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Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?

Posted on: April 18, 2010 6:52 am
Edited on: April 18, 2010 4:17 pm
The timetable for Big Ten expansion may have moved up to today (April 18), the Chicago Tribune has reported.

The conference said in December it would take 12-18 months to research the expansion issue. Now, the Trib suggests, it could happen as soon as this week beginning with a Sunday meeting in Washington, D.C.. All the I-A conference commissioners will meet in Phoenix for the annual BCS meetings. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany could inform impacted conferences at that time.

The Trib also reports, as I have suggested in recent stories, that the expansion could be by as many as three to five teams. 

You can read about more Big Ten expansion developments here.  

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Posted on: April 18, 2010 5:26 pm

Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?

Okay - one more take - why not?

To me Rutgers and Pitt make a ton of sense geographically and academically. They are the best academic schools that have geography on their favor. Another wild card in my opinion could be Vanderbilt - the Northwestern of the South.

If I had to guess we add five teams.

Pitt and Rutgers - strong academically, good markets and natural regional rivals for Penn State.

Notre Dame - they may ask to come in late - say two years down the road when they can not get the same TV deal they have now.

Iowa State - Natural rival for Iowa and believe it or not the next best Mid West school academically

Nebraska - I think they want to come and they would tie in great with the Iowa teams.

Not sold on Missouri academically

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Posted on: April 18, 2010 4:39 pm

Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?

I think the most logical and geographical choice would be, Notre Dame, Pitt, Iowa State, Missouri and Nebraska. While the Big 12 would add BYU and Utah Then the WAC and the MWC would merge and create and another 16 team conference. So everybody is happy except the PAC 10 and Big East. Although The Big 12 could do a few thing with TCU or Colorado but that's unlikely.

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Posted on: April 18, 2010 4:20 pm

Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?


Wrong about Nebraska. It is one of seven Big 12 schools in the AAU. Check my latest blog.


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Posted on: April 18, 2010 4:04 pm

Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?

Considering all the factors involved (Academics, Athletics and $$$) I would rank them as follows in order of likelihood.

1) Missouri- Geographic fit, Academic Institution, Natural Rivalry (Illinois)
2) Rutgers- High Academics, Expansion to East Cost Market.
3) Notre Dame- $$$$, academics would need to be overlooked.
4) Pitt- Very Good Academics, Geographic fit
5) Texas- Highly desirable in all areas except geographic.

Previous posters that have stated that the only non-AAU school that would be considered is ND.

My gut says Missouri, Rutgers are both a lock and I think ND is ready to make the leap.


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Posted on: April 18, 2010 3:59 pm

Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?

The Big Ten is almost assuredly going to want to maintain the distinction of having all members as part of the AAU.  But at minimum, any school would need to be a research focused institution with a likelihood of attaining membership and a commitment to working to do so.

Therefore, we need to look at AAU members who per conference (might have missed one or two):

Big 12 - Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa State, Texas A&M, Texas

Pac 10 - Arizona, California, Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Washington

SEC - Vanderbilt, Florida

ACC - Virginia, UNC, Duke, Maryland

C-USA - Rice, Tulane

MAC - Buffalo

Big East - Pitt, Rutgers, Syracuse

I think the Big Ten could pull off a surprise and invite the four AAU members from the ACC; they have the academics. research and all-around athletic programs (all in the top 30 of the Directors' Cup) that would be most palatable to Big Ten presidents. For team #16, Notre Dame would get first crack; if it declines, choose Rutgers or Syracuse.

What this also would do is force the eight remaining ACC members to make a move. The most obvious would be a merger with the eight Big East football members to form a 16-team conference that would be pretty potent in its own right. (If SU or Rutgers wound up in the Big Ten, substitute East Carolina.)

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Posted on: April 18, 2010 3:48 pm

Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?

The SEC will not expand, at least for 15 years.  They signed fixed deals with CBS/ESPN that won't change with new members added.  So by adding two teams, they would only make less TV revenue, which believe me is something nobody wants.  They already have a championship game and obviously don't need to add teams to get better as a conference as whole.  End of story not enough schools would be willing to accept less money and potentially affect rivalries (would Alabama and Tennessee still be able to play every year w/ 7 team divisions?)

The Big 12 would not add TCU.  They already have the Texas market dominated, and if they are really looking into creating their own network, ala the BTN, than new markets are a must.  Lets just use the scenario they lose Nebraska (if they lose Mizzou or Texas the conference mind as well fold).  They would undoubtably try to add Utah, BYU, or possibly even New Mexico, who's state population is rapidly increasing.  But for the record, if the Big 10 takes more than one team, or one team and the Pac 10 takes Colorado, the Big 12 is going to implode.  If the B10 takes Nebraska, and the Pac 10 takes Colorado, expect Texas to leave the conference and go independent, or join the Big 10 as well. 

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Posted on: April 18, 2010 3:37 pm

Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?

Texas and Texas A&M have been and alway will be a package deal.

Notre Dame, for whatever stupid reason, is not joining the Big 10.  I get the feeling that if their had is forced they will become the savior of whatever is left of the Big East (football).  With ND in,  the Big East looks better to networks than the do now even if Syracuse and Rutgers were both gone.

Iowa St. does have a chance based on their AAU membership but that's about it.  I think they go to 14.  Add Syracuse, Rutgers and Missouri. The Big 12 replaces Missouri with either TCU (85%) or Utah (10%) or BYU (5%) or all 3 if they choose to go to 14.  The SEC then goes to 14 with Miami and West Virgina.  Notre Dame is, of course, the wild card.  If they go to the Big East they could single handedly save the football side of the conference.  They could also look south to the SEC or ACC which would essentially finish of the Big East.  However it all shakes out, the day of the super conference and college football playoff is finally almost here.

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Posted on: April 18, 2010 3:03 pm

Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?

RE: Fireman- I was crossing my fingers for a Fiesta matchup with Iowa as well. I can't complain too much about Boise State playing TCU though. It put BSU at 2-1 in their 3 games against the Frogs. In addition to that, many were claiming that TCU should have been in the National Championship game, which made us Bronco fans even more proud when BSU won. 
I definitely don't expect Boise State to get an invite to the Big Ten. It would be a nice surprise if the PAC 10 wanted to add our football team though. Academics and tv ratings obviously weren't a factor when they took BSU's wrestling team in. (Plus I'd love a rematch against the Huskies) I moved to Boise from Washington 8 years ago, and almost my entire family has been Dawg fans since I can remember.
People keep talking about In-State rivalries being an important factor when considering conference expansion... Everyone that plays Boise State, however, becomes an instant rival and wants a second chance rematch. All of the drama, trash talk, and speculation that leads up to every BSU game is insane. Its what keeps us Big Bronco fans on the edge of our seats and makes us the die-hard fans that we are.
As fans, we're all wanting our team in a bigger conference. Boise has come a long way in short time and will continue to move forward. What sucks is not knowing where, when, or how soon they'll get to change conferences again.

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Posted on: April 18, 2010 2:46 pm

Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?

The only schools with a chance are
*this is for an invitation, not that these schools would necessarily accept*

A listers: Texas, Notre Dame
B listers: Nebraska, Syaracuse, Rutgers, Maryland
C listers: Missouri, Kansas, Connecticut,

Popular candidates that don't have a snowballs chance: Iowa State, Cincinnati, Boise St, West Virginia,

Only if the expansion goes 14+: Texas A&M, Pittsburgh

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Posted on: April 18, 2010 2:46 pm

Big Ten expansion timetable moving up?

This moron might want to check up on the University of Florida's academics . By any criteria it is topnotch and equal to almost anything , anywhere in the Big Ten . Why the anti-Florida bias here ? Because there isn't even one Big Ten school close to the University of Florida's success in sports AND  academics ? A lot of schools should take the Florida model and go out and rebuild their academics and sports programs like the university has these past 35-40 years . Nebraska seems like a good fit to me, as does Rutgers and Pitt. The kentucky suggestion is also very intriguing .

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