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Cowboys Stadium is coming to the BCS

Posted on: April 23, 2010 1:51 pm
Edited on: April 23, 2010 2:57 pm

Jerry Jones has been typically aggressive lately. Somehow the Cowboys' owner convinced Wade Phillips to stay for another season, then got him boy scout Dez Bryant in the draft.

There's another side to JJ's aggressiveness -- filling his new stadium. Since it opened it has been filled with basketball games (including the NBA all-star game), a soccer game, the Cotton Bowl and other neutral site games. About the only thing missing from Cowboys Stadium is a BCS game.

Trust me, it's coming. It's coming because the Cowboys owner remains aggressive. Don't be surprised if the city of Dallas, backed by Jones, makes a bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Cowboys Stadium could be expanded to 100,000 for soccer and could easily be the site of the opening and closing ceremonies.

It's coming because you can't keep the best stadium in the world (at least for football) out of the mix. Three-plus months ago I wrote that the BCS would listen if Jones called. The devil is in the details. The current BCS bowls have a hard enough time hosting a championship game once every four years. Theoretically, the addition of Cowboys Stadium would push that to once every five years.

Unless ...

Unless the BCS has to expand. There are two ways...

1) As part of conference expansion the Big Ten and SEC demand the BCS rescind the two BCS-bowl limit per conference. A case can be made for both expanded 16-team super conferences having enough members to merit a chance at three BCS bowls.

That's up to six of the 10 slots taken by two leagues. With the Big 12, Pac-10, Big East and ACC still guaranteed slots, there stkill has to be room made for the non-BCS qualifier. The reasonable thing to do is expand the BCS by one bowl. No one said that Cowboys Stadium bowl has to be a championship game. Have the Cotton Bowl replace the double-hosting game on Jan. 1.

The big four bowls get to stay in the rotation, the Cotton gets into the BCS with a better game than it could ever get now with the Big 12 and SEC. Everybody is happy.

2) Extrapolate this expansion thing out to its likely conclusion -- four, 16-team conferences. At some point or another the commissioners have to think about a plus-one.

The four super conference winners meet in a four-team bracket. While the commissioners are against such a set-up at the moment, think of this:

If the Super 64 broke away from the NCAA, they could do anything they wanted. No Orrin Hatch, no anti-trust threats, just a lucrative entity that they could market to the highest bidder.

There's no worry about rotating the championship game because all five major bowls (Fiesta, Rose, Orange, Sugar, Cotton) are involved in the bracket every year. Here's one five-year rotation example...

First year: Fiesta-Cotton winner vs. Orange-Rose winner in the Sugar Bowl.

Second year: Sugar-Fiesta winner vs. Cotton-Orange winner in the Rose Bowl.

Third year: Rose-Sugar winner vs.  Fiesta-Cotton winner in the Orange Bowl.

Fourth year:  Orange- Rose vs. Sugar-Fiesta winner in the Cotton Bowl.

Fifth year:   Cotton-Orange winner vs. Rose-Sugar winner in the Fiesta Bowl.

In the years when a bowl isn't hosting a championship, it is hosting a national semifinal. There's a huge hurdle to get over here with the Rose Bowl. It says it will never be part of a playoff. But as we've seen lately, the game is about to change in radical ways.  

Maybe it works or maybe all this expansion talk has made loopier than after my second martini...


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Posted on: May 3, 2010 3:10 pm

Cowboys Stadium is coming to the BCS

Here's what we should do, because it is painfully obvious that the Big Ten will do ANYTHING to prevent the expansion of College Football and the opportunities for anyone outside the current top tier to grow their programs.
Let's just let either Ohio State or Penn State play their weak Conference Schedule, beat up on the MAC year in and year out and we'll just arbitrarily decide who from the Big 10 gets to play in the SEC or Pac 10 Champ in a mythical "Championship Game."
I mean, why should any school outside the Big Ten have an honest chance to compete?  We all ***KNOW*** that the Big Ten deserves to play every year in the title game.  If you can beat Indiana, Northwestern, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, Eastern Michigan and Akron.....  OF COURSE you should play for a title!
It is so sad that whole other sports are giving more and more opportunity to athletes and schools, Big time College Football wants to limit competition, led by the nose by the greedy Big Ten.

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Posted on: April 29, 2010 12:01 am

A playoff is great for everyone but the players!

As a fan I think we can all agree that a playoff would be awesome, but it is unfair to do this to the young players.
These guys are not compensated and it would completely eliminate there break between semesters.  Most these guys are never going to play at the next level, and need to also get an education.  We need to do what is right and figure out a fair way that the players can be compensated, especially with regards to long term medical issues.
If you want to have the argument that they are getting a full-ride college education and that is enough, you are talking out your arse and probably spent your college life tail-gaiting and going to the games.  Players in general are used and abused by the NCAA money making machine.

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Posted on: April 28, 2010 11:52 am

Cowboys Stadium is coming to the BCS

1) As part of conference expansion the Big Ten and SEC demand the BCS rescind the two BCS-bowl limit per conference.

2) Extrapolate this expansion thing out to its likely conclusion -- four, 16-team conferences.

That is a complete non-sequitir. The Big Ten and SEC want more elite bowl bids for themselves, not more bids they can give to Texas A&M, Rutgers, or whoever they're rumored to be inviting this week.

But that's okay, most of the other arguments for conference expansion don't make any sense either. It seems the college football world has to go through this "conference realignment" frenzy every five years or so. Guess it's that time of the decade.

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Posted on: April 27, 2010 9:05 pm

Cowboys Stadium is coming to the BCS

I don't know who started the rumor that the super 64 could break away from the NCAA then they could do whatever they wanted, but it is wrong.
There is nothing binding that ties ANY school to the NCAA.  The Supreme Court has already ruled that the SCHOOLS, not the NCAA own the rights to TV games, and when it is all said and done the BCS is all about TV, and the money the schools can get from that relationship.  The super 66, not 64 can tell the NCAA to take a flying leap, anytime they feel inclined to.

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Posted on: April 27, 2010 1:34 pm

Legal Reasoning is Flawed...

I don't know who started the rumor that the super 64 could break away from the NCAA then they could do whatever they wanted, but it is wrong. 

First, it is wrong because Anti-trust laws pertain to private companies.  Microsoft can't do anything it wants, why should football teams?  A cartel is a cartel.  A monopoly is a monopoly.  I don't see how being associated with the NCAA affects the antitrust analysis at all.

Second, a few years ago the US Supreme Court found that the federal government could withhold federal funding to students at schools where military recruiters were not allowed.  The principle was the government can put whatever conditions it wants on receiving federal aid.  Based on the same reasoning the federal government could withhold federal funding to any school that participates in the BCS system if it broke away from the NCAA.  You better believe the schools wouldn't dare risk their federal funding for the comparatively minor amount that comes in from the BCS.

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Posted on: April 26, 2010 2:27 pm

Cowboys Stadium is coming to the BCS

they should add the cotton bowl to the bcs bowls and bring the mountain west into the bcs.
let the big tin expand to 12, change the rules that a 10 football team conf can have a championship game.
the big east stays intact because they proved themselves in football, louisville and wv winning recent bcs bowl games.
give cinci some slack because they lost their head coach prior to the bcs game, kelly on the sidelines would have made them better and more confident..

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Posted on: April 25, 2010 9:56 pm

Cowboys Stadium is coming to the BCS

and this would only prove hatch's theroy that bcs is in it for one person them and prove it's a cartel and why even have these new two bowls if these 64 are going to break off

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Posted on: April 24, 2010 2:29 pm

Cowboys Stadium is coming to the BCS

Well this old timer sure would like to see the Cotton Bowl again become a prominent bowl again. I guess with the demise of the old Southwest Conference, the bowl tie in went along with it and the Cotton Bowl faltered to a second tier Bowl and the upstart Fiesta Bowl and the big metropolis of Phoenix surpassed it. Certainly the House that Jerry built can showcase any event in sports and anything not dealing in sports.

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Posted on: April 23, 2010 2:32 pm

Cowboys Stadium is coming to the BCS

Playoff without only the four "super conferences" would be an awful thing if they left out the other conferences.  

And I want a playoff but not really that way.  

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