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First day of BCS meetings

Posted on: April 20, 2010 8:30 pm
I don't arrive in Phoenix until Wednesday but I was able to gather information from inside the BCS meetings on Tuesday.

All 11 conference commissioners met on Tuesday afternoon. There is a general feeling that we won't find out the identity of any expansion candidates this week.

The ACC isn't moving on expansion (in response to the Big Ten) because the Big Ten hasn't done anything. Jim Delany hasn't tipped his hand. The Big East, understandably, is nervous.

There is word that Delany will speak to the media on Wednesday. For sure, BCS executive director Bill Hancock will speak. Keep it here for the latest updates.  
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Posted on: April 21, 2010 4:01 pm

First day of BCS meetings

If the BCS is truly having a meeting it should vote itself out of business, go back to the bowl games, take away  the mega conferences so, we can have identifiable concerences and teams

Make the sec and Big-12 stop beating up on the patsies they play each year for their out of conference schedule and stop lying about how tough their conference schedule to the players of the conference. They should be playing opponents that will offer competition as oppose to a easy home win padding their stats.

They should also be required to play each team in their conference., thus crowning a real conference champion.

So remember do the right thing vote yourself out of business and get those super conference to know what a real conference champion is like.

What ever you do please upon please do not implement a playoff system. Have you seen what happened to the basketball championship games. They are now trying to get a 100 team playoff.

The basketball play off or tournament was at one time 28 teams now 64 and no they want to expand to 100 teams.

Can’t you football fans understand that a college play would start out with about 6-8 teams. By the time your son is able to watch the game and understand the nuances of the game there will be 40 teams in the tournament? Your son will be sitting there saying how did things get out of hand. 


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Posted on: April 21, 2010 2:36 pm

First day of BCS meetings - Playoff on the Agenda

Playoff's please BCS commissioners, Please give us a playoff!   The NCAA Basketball Tournament is so successfull they are think of 96 teams and BCS gives us a two team one game playoff with 4 other glorified exhibitions. 

Let me speak the only lanquage you guys seem to understand.   Money!

Currently you have 5 games and 10 teams, last year 8 were from the BCS conference and for the first time you gave millions of dollars to both the WAC and Mountain West in the same year,  boo hoo.     Total Payout is about $60M

16 Team Tournament is 15 Games, the ratings for the 1st round (8 games)  would be good, but probably the same as the 5 games now
the other 7 games would have amazing ratings that only the title game gets now.   The TV Contract would be huge, I wish I could tell you a figure, but ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC would all bid.

By the way if you do it and not the NCAA you do not have to share the revenue equally.   You could invite those 6 other conference champs to the tournament but pay the first round teams say $5 Million but raise that to 8M for the second round, 12 for the 3rd and 20M for the title game.     You BCS conference  types do not believe any of those non BCS conference can actually wins a game do you (shhh they need to keep believing it) so at the end the Big confernce boys get 11 teams (not 9 or 8) and by winning the games more money than you make now.  If the NCAA or those pesky politicians make you do it you will sharing the money with the Non Football Schools, the doorman, the professors and the Chess Team. 

So the old reasons not to"

Do you think any players will "opt out" and prepare for the NFL Draft?    No,    If you cared about the number of games go back to 11.

Academics?   School is not in session in Late December and January anyway and if you really care about academics (we need to humor them) make a rule about light practice during exams.  

The regular season will mean less,   It already means nothing for all but 10 teams now.   Teams from the wrong conference can will all their games and still not get the playoff, that is meaningless regular season.

So BCS guys as a fan wanting to spend more time in front of the Widescreen in January please give me a playoff, you will make more money I promise.   

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