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The Arizona immigration law

Posted on: May 3, 2010 9:32 pm
Edited on: May 3, 2010 9:33 pm
No matter what you think of it, read this before forming a final opinion.

There is talk of an All-Star Game boycott. I'm sure at some point next season's national championship game (in Glendale, Ariz.) will come into play. I'll have a take on all this in a future column but wanted to pass this along.
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Posted on: May 4, 2010 5:23 pm

The Arizona immigration law

Oh and you environmental f****ers that our complaining about the oil spill in the Gulf.  Why don't you take a walk along the Sonora Desert and tell me how that is not an issue.  These people have destroyed this land.  It is littered with plastic and other garbage and most of the plant life their has been destoryed.  But you will not hear a thing from these people.  

Yes the Gulf is a problem, but if the Gulf is a problem so is the AZ desert.  Open your F  ing eyes about that issue.
But you want to boycott Az because it is enforcing a good law and your excuses are terrible.

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Posted on: May 4, 2010 4:53 pm

The Arizona immigration law

I have planned to boycott from going to any Diamondbacks home games this season. Luckily I can still catch them in San Diego and in Los Angeles later this year.

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Posted on: May 4, 2010 4:47 pm

The Arizona immigration law

It is wrong to boycott AZ because it wants to enforce a rule.  It is a huge issue and there will be no winners.  Most illegal are hard working individuals trying to make a better life for themselves.  They work hard and are here because even being paid $5 -$10 a hour cleaning toliets, cooking food, or yard work, it is a better life than they had in their country.  2nd, illegals are not only hispanic, they are asian, russian, and eastern europeans.  3rd, you are not looking at the criminal element that robs these people, sells young girls into sex slaves, and brings drugs into our country that destroy more lives.  If you do not believe sex slaves exist, visit a San Fransico massage parlor or find a bar in a barrio.  See how many girls are asking for their freedom there.
Most politicans won't touch the issue because they are afraid to hurt their political chances with the hispanic race.  They do not want to be consider a racist.   The law is needed. They are not citizens.  They eat up law enforcement man power, the resources of the states medical and educational institutions, and are a burden to the tax base.  
Most politicians want to give them their citizenship and hope they will vote for their party.  F that.  If they want work visas fine.  Give them a 3 year work visa and it can not be renewed until the return to an American embassy in their home country and reapply.  Show their tax records and prove they were not arrested or broke any major laws.  But these people and their children should be denied citizenship period.  If they want citizenship, they need to return to their home country for 1 year and pay the fees associated to become a citizen.  Go thru the medical test needed to become a citizen. 
As I said before, most want a better life and I can not fault them for that.  BUt what about the crime, social security fraud, drugs, gang related violance and social problems that are associated with this group.  It is not  a hispanic issue.  It is a huge problem that our politicans do not have the balls to tackle and to make the Fiesta Bowl and All Star game an issue because Arizona decided to do something is wrong.  

People in the North should be upset.  Because if most of this people are granted citizenship you can kiss about 15 seats in the house gone from states such as Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Ill, Kentucky, Tenn, and Penn good bye.  And other states can say good bye to federal money because the influx of people in the southwest states.

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Posted on: May 4, 2010 4:16 pm

The Arizona immigration law

You are exactly right.  Nice comment.

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Posted on: May 4, 2010 3:57 pm

The Arizona immigration law

I mean, being from the north we don't experience nearly as much of this as you guys and so I haven't thought of it as much. But I keep coming back to the part about being 'illegal immigrants'. If you're a legal immigrant, you can just show your papers/green card and you're free to go, right?

If you're an illegal immigrant, you are illegally in the country and violating the rule, and it basically sounds like Arizona just made the rule so their state law enforcement can enforce the law without having a lawsuit saying the state is enforcing federal law. 

Dubh2, I guess the part I don't understand is why police lying or racism has anything to do with this. If they pull you over even if you didn't break a law, you show them identification and it's done. If you're an illegal immigrant, you're breaking the law and it will be enforced. What civil right is broken? I understand it's profiling, but if you aren't breaking the law, what do you have to worry about?

I've been carded at a bar when the police raided it for underage drinkers. I showed my 22-year old ID and was allowed to continue my drinking. Even if the police lied to a judge about seeing underage people enter the bar just to get a warrant to search the bar, all I had to do was show my ID. I wasn't breaking the law, so I didn't get in trouble. Those under 21 did. Maybe I was profiled because I'm a babyface, but if I were breaking the law and got in trouble, I'd take responsibility.

I'm not being a smartass here, we just don't really have this as a major issue in my area. Can someone explain in a little more detail about why people are so upset (without your own political spin)? Or is political spin exactly what's going on here?

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Posted on: May 4, 2010 3:50 pm

The Arizona immigration law

Nice try but you are flat out wrong.  States do not have every right to duplicate Federal laws when those laws are reserved as powers of the Federal Government based on the Constitution.  States can not legislate Interstate commerce, they can not sign treaties with foreign Govenrments, they can not create their own armies, they can not try citizens for treason and they CAN NOT ENFORCE BORDER ISSUES without the express consent of the Federal Government.  I live in Arizona and have seen the issues first hand and agree that something needs to be done, but this law is mean spirited, hateful and based on racists fears.

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Posted on: May 4, 2010 3:15 pm

The Arizona immigration law

I don't have a problem with the law.  I have a problem wih the way it will be enforced.  The issue is that POLIC LIE.  All stops, entrances into people homes and other such things require warrants, exogent circumstances or probable cause.  The problem with all of these is POLICE LIE.  They will tell the judge or the court that they heard a scream to enter a house.  They will tell the court that the person made and illegal turn or was speeding and in some states just looking suspicious is cause for stopping.  The law itself is not the problem.  The problem is going to be the way it is enforced.  People of color are pulled over all the time by Police simply for being of a certain ethnicity.  Try putting four Black or Latino men in a car in Orange County CA.  You won't make it five miles without being pulled over.  I know this because I have a friend who was a cop in the OC and was trained that he needed to stop cars that were loaded with certain people.  So the law is a good one, but who is going to Police the Police on this one.  Who is going to stop the rights of every Latino in AZ. from being violated simply for being Latino.  Probable cause is not enough.  If they were only going to ask for proof of Legal Residents in cases where a law was broken, be it misdemeanor or felony, then I would be more supportive.  However, to give the Police, an agency that can lie legally to get a confession, this type of authority is a problem.

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Posted on: May 4, 2010 3:14 pm

The Arizona immigration law

I live in Tucson and we aren't that worried about the individual illegal immigrants.  We are concerned with the coyotes and mules.  If you think these are references to lovable animals, you don't know enough about the problems to comment.  If you know what they are, the coyotes are the more worrisome.  Not only do they charge poor people to help them across the border, they sometimes extort them/their families for ransom.  Occasionally, the coyotes kill them to make a point.  It is disgusting.

The mules just haul drugs.  They are less of an immediate issue but the drug trade causes other problems down the line.  Look up the number of home invasions around Tucson and then check what percentage are drug related ( >95%).  Usually, people don't survive these attacks.  The real problem is when the "brains" of the attack crew selects the wrong house.

San Francisco politicians seem to have no problem calling for boycotts of Arizona even though they are the ones defying the federal law by not enforcing the immigration laws.  Of course we can always compromise.  Arizona could sentence all of the illegal immigrants we catch to live in San Francisco.

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Posted on: May 4, 2010 2:51 pm

The Arizona immigration law

As a native Arizonan I can tell you that despite what you hear in the news this law is supported by an OVERWHELMING majority of Arizonans.  And, actually in the most recent poll published by CNN there were 64% in favor of this law or a similar law being enforced in their community.

If I take a drive down Mesa Drive at 6-7 am Monday - Friday I will see the street lined with hispanic men waiting for "pickups".  Basically there are hundreds if not thousands of hispanics lining the street waiting for people to pick them up for labor.   No I'm not being racist saying that they are hispanics lining the street.  It is a simple fact, and any person that has driven the streets of Mesa Arizona in the morning will agree with me.  It's not african americans, it's not whites, it's not asians.  They are immigrants from Mexico.  I'll be honest the majority of them are illegal immigrants.  You may ask how I know this...well lets just say I know plenty of people that utilize the service.

The bottom line is the market is saturated.  10 years ago you would see these men line the streets and by 8-9 am they would all be gone (usually meaning they have been picked up for work).  Now I can drive by at noon and still see several hundred of them lining the street still waiting for someone to pick them up.  This creates a problem.  If they can't make a living here working then they must turn to alternative means.  Usually this means crime. 

If allowing a police officer to ask for ID will deter someone from coming here illegally then I say have at it.  Look the law's not perfect, but if you are here legally you should be able to produce some form of identification.  I have a drivers licence.  If I don't have that with me and I am stopped by the cops they have the option of detaining me.  It doesn't just apply to the hispanic community.  Basically this is just one more tool that can be used by Arizona law enforcement to enforce our laws.  At some point people you have to take off the tinfoil hats and agree that the sole purpose of the police force is NOT to bring down certain ethnic groups.  Are there racist policemen?  Of course.  Just like there are racist doctors, lawyers, accountants...and racist people in any other profession.  This law is good for Arizona, it is good for the United States of America.  Anyone who says otherwise is pushing a political agenda.

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Posted on: May 4, 2010 1:57 pm

The Arizona immigration law

Why is it that only the CBS message board has these copy/paste issues?  For the love of God, hire a real website developer and get this taken care of.  Trust me, the internet will be around for a while; it is worth the investment.  Freaking amateurs.

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