strength.  Now, OSU is playing good basketball and is 2nd in the Big 10 conference standings.  They have quality wins @ Purdue, @ MSU, @ Illinois, vs Wisconsin, vs FSU (decent at least); they have bad losses vs UNC (neutral court) and @ Michigan... the latter w/o Evan Turner.  This is their resume -- 22-7 overall now.  Again, I won't say they are definitely deserving of a #9 ranking, but they certainly deserve to be in consideration.  The pollsters have rewarded their very solid play over the last 6 weeks.  The pollsters also probably use the "eye test."  They see that Evan Turner is one of the top 2 players in the country so they automatically place his team a little bit higher than similar teams that don't have a tremendous player.  Oh, and one reason why their RPI is only at #31 -- they played and beat Alcorn St. (by 40), but Alcorn St. has 1 win on the season and is the 2nd worst team in college basketball.  That makes Alcorn St. ranked around #341, and that hurts OSU's strength of schedule.  I'm not saying OSU's RPI ranking should be higher... but that might be a big reason why they're only #31 in the RPI.

I hope that answers your question.  If you want advice on how far to put OSU in your bracket next month, it's a little difficult to say.  They're capable of beating any of the top teams, but they don't use their bench.  Take that as a grain of salt from a "YSU dropout," but that was my honest breakdown of why OSU is ranked where they are.

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