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NFL draft, expansion and bowls

Posted on: April 26, 2010 12:10 pm

It's pretty simple.

You’re an SEC assistant (or head coach). You go into a home. You tell select recruit that your best chance to play for a national championship and NFL football is in the SE of C!

End of argument.  No negative recruiting. No money under the table (well, maybe not). This is the not-so-secret of the SEC winning four consecutive championships. Forget all the other analysis, the NFL draft reflects why the SEC has it rolling. It has tied or led in number of NFL draftees 11 of the last 13.

The Strength Everywhere Conference had 49 players drafted last week. Think if it adds any combination of Miami, Florida State or Texas, the SEC gets stronger?

 Interesting piece in the Omaha-World Herald regarding Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman. He's more than a power broker considering he's also on the Big 12 board of directors and chairman of the BCS presidential oversight committee.

Perhaps most telling is Perlman's super conference assessment, " ... 24 teams [in a league] has been floated, though not publicly ..."


 Thirty-five bowls? Really. That's not the most shocking aspect of the NCAA certifying a record number of bowls for the next four-year cycle.

The shock is that the NCAA reportedly has a "contingency plan" in case there aren't 70 bowl-eligible teams. Bruce Binkowski, executive director of the Holiday Bowl, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that all the slots will be filled no matter what.

"They don't have a formula yet," Binkowski was quoted as saying, "but the NCAA has told all the bowls that if there aren't enough  bowl-eligible teams, all the bowls will still be played."

That can only mean one thing: 5-7 teams in bowl games.

And just to put more fear in the bowls' hearts consider the Hawaii angle. Teams are allowed a 13th game if they play a non-conference game in the islands. Because they are playing 13-game schedules, UNLV and USC will have to win at least seven to qualify for a bowl. Unless, of course, the NCAA needs to fill those 70 slots.

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